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Mitch Ratcliffe / Rational rants:
Network Neutrality: The PR blitz is underway  —  The network neutrality war is just starting to heat up.  A campaign to make new fees for existing Internet services palatable is underway.  At stake is the ability of the Internet to scale from the edges or a surrender and return …
The Doc Searls Weblog:
Required reading: Kevin Marks' Internet regeneration.  —  Kevin and his sources — Douglas Adams, Susan Crawford, Suw Charman (from this audio) and Danah Boyd — come at the Net this time from a generational angle.  —  Read the whole thing, which concludes, … An additional note.
Discussion: Weblogsky
Graeme Wearden / CNET
Distributed computing cracks Enigma code  —  More than 60 years after the end of World War II, a distributed computing project has managed to crack a previously uncracked message that was encrypted using the Enigma machine.  —  The M4 Project began in early January, as an attempt …
Discussion: Engadget, brainwagon and Smart Mobs
Accidental e-mail congratulates 7,000 on admission to UC Berkeley law school  —  Lesson learned: Always be careful when hitting the 'send' button  —  FEBRUARY 24, 2006 (COMPUTERWORLD) - Edward Tom, director of admissions at the University of California, Berkeley, law school, was training a new office worker last week when it happened.
Nik Cubrilovic / TechCrunch:
Exclusive Look At Google Payments  —  Google announced last week on their blog that they will begin to facilitate payments on Google Base in the near future.  The blog post from Google pointed out that Google are already accepting payments on their video service as well as when users purchase software …
Gary Price / ResourceShelf:
Ask Jeeves Is Now New Look and New Features  —  So Long Mr. Jeeves, is Here  —  Director of Online Information Resources,  —  The big news today is that Ask Jeeves is relaunching their service with a new name and some new services.
Ryan Block / Engadget:
WWJD 3 - Results!  —  So, what would Steve Jobs do?  We asked last week, and we took your answers in the form of over three hundred and fifty photoshopped mockups.  We had acouple of Newtons, a ton of tablets, and a huge swarm of video iPods — and a ton of miscellaneous stuff that bothamused …
Discussion: HD Beat and The Tao of Mac
Tim Doyle / Forbes:
No Go For TV-To-Go?  —  The creators of Slingbox, a nifty gadget that lets consumers watch their home TV on any computer screen with an Internet connection, have another clever idea: Let consumers watch their home TV on handheld devices.  —  One catch, though: In order for Sling Media's mobile service …
Discussion: MobHappy
Cisco Cheng / Gearlog:
Art Lebedev's Mus2 Wireless Mouse  —  Some of you probably heard of the cool new Optimus OLED keyboard from the famous Russian designer.  But if expensive keyboards aren't your cup of tea, try the sleek looking Mus2 mouse from Art Lebedev's studio.  —  It's a two button mouse …
Discussion: Gizmodo and Engadget
Gizmodo, The Gadget Blog:
Huge Honking Display Array  —  The Zenview Command Center Elite by digitaltigers straps together six 24-inch 1920x1200 Samsung LCD panels, giving you a gigantic combined display that's 66 inches wide and 29 inches high with a honking 5760x2400 resolution.  However, there is a catch to creating such supreme graphiosity.
Discussion: Engadget and HD Beat
Jaanus / Skype Blogs:
Skype-a-celeb: talk to Penelope Cruz, Matthew McConaughey and others on Skype  —  Do you want to talk to Penelope Cruz, Matthew McConaughey and others?  Not read about them in some magazine, but actually talk to them live and unmediated?  You can now.  If you can outbid others for the privilege, that is.
Tony Smith /
Sony, NEC to merge optical drive teams  —  Sony and NEC are to merge their respective optical drive divisions into a single ¥220bn ($1.9bn) jointly owned company, Sony NEC Optiarc, the two Japanese giants announced today.  The move may pave the way for reconciliation between …
Discussion: Engadget and Joystiq
Wired News:
The Money Shot  —  What's cooler than seeing a giant sea turtle up close in the wild?  Watching a giant sea turtle in 3-D on a nine-story-tall Imax screen while sucking down popcorn and a Sprite.  This shot required the makers of Deep Sea 3D to lug a special 1,200-pound stereo-vision camera 150 feet below the surface.
John Markoff / New York Times:
He Helped Build the iPod; Now He Has Built a Rival  —  PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 23 — When Samsung, the consumer electronics giant, decided to mount a serious challenge to Apple Computer's iPod music player early last year, it turned to a little-known Silicon Valley software start-up with a cluttered …
Chrisboggs / Search Engine Roundtable:
The Search Landscape  —  Moderated by Gord Hotchkiss of Enquiro.  Welcome to "an interesting look at what is happening in the search landscape."  3 people from 3 different companies who's job it is to analyze what people do online.  Large room, about 75% full.  —  James Lamberti - comScore Networks
The Superbrowser  —  Yesterday I decided to undertake an experiment.  My favourite browser, Firefox, allows its users to add extensions.  Currently 1148 extensions are available at Mozilla update.  I decided to install 100 of the most popular extensions at the same time, trying to avoid those that duplicated others functionality.
Marshall Kirkpatrick / The Social Software Weblog:
Web 2.0 defined well in Jupiter Research podcast  —  The question of how to define Web2.0 is a common one, and this weekend I was able to listen to a conversation that covered all the based quitewell.  The folks at Jupiter Research have been podcasting for some time now and their most recent release …
Discussion: Swarming Media and analystblog
Tony Walsh / Clickable Culture:
U2 Unwittingly Gives 'Second Life' Concert  —  Ilya Vedrashko's In-Game Advertising and Advergames blog reports on a fan-created U2 concert staged in the virtual world of Second Life.  This elaborate presentation involved avatar (virtual people) look-alikes of the band, streaming the band's music …
Discussion: MAKE: Blog and reBang weblog
Jason / Signal vs. Noise:
Russell makes sense this time  —  Jason Feb 27  —  Russell ask "where are the businesses?"  I agree (and I almost never agree with Russell).  —  I especially liked this part: … It's about value — something the new web set seems afraid to 1. create, and 2. charge for.

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