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Richard Lai / Engadget:
Hands-on with the ~$950 ASUS ZenFone 7 Pro, which has a flippable camera, Snapdragon 865 Plus, 6.67" 90Hz AMOLED display, and a 5,000mAh battery   —  ASUS has been taking a cautious approach to its new phones, at a time when rivals continue to churn out a mix of flagship and midrange devices.
Aug 26, 2020, 9:50 AMIn context
Saritha Rai / Bloomberg:
Sources: Apple plans to open an online store in India next month and is planning two retail stores there next year, first in Mumbai and then in Bangalore   —  - Online store comes a year after India eases rules on retail  — IPhone maker also plans a second physical outlet in India
Aug 25, 2020, 7:15 AMIn context
Eric Slivka / MacRumors:
Kuo: Apple is looking to offset cost of new 5G tech in iPhone 12 by using a simpler battery board design that will be 40%-50% cheaper than the one in iPhone 11   —  Apple is looking to put a pricing squeeze on component suppliers for the upcoming iPhone 12 lineup to help offset increased costs …
Aug 21, 2020, 4:30 AMIn context
David Shayer / TidBITS:
Ex-Apple engineer details working with a US Department of Energy contractor in 2005 on a customized “top secret” iPod, likely to build a stealth Geiger counter   —  It was a gray day in late 2005.  I was sitting at my desk, writing code for the next year's iPod.
Aug 19, 2020, 1:15 PMIn context
Kyle Orland / Ars Technica:
Most of Epic's complaints against Apple and Google apply to console makers, which Epic conveniently ignores; most gamers likely play Fortnite on consoles   —  Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo demand the same platform control—and the same 30% fee.  —  Yesterday, Epic used Fortnite …
Aug 15, 2020, 1:20 AMIn context
Tom Warren / The Verge:
By weaponizing Fortnite and with Apple as its primary target, Epic Games is well positioned to lead the fight for a change in app store policies   —  Epic Games executed its most ambitious Fortnite live event yesterday, leading both Apple and Google to remove one of the world's most popular games from their app stores.
Aug 14, 2020, 1:50 PMIn context
Nick Statt / The Verge:
Apple has removed Epic Games' Fortnite from the App Store after the developer implemented its own in-app payment system, bypassing Apple's standard 30% fee   —  Apple says Epic is violating its App Store guidelines by using its own payment system  —  Apple has removed Epic Games' battle royale Fortnite …
Aug 13, 2020, 3:05 PMIn context
A Weibo survey asking users to choose between WeChat and iPhones drew 1.2M responses, with ~95% saying they would rather give up their devices   —  - Ban on Chinese apps may render iPhone “electronic trash”  — WeChat is instrumental to most China residents' everyday lives
Aug 13, 2020, 8:45 AMIn context
Tim Culpan / Bloomberg:
As the US blocked use of chips designed by Huawei, MediaTek's stock has jumped, overtaking Hon Hai's market value, making it Taiwan's second-biggest company   —  MediaTek has been plugging away for decades as the second-string quarterback in the gadgets you love.
Aug 6, 2020, 1:50 PMIn context
Michael Bruck / LinkedIn:
Former Intel executive on how Intel achieved dominance in the computer industry after pivoting from memory chips to CPUs and then lost it as smartphones emerged   —  Last week, Intel announced its second-quarter financial results which easily beat the analysts' consensus expectations by a handsome margin.
Aug 2, 2020, 7:10 PMIn context

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