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Casey Newton / The Verge:
Facebook says it has begun removing misinformation that contributes to violence on its site, will review text and images in partnership with local organizations   —  The policy was used for the first time last month in Sri Lanka  —  Hours after CEO Mark Zuckerberg spurred history by defending …
Jul 18, 2018, 7:00 PMIn context
Casey Newton / The Verge:
Instagram adds the questions sticker, a new way to poll your friends   —  Increasing engagement at all costs  —  In October, Instagram added a polling feature to its ephemeral stories.  Today, the company is introducing a new twist on polling with the questions sticker …
Jul 10, 2018, 1:30 PMIn context
Casey Newton / The Verge:
Interview with Mathilde Collin of Front, which makes tools for sharing inboxes with teammates, on company's vision to build an asynchronous version of Slack   —  Front's Mathitlde Collin on why email is making a comeback  —  It's been four years now since Slack arrived to kill email — and yet, email persists.
Jul 5, 2018, 2:20 PMIn context
Casey Newton / The Verge:
Google Podcasts launches for Android with personalized recs and listening progress auto-sync; closed captions and language translation features are planned   —  Finally taking podcasts seriously  —  Google today is introducing its first standalone podcast app for Android.
Jun 19, 2018, 11:08 AMIn context
Casey Newton / The Verge:
Q&A with Pocket CEO Nate Weiner as Firefox tests offering personalized feeds by analyzing articles and videos in users' browsing history and Pocket saved list   —  Pocket CEO Nate Weiner on how local data processing is the future of personalized recommendations
Jun 13, 2018, 5:55 PMIn context
Casey Newton / The Verge:
Houseparty launches its group video chat app on Mac, available in the App Store today   —  Desktop is the new mobile  —  Houseparty, the group video chat app that's popular among a set of teenagers and college students, is getting a desktop app companion.  Today, the company released Houseparty …
Jun 4, 2018, 3:08 PMIn context
Casey Newton / The Verge:
Evan Spiegel talks about Snapchat redesign, going public, and Facebook copying its key innovations at Code Conference   —  Snap's CEO weighs in on Facebook's long history of copying him  —  Evan Spiegel publicly addressed Facebook's longstanding practice of copying his company's products Tuesday …
May 30, 2018, 1:30 AMIn context
Casey Newton / The Verge:
Some candidates complain they cannot advertise on Facebook before June 5 primaries, as they wait for authorization codes to arrive by mail under the new rules   —  Candidates are blocked from buying ads while they wait on authorization codes  —  Facebook introduced new disclosure rules …
May 25, 2018, 3:00 PMIn context
Casey Newton / The Verge:
Slack debuts action buttons, which let 3rd-party devs make Slack messages actionable with a click, with Asana, Jira, Pocket, Zendesk among launch partners   —  Turning messages into starting points  —  Slack is giving developers tools to build new integrations that turn clicks on messages into actions on their own platforms.
May 22, 2018, 12:58 PMIn context
Casey Newton / The Verge:
Facebook's F8 will be more “muted” this year, with developers blindsided by API changes and sources saying much of the event was reworked after data scandal   —  The theme for F8 this year: lowered expectations  —  Type with your brain.  “Hear” with your skin.
Apr 30, 2018, 12:30 PMIn context

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