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Phil Nickinson / Android Central:
Exclusive first look: Pics and video of the new Nexus 7  —  The new Nexus 7 sports an updated look, adds a rear camera  —  Here we go, folks.  The first probable pictures of what we believe is the long-awaited successor to the Nexus 7.  We've had to do a little Photoshop surgery to protect the source …
Brad Molen / Engadget:
New Nexus 7 coming to retail outlets next week, according to documents (update: pricing and pics)  —  It appears that the rumored sequel to the Nexus 7 is close at hand, according to internal documents sent to us by an anonymous tipster.  Apparently, the new device will be sold in stores alongside …
John Paczkowski / AllThingsD:
Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and Others Call for More NSA Transparency  —  Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft are part of a broad alliance of technology companies and civil liberties groups that will tomorrow demand dramatically increased transparency around U.S. government surveillance efforts.
Philip Bump / The Atlantic Wire:
The NSA Admits It Analyzes More People's Data Than Previously Revealed  —  As an aside during testimony on Capitol Hill today, a National Security Agency representative rather casually indicated that the government looks at data from a universe of far, far more people than previously indicated.
Aaron Souppouris / The Verge:
Nokia now sells more Lumias than BlackBerry sells phones  —  With this quarter's mixed financial results, Nokia revealed that Lumia sales were up to a record high of 7.2 million.  That means that the company sold more Windows Phones last quarter than BlackBerry sold phones.
Daniel Cooper / Engadget:
Nokia reports smaller $150 million loss in Q2 2013, Lumia sales up to 7.4 million  —  After BlackBerry's disastrous earnings a couple of weeks back, Nokia and Microsoft have clear bragging rights over third place in the ecosystem war — but does a bronze medal earn you any cash?
Ben Lovejoy / 9to5Mac:
Verizon's Q2 iPhone activations grow 44 percent to hit 3.9M, beating estimates of 3.5M  —  Verizon's iPhone activations in Q2 this year grew 44 percent to reach 3.9 million, beating analyst predictions of 3.5 million.  The iPhone continued to be responsible for more than half of Verizon's sales.
Dan Seifert / The Verge:
Verizon adds 941,000 subscribers, activates 3.9 million iPhones during second quarter  —  Verizon has just released its financial report for the second quarter of this year, and unsurprisingly, it's another solid quarter for the largest carrier in the US.  Verizon reports adding 941,000 …
Mat Smith / Engadget:
HTC One mini announced: Flagship looks, UltraPixel camera and 4.3-inch 720p display (hands-on)  —  Currently, the wireless industry's mantra is that good things come in large packages.  But let's not just forget about the massive demographic of users that don't care about having the biggest phone on the planet.
Arik Hesseldahl / AllThingsD:
Dell Buyout Vote Delayed  —  No vote, no deal.  More delay.  —  Dell shareholders didn't vote today on a proposal to take the company private in a leveraged buyout.  The meeting of shareholders at which the proposal was to be considered has been adjourned without the vote taking place …
Olga Khazan / The Atlantic Online:
The Creepy, Long-Standing Practice of Undersea Cable Tapping  —  The newest NSA leaks reveal that governments are probing “the Internet's backbone.”  How does that work?  —  In the early 1970's, the U.S. government learned that an undersea cable ran parallel to the Kuril Islands off …
Mat Smith / Engadget:
New Office 365 subscriptions get 12 months of free Xbox Live Gold (but not in the US)  —  Sweetening the deal of its cloud-based Office 365 suite, Microsoft will start bundling a year of Xbox Live Gold with any purchases of Office 365 Home Premium or Office 365 University made before September 28.
Farhad Manjoo / Slate:
Android vs. iPhone: Why Apple still has the edge over Google's operating system  —  Android is a wonderful operating system.  But most Android phones are crap.  —  Six years ago, Google launched an unconventional effort to gain a toehold in the growing smartphone business.
Mark Gurman / 9to5Mac:
iWatch's novelty emerges as Apple taps sensor and fitness experts  —  Apple's Tim Cook, Bob Mansfield, Kevin Lynch  —  Apple has begun assembling a team of hardware and software engineering, medical sensor, manufacturing, and fitness experts, indicating the company is moving forward …
Sam Biddle / Valleywag:
Tumblr Is Pushing Porn Into an Internet Sex Ghetto  —  Since Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer began circling around Tumblr's billion dollar GIF vortex, we wondered what it'd do with the nasty stuff: the dog sex, the rape porn.  Or even the more mild takes on f**king.  Now we're starting to see: porn gets put where no one can find it.
Kaylene Hong / The Next Web:
Google cleared of unfairly using Android to aid its search business in Korea  —  South Korea's Fair Trade Commission watchdog has acquitted Google of anti-competitive charges following a two-year-long investigation, Yonhap News reports.  —  The FTC had reportedly reviewed the case and concluded …
Patrick Hoge / bizjournals:
PandoDaily steps in it  —  PandoDaily, a tech news site launched last year with money from prominent Silicon Valley venture backers, published an inaccurate story July 2 stating that L.A.-based consumer goods startup BeachMint had “ousted” its founders and would be returning $20 million to investors.
The Physics arXiv Blog:
Edit Wars Reveal The 10 Most Controversial Topics on Wikipedia  —  An analysis of the most highly contested articles on Wikipedia reveals the controversies that appear invariant across languages and cultures  —  Wikipedia, the encyclopaedia that anybody can edit, is one of the more extraordinary collective efforts of the crowd.
Lora Kolodny / Venture Capital Dispatch:
Bjork Brings Biophilia to Android With a Little Help From Apportable  —  Music and design icon Björk spent two years creating her 11th record, Biophilia, as an “app album” — songs in app form, games, and educational content that can get users involved so they're not just passively listening.
Mike Isaac / AllThingsD:
Twitter's Mobile Update Can Keep Your Sensitive Eyes Safe From Sexy Tweets  —  No one wants to look at porn in a tweet.  (At least, not without expecting it first.)  —  That's likely part of why Twitter introduced its latest little safety tweak in the last mobile update for iOS and Android …
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