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Kevin C. Tofel / Kevin 2.0:
Origami video: the real deal?  —  Much like everyone else, I've been wondering what Microsoft's Origami Project is.  The speculation runs rampant but it appears that you might not have to wait a few weeks to find out what Origami truly is.  Marketing firm DigitalKitchen must have the ad campaign …
Ryan Block /
Microsoft's Origami project  —  So today Microsoft officially flippedthe switch on the buzz machine for their Origami Project — an atypical viral marketing manuveur for a company whoseproducts are usually known about years ahead of time.  Scoble says its a device, theInternet's lighting up with rumors — is it the Xboxportable?
Origami video?  —  Speculation about the Origami Project is running rampant everywhere and my podcasting buddy Kevin Tofel may have found some hard video via a comment on an engadget post discussing the mysterious project.  Kevin points out if you go the the website for marketing firm DigitalKitchen …
Edward Wyatt / New York Times:
Ruling May Undercut Google in Fight Over Its Book Scans  —  A recent federal court decision in California might undermine a pillar of defense for Google in its dispute with publishers and authors who are challenging the company's right to scan books that are still under copyright.
Frank Ahrens / Washington Post:
30 Million Blogs And Counting . . .  There's been some recent chatter about whether we're entering the twilight of the blogs, even though it feels like we're only in the late morning.  Noon, at the latest.  —  Writing in Slate, Daniel Gross wonders if the blogosphere may be teetering on its own 1999 …
Matt / Burning Questions:
2 Years Older, and 208,474 Feeds Wiser  —  Happy Birthday to us!  Though the company was founded back in October of 2003, today is the official two-year anniversary of our pre-alpha launch.  (Did you know "grappa" comes before "alpha?"  Cheers.)  —  FeedBurner was born from [jets] …
Discussion: Somewhat Frank
John Borland / CNET
Google puts National Archives video online  —  A marching band begins to play.  The United Newsreel logo, an eagle in a martial pose, flickers onto the black-and-white screen.  Bold letters proclaim: "Nazi War Plants Blasted by R.A.F. in Night Raids."  —  This is a World War II era newsreel …
Discussion: Ramesh Jain's Blog
Scott Karp / Publishing 2.0:
Audiences Are NOT Created Equal  —  Media is about conversation and participation.  Consumers can create their own media.  Value is being created at the edge.  You've heard all the New Media maxims.  —  The problem, as many people have stated many times, is that the more everyone participates …
Jason Calacanis / The Jason Calacanis Weblog:
Peter Rojas has a blog (and not Engadget!)  —  Whoa... four years later Peter starts a personal blog!  —  Recent Posts  — Peter Rojas has a blog (and not Engadget!)  — New iPod Video?  — All good with PodShow and WIN/AOL.  — A-List is nonsense (2/23/2006)
Discussion: The Blog 50
Rob Fahey /
Rebel Faction -'s Jeff Strain  —  First it was a wildly successful MMOG with no levelling up and no subscription fee, now it's episodic content, digital distribution and an ambitious six-monthly release cycle.  Is no challenge too much for Guild Wars creators
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Duncan Riley / The Blog Herald:
The meaning of the Blogosphere is 42: So long and thanks for all the fish  —  Duncan Riley> For those of you who have never read Hitchhickers Guide to the Galaxy before, it is truly the pinancle of absursidisty, or some would say comedic science fiction, and yet Adams had a knack for inserting moments …
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Dave Winer / Dave's Wordpress Blog:
Why the backchannel is bad for RSS  —  This is a verbatim copy of an emal I sent to Brad Feld of Mobius Venture Capital.  —  Brad, I appreciate you taking a proactive role, but there's something that's not right about all this — we need to get out of the backchannel and have this discussion in public.
Susan / Susan Crawford blog:
Framing  —  The debates over the future of the internet should begin (although they hardly ever do) by answering the question What Is The Internet?  —  It turns out that how you answer that question correlates strongly with your view of the future.  And it also turns out that using the …
Discussion: Epeus' epigone
Magnet madness to hit Intel iBook line  —  Only Apple could take a phenomenon as ancient and rudimentary as magnetism and make it seem so profound.  —  The Cupertino, Calif.-based Mac maker has slowly and subtly been adding magnetic innovations to its computer systems over the last six months and now looks ripe to add yet another.
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