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Matt McGee / Marketing Land:
Google Glass Not Expected To Reach Europe For Years   —  Google's slow rollout of Google Glass, not to mention one big technical challenge, means it'll be years before the device is available publicly in Europe.  —  That's what two reports are saying after Google hosted a show-and-tell about Glass in Brussels on Monday.
Sep 19, 2013, 12:50 AMIn context
Danny Sullivan / Marketing Land:
Bing News Now Features Trending Topics From Facebook & Twitter   —  Bing News has gotten a makeover, including the introduction of various trending topics boxes drawn from buzz detected on Facebook and Twitter, as well as Bing's own searches.  —  Bing posted about the change, saying:
Sep 5, 2013, 3:50 PMIn context
Greg Finn / Marketing Land:
Topsy Makes Every Tweet Since The Beginning Of Time Searchable   —  Last month Topsy, a social search and analytics company, bolstered their service to allow for users to search all Tweets since July 2010.  Today, Topsy has announced that they have indexed every Tweet since the beginning of Twitter.
Sep 4, 2013, 9:40 AMIn context
Matt McGee / Marketing Land:
Google Glass App Store Coming In 2014   —  Google Glass users and developers will have to wait until next year for Google to launch a dedicated app store for the device.  —  A Google spokesperson confirmed that plan for us today, after it was reported over the weekend in a lengthy first-person Glass user essay in the New York Times.
Sep 3, 2013, 10:40 PMIn context
Greg Sterling / Marketing Land:
Yahoo #1 Web Property Again In US, First Time Since May 2011 [Updated]   —  ComScore just released its monthly Top 50 US Web properties list today.  I've generally stopped looking at this list.  But it was pointed out to me that Yahoo is back at number one.  —  When was the last time Yahoo was number one?
Aug 21, 2013, 5:55 PMIn context
Amy Gesenhues / Marketing Land:
Vine Grows To 40 Million Registered Users, More Than Tripling Its User Base Since June   —  After only seven months since Twitter acquired Vine, the six-second video sharing app has reached an impressive 40 million registered users, more than three times the number of Vine users reported just two months ago.
Aug 20, 2013, 6:10 PMIn context
Matt McGee / Marketing Land:
Pay-Per-Gaze Advertising: New Google Patent May Reveal Plans For Monetizing Google Glass   —  Google has been granted a patent that appears to reveal some far-reaching plans for the eye-tracking sensor that exists — but currently isn't formally used — on Google Glass.
Aug 19, 2013, 5:00 AMIn context
Matt McGee / Marketing Land:
EdgeRank Is Dead: Facebook's News Feed Algorithm Now Has Close To 100K Weight Factors   —  The next time you tell a client how Facebook selects and ranks the content that shows up in the News Feed, you'll need to do it without using the word EdgeRank.  —  EdgeRank, Facebook's original News Feed ranking system, is dead.
Aug 16, 2013, 3:20 PMIn context
Matt McGee / Marketing Land:
Facebook Updates News Feed Algorithm With New “Story Bumping” & “Last Actor” Factors   —  Facebook is changing the way it ranks organic posts that are eligible to show up in its users' News Feeds.  —  The company announced two new factors — “Story Bumping” and “Last Actor” …
Aug 6, 2013, 5:55 PMIn context
Danny Sullivan / Marketing Land:
Compared: What You Can Watch On Google Chromecast, Apple TV & Roku   —  Want to stream content from the internet to your TV?  There's a new player in town, Google's Chromecast.  It's super easy to use and priced to move.  What's not to like?  If you're happy with just Netflix, you're good.
Jul 26, 2013, 12:40 PMIn context

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