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Russell Brandom / The Verge:
Court issues permanent injunction in Epic vs. Apple, ruling that Apple can't prohibit developers from linking to external purchase options in addition to IAP  —  A major win for Epic Games and Fortnite  —  Judge Yvonne Gonzalez-Rogers issued a permanent injunction in the Epic v. Apple case …
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Jay Peters / The Verge:
Epic asks Apple to reinstate its Fortnite developer account in South Korea, after passage of a bill forcing app stores to allow alternative payment systems  —  Following the passing of a bill allowing alternative payment systems on the App Store  —  Epic Games has asked Apple to reinstate …
Mark Gurman / Bloomberg:
Zuckerberg says WhatsApp will start rolling out e2e encrypted backups to iOS and Android users in the coming weeks as an optional feature  —  WhatsApp said on Friday it will give its two billion users the option to encrypt their chat backups to the cloud, taking a significant step to put …
Daisuke Wakabayashi / New York Times:
Internal docs: Google realized last year it illegally underpaid temp staff in many countries for years, but was slow to fix the issue fearing negative publicity  —  The company realized months ago that it could be running afoul of pay laws in a number of countries but has been slow to fix the problem, according to internal documents.
Jessica Toonkel / The Information:
Sources: Apple intends to double its output of TV shows and movies next year to at least one a week and plans to spend $500M+ on marketing Apple TV+ this year  —  When Apple launched its Apple TV+ service nearly two years ago, executives throughout Hollywood and Silicon Valley snickered about the streaming video service.
Tim Hardwick / MacRumors:
Kuo: Apple has resolved its Apple Watch Series 7 production issues and will start mass production mid to late September, with shipping set for late September  —  Apple has resolved its Apple Watch Series 7 production issues and will start mass producing the new model in mid to late September …
Benjamin Mullin / Wall Street Journal:
Tinder CEO Jim Lanzone will be the next CEO of Yahoo following the closure of Apollo's acquisition of Yahoo on September 1  —  Mr. Lanzone will join Yahoo as CEO later this month  —  Apollo Global Management Inc. is naming Tinder Chief Executive Jim Lanzone the new CEO of Yahoo …
Zoe Schiffer / The Verge:
Financial Times:
In a consultation document, UK government suggests removing human review of some AI decisions, in a reversal of EU data protection laws  —  Excising Article 22 of Brussels regulations would alarm privacy campaigners  —  The government will put itself on a collision course with data privacy campaigners …
Cat Zakrzewski / Washington Post:
Texas governor signs bill banning social media companies with 50M+ MAUs from blocking or restricting people or their content based on their viewpoint  —  The law is an escalation of a conservative critique of Silicon Valley and will likely to face legal challenges from the industry
Davey Alba / New York Times:
Facebook has told researchers studying misinformation that the data it gave them three years ago included about half of its US users, not all as it then claimed  —  More than three years ago, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook trumpeted a plan to share data with researchers about how people interacted …

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