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Elon Musk tweets “And soon we shall bid adieu to the twitter brand” and “If a good enough X logo is posted tonight, we'll make go live worldwide” on July 24  —  Elon Musk said on Sunday he was looking to change Twitter's logo, tweeting: “And soon we shall bid adieu …
Source: @elonmusk and @elonmusk
Mark Gurman / Bloomberg:
Why the Vision Pro app store may be more successful than the Apple Watch or Apple TV app stores, despite the headset's small user base for the first few years  —  Third-party apps will be crucial to the success of the Vision Pro, but the pricey and niche nature of the device means that developers may not quickly flock to it.
Brian Merchant / Los Angeles Times:
Studio executives embraced Silicon Valley's magical thinking of hypergrowth and disruption for the past 10 years, only to slash worker pay as the boom times end  —  In one respect, the actors and writers of Hollywood uniting on the picket lines in a historic, industry-shaking strike is a tale as old as time …
Madhumita Murgia / Financial Times:
Profiles of eight former Google research scientists who co-authored the pioneering AI paper “Attention Is All You Need” that paved the way for the rise of LLMs  —  Their paper paved the way for the rise of large language models.  But all have since left the Silicon Valley giant
Kevin Roose / New York Times:
An analysis of the potential impact of the eight AI commitments to the White House made by OpenAI, Microsoft, Meta, Google, Amazon, Anthropic, and Inflection  —  Seven leading A.I. companies made eight promises about what they'll do with their technology.  Our columnist sizes up their potential impact.
Katherine Alejandra Cross / Wired:
Reddit and Bluesky are contrasting examples on how not to moderate, one centralizing in the worst way possible and the other decentralizing catastrophically  —  Moderating a site isn't easy—just ask Elon.  But Bluesky and Reddit are contrasting examples of how not to do it.
Ben Smith / Semafor:
Sources: IAC, News Corp, the NYT, and other publishers are forming a coalition to push for AI laws and lead a lawsuit against AI firms who trained on their data  —  Barry Diller fired publishers' opening shot at artificial intelligence platforms in a Semafor interview this April …
Riho Nagao / Nikkei Asia:
Japan adds advanced chipmaking equipment to its export control list, a move that aligns the country with US curbs meant to keep chip tech out of China's hands  —  Tokyo aligns with Washington to keep most advanced technology out of China's hands  —  Japan now requires export licenses for semiconductor-manufacturing equipment.
More: Japan Today
Caiwei Chen / Rest of World:
Similarweb: by May-end, daily downloads of ByteDance's social media app Lemon8 fell to 6.7% of its March peak; the app was in the US App Store's top 10 in March  —  Users complain the ByteDance app feels inorganic and curated, prioritizing the needs of influencers over ordinary people.

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