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John Markoff / New York Times:
Is Microsoft Dropping Cryptic Hints About a New Gadget?  —  SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 26 — A cryptic Web site that was set up by Microsoft but does not bear its name appears to hint that the company will reveal information about a new consumer product on Thursday.
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
Origamisms  —  I can't visit a memetracker like Memeorandum or TailRank without seeing something about the Origami project.  There's pictures, on Engadget, and there are videos and other speculations elsewhere.  —  My own Origamisms started back last Spring when I visited Otto Berkes …
Paul Stone:
Google Links, and calendar!!  —  I was bored and so nosed around the source of Gmail and I found some code refering to bookmarks/links - the resulting page says: … Nothing too fancy here, I thought.  Just links to other Google Services: Blogger, orkut, Groups, Image search, etc.
Dan Pourhadi / The Unofficial Apple Weblog:
iPod video "spy shot" a fake  —  Well, well, looky here: Turns out that widely-distributed image of thesupposed 6G "true video" iPod was a total and utter f-a-k-e fake.  MacRumors points to this video(YouTube) that documents the creation of the original image, and this blogpost right here shows why the second pic is also afake.
Fred / A VC:
PersonalDNA - A Cool New Web Service  —  Have you ever taken a "Myers-Briggs" personality study?  It's enlightening for sure, but takes a long time to complete and isn't very interactive.  I'd love to have the ability to look at someone's personality profile before hiring them …
The Blog:
Another Brand Retirement of Note: Teoma  —  With all of the focus on our flagship brand changing, we wanted to point out another brand shift we'll be making soon: we are rolling the Teoma brand in to Ask, pointing the domain to
William C. Taylor / New York Times:
Your Call Should Be Important to Us, but It's Not  —  PAUL M. ENGLISH never imagined that a pet peeve would become such a cause célèbre.  For more than four years, Mr. English, a veteran technologist and serial entrepreneur, has maintained a blog on which he shares everything …
Discussion: Techdirt and AdPulp
THINKING IN WEB 2.0: SIXTEEN WAYS  —  With apologies to Bruce Eckel, I sat down this afternoon and put together a draft list of the first-order elements of Web 2.0 thinking.  It's not that I have the hubris to consider this list official in any way but it should be a serviceable starting point for debate, discourse, and reference.
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
Is your company seeing a bozo explosion?  —  Guy Kawasaki gives some great advice to those of us who work in companies "how to prevent a bozo explosion."  —  #9 got a little close to home.  Anyway, one thing that I will always appreciate about Bill Gates is that he lets me walk around Microsoft …
Frank Ahrens / Washington Post:
30 Million Blogs And Counting . . .  There's been some recent chatter about whether we're entering the twilight of the blogs, even though it feels like we're only in the late morning.  Noon, at the latest.  —  Writing in Slate, Daniel Gross wonders if the blogosphere may be teetering on its own 1999 …
Peter Pollack / Ars Technica:
Malware moves up, goes commercial  —  Let's face facts.  We knew this was coming for years, we just didn't want to admit it to ourselves.  Virus programmers—the real kind, not the script kiddies—are far too competent at what they do to have remained noncommercialized forever.
Discussion: THE RAW FEED
Ken Belson / New York Times:
In Sony's Stumble, the Ghost of Betamax  —  AT first glance, Amir Majidimehr does not look like a game-changer in the battle to develop the next generation of DVD players and discs.  As the vice president for Windows digital media at Microsoft, he neither steers a Hollywood studio nor controls …
Jeff Jarvis / BuzzMachine:
Advisory Capital  —  Tom Evslin contributes to the discussion about advisory capital with a suggestion — give ACs equity, not options — and a question: How will startups meet the right ACs?  Should there be AC firms?  Good question.  —  I think that VC shops would be wise to set up …
I4U News:
Loremo: The Ultra Efficient Car - 157MPG!  —  German Loremo AG will introduce their ultra Efficient Car at the Motor Show 2006 (site) in Geneva next week.  —  The car start-up developed a light-weight passenger car with outstanding aerodynamics.  The Loremo LS is powered …
Niall Kennedy / Om and Niall PodSessions:
JavaScript web applications  —  Technologies such as JavaScript and Flash are changing the way we interact with content online.  In this week's PodSession Om and I discuss the latest trends in the world of rich interactions.  —  Are these technologies interaction too complicated for the average person to grasp?
Discussion: and GigaOM
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
Edelman gets Naked  —  I was talking with Richard Edelman yesterday (his blog is here) and he told me he bought about 250 copies of my book.  "Oh, were you the one who bought from Amazon?"  I asked.  Wiley had already seen the spike in sales and reported to us that someone had made a big order.
Discussion: Syndicator blog and The Blog 50

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