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Filing: Elon Musk delivers a non-binding proposal to take Twitter private by acquiring all outstanding stock for $54.20 per share, in a cash deal worth ~$43B  —  Elon Musk has offered to buy Twitter for $54.20 per share in cash, according to an updated 13D filing, Bloomberg News reports.
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Amir Efrati / The Information:
Source says Twitter's board of directors views Elon Musk's takeover offer as unwelcome, suggesting the company will fight the bid  —  Twitter's board of directors views Elon Musk's takeover offer as unwelcome, said a person familiar with the situation, suggesting it will fight the bid.
Sources: Twitter's board is considering a poison pill after Elon Musk's bid; a source says another plan under consideration is saying that the offer is too low  —  Twitter Inc.'s board is considering adopting a measure that would protect the company from hostile acquisition bids …
Mia Sato / The Verge:
Musk says he may not “actually be able to” buy Twitter, he is motivated by its public interest value, it should open source its algorithm, and he has a Plan B  —  The billionaire made his first public comments about his Twitter takeover efforts at the TED 2022 conference
The US Treasury says North Korea-backed hacking group Lazarus is tied to the theft of cryptocurrencies worth $600M+ from the Axie Infinity-linked Ronin bridge  —  Ronin was hacked for more than $600 million in crypto late last month.  —  The U.S. Treasury Department alleged …
Sarah Perez / TechCrunch:
WhatsApp announces Communities with admin tools, file sharing, 32-person calls, and more, to let clubs, schools, and other groups host thousand-user chats  —  Meta is throwing billions of dollars into building out the metaverse as the future of social networking but in the near term …
Jon Swartz / MarketWatch:
Apple says Meta's plan to take a 47.5% cut of virtual sales in Horizon Worlds “lays bare Meta's hypocrisy” for taking aim at Apple's 30% cut in the App Store  —  Facebook parent Meta Platforms Inc.'s intent to take a nearly 50% cut of digital asset sales within its emerging metaverse …
Mark Gurman / Bloomberg:
Developer logs and sources: Apple is testing four different M2-based chips in at least nine new Macs, including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and Mac Pro  —  Apple Inc. has started widespread internal testing of several new Mac models with next-generation M2 chips, according to developer logs …
Sam Kessler / CoinDesk:
A lawsuit filed against OlympusDAO's co-founders over $20M+ in the DAO's native tokens could unmask their identities, testing the limits of pseudonymity in DAOs  —  An early Olympus investor alleges he was cheated out of millions of OHM tokens when key smart contracts were rendered inoperable.
Jiaxing Li / South China Morning Post:
Internet portal Sohu, one of China's first tech firms to list on Nasdaq in 2000, is looking to exit Nasdaq after the SEC said it's noncompliant with audit rules  —  A total of 23 companies, including Baidu and Weibo, have been identified by the SEC as being at risk of delisting for non-compliance with audit rules.
Cristina Criddle / Financial Times:
Sources: TikTok is under investigation by US government agencies for CSAM and how a specific privacy feature is being exploited by predators  —  Short-video app with young user base accused of being ‘perfect place for predators’ by Homeland Security  —  TikTok is under investigation …

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