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Roblox, an MMO game popular with kids, blames the virtual gang rape of a seven year old's character on a hack, saying malicious code was uploaded to a server   —  A popular children's video game has blamed a virtual “gang rape” on a hack of its systems.  —  Amber Petersen's seven-year-old daughter …
Jul 18, 2018, 2:45 PMIn context
The company behind a Kodak-branded crypto-currency mining rig, which was shown to the press at CES and seen as a scam by critics, has dissolved   —  The company behind a Kodak-branded crypto-currency mining scheme has confirmed the plan has collapsed.  —  In January, a Bitcoin mining computer …
Jul 16, 2018, 8:45 PMIn context
Jane Wakefield / BBC:
Reuters Institute study: usage of Facebook for news has declined in a number of countries including the US, as messaging apps like WhatsApp gain popularity   —  Fewer people are using Facebook to discover and discuss news, as messaging apps such as WhatsApp gain in popularity, a study has suggested.
Jun 15, 2018, 7:30 AMIn context
London launches contactless payment system for street performers with payments firm iZettle and Busk In London, an organization supporting street performers   —  London has introduced a contactless payment scheme for buskers in what the organisers claim is a world first.
May 28, 2018, 10:00 PMIn context
Some US news sites like the LA Times and the Chicago Tribune restrict access from EU as GDPR goes into effect   —  Some high-profile US news websites are temporarily unavailable in Europe after new EU data protection rules came into effect.  —  The Chicago Tribune and LA Times were among …
May 25, 2018, 7:25 AMIn context
Xerox calls off its sale to Japan's Fujifilm after reaching a deal with activist investors Carl Icahn and Darwin Deason; Fujifilm disputes Xerox's decision   —  Technology firm Xerox has ended its controversial sale to Japan's Fujifilm after reaching a deal with activist investors Carl Icahn and Darwin Deason.
May 14, 2018, 2:50 PMIn context
FBI, DHS, and UK's National Cyber Security Centre issue joint alert warning of a Russian-led global campaign to attack and infiltrate internet infrastructure   —  State-sponsored Russian hackers are actively seeking to hijack essential internet hardware, US and UK intelligence agencies say.
Apr 16, 2018, 12:55 PMIn context
Chris Wood / BBC:
Partial fingerprints in a picture of a hand holding drugs, found in a WhatsApp message on a phone, helped convict UK drug dealer   —  A pioneering fingerprint technique used to convict a drugs gang from a WhatsApp message “is the future” of how police approach evidence to catch criminals.
Apr 15, 2018, 7:50 PMIn context
Eurocontrol says a failure of its air traffic management software, the second in 20 years, is now fixed, but could delay ~15,000 flights in Europe   —  The organisation responsible for co-ordinating European air traffic says it has fixed an earlier fault which led to widespread flight delays.
Apr 3, 2018, 8:10 PMIn context
Facebook took out full-page ads, signed by Mark Zuckerberg, in several major US and UK newspapers on Sunday to apologize for Cambridge Analytica data leak   —  Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg has taken out full-page adverts in several UK and US Sunday newspapers to apologise for the firm's recent data privacy scandal.
Mar 25, 2018, 10:15 AMIn context

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