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Loren Baker / Search Engine Journal:
Google Page Creator Can't Handle Capacity  —  Google Page Creator Can't Handle Capacity  —  In what is becoming a trend with Google Beta product launches (thinking Google Analytics and Accelerator), Google Page Creator, which was launched yesterday, has had to stop issuing new accounts due to heavy demand.
Gary / ResourceShelf:
Google Temporarily Stops Registrations for New Google Web Page Creator  —  Web Search—Google  —  Google Launches Web Page Creator (Beta) THEN Temporarily Shuts Down Registrations to Use It  —  Well, here we go again.  Google announces a new service and then within hours …
Mathew /
Hey Google — where's my calendar?  —  Not content with controlling a majority of the market for online search and search-related advertising, Google has been rolling out add-ons to its online hegemony over the past year or so, including GTalk, Google Analytics and so on.
Jonathan Silverstein / ABCNEWS:
iTunes: One Billion Served  —  Apple iTunes Hits Its Billionth Download  —  Feb. 23, 2006 — There's been a counter on Apple's iTunes Web page since early February that's been ticking up to the music service's 1 billionth download, and sometime last night it happened.
Claudia H. Deutsch / New York Times:
A Milestone for iTunes; a Windfall for a Downloader  —  It may well have been the best 99 cents Alex Ostrovsky ever spent.  —  Early yesterday, he paid that amount to download "Speed of Sound," a song on the Coldplay album "X&Y," from the iTunes Music Store, the Internet music shop …
Jonny Evans /   iTunes Movie Store for Feb 28?
Om Malik / Om Malik on Broadband:
Here Comes Open Source Telecom  —  My latest Business 2.0 article, The Black Box That Would Conquer Telecom, just went online over at the CNN Money website.  This is a story about a stealthy startup called Vyatta, that has build the world's first commercial open-source router …
Om Malik / CNN:
The Black Box That Would Conquer Telecom  —  An open-source project tries to break Cisco's lock on the $4 billion corporate router business.  —  (Business 2.) - At the San Francisco offices of Panorama Capital, two dozen engineers, venture capitalists, and academics gathered around …
John Borland / CNET
MPAA sues newsgroup, P2P search sites  —  The Motion Picture Association of America said Thursday that it sued a new round of popular Web sites associated with movie piracy, including several that serve as search engines but do not distribute files themselves.
Discussion: IP Democracy and IPcentral Weblog
Loren Baker / Search Engine Journal:
Google Finance Launching?  —  Google Finance Launching?  —  Over the past three or four hours Search Engine Journal has noticed some interesting referrals from  —  After visitng the referring URL, I saw that the live Google 404 …
Russell Shaw / IP Telephony, VoIP, Broadband:
Will there be a BlackBerry shutoff?  Eight experts tell me  —  On Friday, U.S. District Court Judge James Spencer will hold a hearing on the ongoing patent infringement dispute between BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion and patent holding company NTP.  —  Based on Judge Spencer's findings …
Discussion: Engadget, Mark Evans and BBHub
Seo Book / Aaron Wall's SEO
YAHOO! TO BAN COMPARITIVE SEARCH ADS  —  Danny points at a SEW thread noting that starting next month Yahoo! will no longer allow competing businesses to bid on trademark phrases: … Trademark terms are some of the most valuable words in the search space.
Jason Snell / Macworld:
MacBook Pro: First day, first Lab tests  —  Latest laptop looks and feels like a PowerBook  —  Our first MacBook Pros arrived yesterday—three 2GHz models bought with our own coin—and the testing started immediately.  Macworld Lab has been churning away on benchmark testing …
Discussion: Gear Live and MacSlash
The world's most advanced LCD TV - 56-inch and 3840 x 2160 pixels  —  February 24, 2006 Taiwanese Chi Mei Optoelectronics is a name you may not know, despite the company being the third largest LCD TV panel supplier in the world.  At CEBIT in Hannover in mid-March, the company will display the world's first 56-inch LCD TV panel.
Discussion: Gizmodo, HD Beat and I4U News
Steve Rosenbush / Business Week:
GQ Magazine Sends a Message  —  The men's monthly ventures into a new arena — text messaging readers via cell phone.  But will advertisers answer the call?  —  GQ is about to push its men's magazine franchise into the quickly growing world of wireless media.
Discussion: The Pondering Primate
Mike / Techdirt:
Yahoo Exec Shocks Music Execs With Obvious Idea: Ditch The DRM  —  from the this-isn't-rocket-science dept.  —  Why is it that if you say something sensible to the recording industry, they're supposedly shocked by the audacity of the suggestion?  A Yahoo Music exec suggested today …
PC Magazine:
'V-Chip 2.0' Turns On In March  —  The V-chip, a small device that allowed televisions to filter out content, was first introduced as part of the 1996 Telecommunications Act.  As of Jan. 1, 2000, all analog televisions sold in the U.S. include a V-chip.  Now, according to an FCC mandate …
Discussion: Engadget
Mike Evangelist / Writers Block Live:
The HD Boycott Begins Now  —  This is important.  I really want you to understand what's going on with the video industry's push towards HD.  They are engineering a complete removal of the concept of fair use.  They are setting up systems that will completely control how, when and where you can use content that you buy.
Phillip Torrone / MAKE: Blog:
Linux powered, wireless sniffing web radio boom box  —  Isnoop writes - "For the past few months, I've been working on a web radio boombox.  I've hollowed out a perfectly good radio and made room for a tiny motherboard and power supply that are set up to run Damn Small Linux off of a USB flash drive.
Ian / blog:   Web Radio Boom Box

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