July 31, 2023, 10:20 AM

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Scott Chipolina / Financial Times:
Brian Armstrong says the SEC asked Coinbase to halt trading all crypto except bitcoin without explaining its interpretation of the law, before it sued Coinbase  —  Request would have meant ‘the end of the crypto industry in the US’, according to Brian Armstrong
Mark Gurman / Bloomberg:
A deep dive into Apple's plans for the new iPhones and Watches coming this fall, including iPhone 15 Pro with 1.5mm bezels, a step towards a borderless iPhone  —  Apple is just weeks away from introducing the iPhone 15 and next-generation watches.  The new lineup will mark another stepping stone toward …
New York Times:
Twitter/X threatens to sue Center for Countering Digital Hate, alleging the nonprofit made “troubling and baseless claims” to hurt Twitter and its ad business  —  The Center for Countering Digital Hate said it had received a letter from X, Twitter's parent company …
New York Times:
Starlink's dominance of satellite internet raises alarms about Elon Musk's growing geopolitical sway; Starlink has 4,500+ satellites, or 50%+ of all satellites  —  The tech billionaire has become the dominant power in satellite internet technology.  The ways he is wielding that influence are raising global alarms.
Yogita Khatri / The Block:
Tether reports a $850M net profit in Q2, vs. $1.5B in Q1, with ~$3.3B in excess reserves, up from $2.44B in Q1, and $86.5B+ in total assets as of June 30  —  - In its latest attestation report, Tether said it had a net profit of $850 million in the second quarter.
The Economic Times:
Sources: Tiger Global has completed its exit from Flipkart, in a years-long selloff that led to gains totaling $3.5B  —  The US fund exits online retailer with a 4% stake sale to Walmart in final deal of phased selloff.  —  New York-headquartered investment firm Tiger Global informed its limited partners …
Curve, a stablecoin exchange on Ethereum, says bugs in Vyper, a programming language used by parts of Curve, are being exploited; ~$100M of crypto is at risk  —  More than $100M-worth of cryptocurrency could be at risk due to a bug impacting Curve, a stablecoin exchange at the center of Ethereum's DeFi ecosystem.
Julie Jargon / Wall Street Journal:
Apple confirms a Screen Time bug, letting kids go over the time limits imposed by parents to use apps and games, but doesn't offer a timeline for a fix  —  Settings aren't sticking; the company says it's working ‘to improve the situation’  —  Apple's Screen Time controls are failing parents.
Mark Townsend / The Guardian:
Source: UK Home Office plans to ask the privacy regulator for expanding facial recognition in shops, in contrast to the EU's ban of the tech in public spaces  —  Covert government strategy to install electronic surveillance in shops raises issues around bias and data, and contrasts sharply …
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Jose Antonio Lanz / Decrypt:
After a digital artist opted out of the Stable Diffusion training set, the community made a model copying his style, raising questions around open-source models  —  More popular than Picasso and Leonardo Da Vinci among AI artists, Greg Rutkowski opted out of the Stable Diffusion training set.
Jack Shenker / The Guardian:
An in-depth look at a January strike at Amazon's BHX4 Coventry warehouse, a carefully planned and legal effort, the likes of which Amazon UK had never faced  —  When staff in Coventry downed tools, they kickstarted a David v Goliath battle against one of the most powerful companies on Earth.

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