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Bloomberg Business:
Apple told to pay $532.9M to Smartflash LLC for patent infringement in iTunes, will appeal  —  Apple Told by Jury to Pay $532.9 Million in Gaming Patent Trial  —  Don't Miss Out —  (Bloomberg) — Apple Inc. was told to pay $532.9 million after a federal jury said the company's iTunes software …
Gemalto confirms hack by NSA and GCHQ, but says no massive theft of SIM encryption keys, only a breach of its office network  —  Gemalto presents the findings of its investigations into the alleged hacking of SIM card encryption keys by Britain's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA)
Sebastian Anthony / Ars Technica:
Source: Top-end 128GB Samsung Galaxy S6 priced at $1,189, curved model facing supply constraints  —  Source: Curved Samsung Galaxy S6 will suffer from yield issues at launch  —  One of Samsung's carrier partners gives Ars Technica the skinny.  —  According to a source …
Dan Seifert / The Verge:
Motorola's new Moto E has LTE and a bigger screen for just $149  —  Motorola teased an announcement in the form a hand-delivered package last week, and sure enough, today the company delivered a box with a new Moto E. The second-generation Moto E is still Motorola's most affordable smartphone in its lineup …
Darrell Etherington / TechCrunch:
Perceptiv introduces SHIFT, a plug-in accessory for drones that lets filmmakers track and frame subjects; available fall 2015 for $600  —  Perceptiv's SHIFT Turns Drones Into Smart Dollies For Filmmakers  —  Drone tech is exciting and full of potential, but few companies are focusing on tech …
Steven Davidoff Solomon / New York Times:
Dish Network saved $3.25B by bidding for spectrum as a “very small business” using loopholes  —  How Loopholes Turned Dish Network Into a ‘Very Small Business’  —  Charles W. Ergen, the billionaire who controls the satellite-TV provider Dish Network, and his company …
Jordan Novet / VentureBeat:
Hortonworks falls short with $12.7M in revenue in its first earnings report  —  Updated at 4:38 p.m. Pacific to remove references to Cloudera's customer base.  A Cloudera spokeswoman says Cloudera and Hortonworks count customers differently.  —  Hortonworks, a company selling a distribution …
Dan Thorp-Lancaster / Android Central:
Ting launches open beta for GSM service on T-Mobile's network  —  Ting launches open beta for its GSM network  —  Ting's GSM network, which it announced late last year, has officially entered into an open beta.  Previously, customers could test the network out on an invite-only basis.
Paul Carsten / Reuters:
Since Snowden leaks, China has dropped Cisco, Apple, McAfee, and others for government purchases  —  Exclusive: China drops leading technology brands for state purchases  —  (Reuters) - China has dropped some of the world's leading technology brands from its approved state purchase lists …
Mary Jo Foley / ZDNet:
Microsoft Garage incubator delivers new Windows Phone, Android productivity apps  —  Summary:Microsoft has made a handful of new, free experimental productivity apps for Windows Phone and Android available for download from its Garage incubator.  —  In October 2014, Microsoft announced …
Kim Zetter / Wired:
Firmware is vulnerable because vendors rarely sign or authenticate the software  —  Why Firmware Is So Vulnerable to Hacking, and What Can Be Done About It  —  When Kaspersky Lab revealed last week that it had uncovered a sophisticated piece of malware designed to plant malicious code inside …
Catherine Shu / TechCrunch:
Twitter's “While You Were Away” Feature Launches On Android  —  One month after launching on iOS, Twitter's “While You Were Away” feature is finally available for Android users.  —  “While You Were Away,” which Twitter first previewed last fall, represents a significant departure from the real …
Internet of things starter kit unveiled by ARM and IBM  —  A “starter kit” designed to spur on the invention of internet-connected gadgets has been announced as part of a tie-up between two leading tech firms.  —  Chip designer ARM and cloud services giant IBM say it can take just five minutes …
Dennis Fisher / Threatpost:
Google turns annual Pwnium bug-hunting contest into year-round program with unlimited rewards  —  Google Pwnium Program Now Open All Year  —  Google is expanding its successful Pwnium vulnerability reward program-which has run at various security conferences for a couple of years …
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