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Fred Wilson / A VC:
Product > Strategy > Business Model  —  One of the mistakes I see entrepreneurs make is they move to business model before locking down strategy.  The way I like to think about this is get the product right first, then lock down the strategy of the business, then figure out the business model.
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Anand Lal Shimpi / AnandTech:
Intel Iris Pro 5200 Graphics Review: Core i7-4950HQ Tested  —  The Prelude  —  As Intel got into the chipset business it quickly found itself faced with an interesting problem.  As the number of supported IO interfaces increased (back then we were talking about things like AGP, FSB) …
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Andrew Cunningham / Ars Technica:
Haswell is here: we detail Intel's first 4th-generation Core CPUs  —  Quad-core chips for laptops and desktops are first, with dual-cores to follow.  —  Intel has been releasing information about Haswell, its next-generation CPU architecture, for months now.
Chris Dixon:
Some thoughts on mobile  — People tend to lump smartphones and tablets together as “mobile”.  This can be misleading.  Ask people who run internet companies and they'll tell you that user behavior on tablets is far more similar to user behavior on desktops/laptops than it is to user behavior on smartphones.
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Emil Protalinski / The Next Web:
IE10 blows past IE7 and IE6′s combined market share, Firefox gains too, but Chrome hits 21-month low  —  The browser war continues into the middle of 2013.  May saw the second full month of IE10 availability on Windows 7, as well as the release of Firefox 21 and Chrome 27.
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Leena Rao / TechCrunch:
The Quantitative VC  —  It's no longer sufficient in venture capital for firms to wait for companies, people and trends to come to Sand Hill Road.  Seeing a startup on Demo Day at Y Combinator used to be the pipeline for scouting an early deal.  But these days, YC companies are raising from angels before demo days.
Mike Masnick / Techdirt:
The Aftermath Of Napster: Letting Incumbents Veto Innovation Slows Down Innovation Drastically  —  Last fall, law professor Michael Carrier came out with a really wonderful paper, called Copyright and Innovation: The Untold Story.  He interviewed dozens of people involved in the internet world …
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Leslie Katz / CNET:
Oculus VR co-founder, 33, killed by speeding car  —  Tragedy hits the company that made the Oculus Rift head-mounted virtual-reality display as co-founder Andrew Reisse finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time during a police chase.  —  Andrew Scott Reisse, co-founder of the company …
Josh Constine / TechCrunch:
Yahoo Shuts Down Mail Classic, Forces Switch To New Version That Scans Your Emails To Target Ads  —  Starting the week of June 3rd, tomorrow, Yahoo is discontinuing Mail Classic.  It's requiring all Mail users to switch to the new version of Mail and accept a TOS/Privacy Policy update that lets …

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Helping a groundswell of citizen scientists aid the environment  —  See how Microsoft's AI for Earth program is partnering with iNaturalist to help amateur and expert scientists share data.
eero: your first line of defense against security breaches.  —  Thanks to our automatic and regular software updates as well as a number of other security measures built into our devices and software …
Facebook Container Extension: Take control of how you're being tracked  —  Our Multi-Account Containers extension has been a game changer for many users, letting them manage various parts of their online life without intermingling their accounts.
Announcing Zoho Mail Desktop Lite Client  —  Get the best of both worlds.  —  There are times when you can't afford distractions while communicating over email.  This is especially true in the case of business emails …

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