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Loren Baker / Search Engine Journal:
Google Finance Launching?  —  Google Finance Launching?  —  Over the past three or four hours Search Engine Journal has noticed some interesting referrals from  —  After visitng the referring URL, I saw that the live Google 404 …
Mathew /
Hey Google — where's my calendar?  —  Not content with controlling a majority of the market for online search and search-related advertising, Google has been rolling out add-ons to its online hegemony over the past year or so, including GTalk, Google Analytics and so on.
Richard Drew / MSNBC:
Judge delays decision on BlackBerry cutoff  —  RIM's service to continue to operate, but judge urges settlement  —  More than 3 million Americans are BlackBerry users.  —  CNBC VIDEO … RICHMOND, Va. - A U.S. judge Friday stopped short of ordering an immediate shutdown of millions …
Claudia H. Deutsch / New York Times:
A Milestone for iTunes; a Windfall for a Downloader  —  It may well have been the best 99 cents Alex Ostrovsky ever spent.  —  Early yesterday, he paid that amount to download "Speed of Sound," a song on the Coldplay album "X&Y," from the iTunes Music Store, the Internet music shop …
Om Malik / CNN:
The Black Box That Would Conquer Telecom  —  An open-source project tries to break Cisco's lock on the $4 billion corporate router business.  —  (Business 2.) - At the San Francisco offices of Panorama Capital, two dozen engineers, venture capitalists, and academics gathered around …
John Borland / CNET
MPAA sues newsgroup, P2P search sites  —  The Motion Picture Association of America said Thursday that it sued a new round of popular Web sites associated with movie piracy, including several that serve as search engines but do not distribute files themselves.
Gary / ResourceShelf:
New Academic Paper Offers a Review of Weblog Searching  —  Search News  —  Web Search  —  Weblog Search  —  New Academic Paper Offers a Review of Weblog Searching  —  The paper will be presented at the 28th European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR'06) 2006 in April.
The world's most advanced LCD TV - 56-inch and 3840 x 2160 pixels  —  February 24, 2006 Taiwanese Chi Mei Optoelectronics is a name you may not know, despite the company being the third largest LCD TV panel supplier in the world.  At CEBIT in Hannover in mid-March, the company will display the world's first 56-inch LCD TV panel.
Mike Evangelist / Writers Block Live:
The HD Boycott Begins Now  —  This is important.  I really want you to understand what's going on with the video industry's push towards HD.  They are engineering a complete removal of the concept of fair use.  They are setting up systems that will completely control how, when and where you can use content that you buy.
Discussion: HD Beat and
Raul / Heading East:
10 Semi-Obscure Mac Programs You Shouldn't Be Without  —  I keep seeing lists of 10 must have Mac programs, but the lists is they are well known can't-live-without programs like Launchbar and Windowshade already installed on Machead machines.  Here are some slightly more obscure programs I use every day:
Discussion: Lifehacker
Windley / Phil Windley's Technometria:
Alan Kay: Is Computer Science as Oxymoron?  —  Alan Kay's title slide, up during the intro says Is the Best Way to Predict the Future to {Invent,Prevent} It? with the {Invent,Prevent} alternating between each other.  He jokes that this afternoon's talk can be summed up by the fact …
Official Google Blog:
An update on payments  —  There's been a lot of interest and speculation about what Google is doing with payments.  We thought we'd give you a quick update on what we've done so far and what we see down the road.  —  If you take a look at the history of Google's advertising programs and online services …
Seo Book / Aaron Wall's SEO
YAHOO! TO BAN COMPARITIVE SEARCH ADS  —  Danny points at a SEW thread noting that starting next month Yahoo! will no longer allow competing businesses to bid on trademark phrases: … Trademark terms are some of the most valuable words in the search space.
Discussion: Search Engine Journal and Techdirt
Nik Cubrilovic / TechCrunch:
Mabber Mobile Instant Messaging  —  Mix open instant messaging protocol Jabber with mobile phones and you get Mabber, a new product from a team based in Cologne, Germany.  The team at Mabber were early adopters of the Jabber protocol and with the lower mobile data charges in their home country decided …
Discussion: Coolz0r and The Silent Penguin
Anil Dash:
Squee!  —  Back when I first joined Six Apart, the main thing that made me really believe in what we did was that I saw that blogs could change people's lives for the better, and that Ben and Mena measured success by how many new people they were able to help start blogging.
David Chartier / The Unofficial Apple Weblog:
Google serves up Dashboard widgets  —  Marshall Kirkpatrick over at The Social SoftwareWeblog (a sister Weblogs, Inc. blog) noticed that Google hasproduced some Dashboard widgets just for us Mac folks.  The first is aBlogger widget, allowing (you guessed it) quick and easy posting to Blogger.
Kevin Dugan / Strategic Public Relations:
10 Flickr Hacks  —  What Web 2.0 service boasts more than 100 million examples of consumer-generated media?  —  Flickr—one of the most underutilized online pr tools in the blogosphere.  Flickr makes it easy to store and share photos online, but it also empowers PR people with a powerful visual tool.

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