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Chris Sherman / Search Engine Watch:
Google Introduces Web Page Creator  —  Want to create your own web page, but don't know how to begin?  The new Google Page Creator is a simple, free tool that allows you to publish to the web with ease.  —  Google Page Creator is a web based application that uses a basic …
Nik Cubrilovic / TechCrunch:
Google Pages Released  —  Although there has been no official announcement yet Google have released the long awaited and long-rumored Google Pages (which has nothing to do with cloning Larry Page).  Pages allows users to create a webpage using an AJAX interface that removes a lot …
Matt Cutts / Gadgets, Google, and SEO:   Google Page Creator
Om Malik / Om Malik on Broadband:
Will Earthlink Spinoff Muni WiFi Biz?  —  Earthlink is playing a high stakes game of poker.  At stake - beleaguered Atlanta-based ISP's future.  Its two big bets - cellular MVNO and muni wireless networks.  Both are costly mega-million dollar investments.
Nate Anderson / Ars Technica:
Wireless broadband tunes in to TV spectrum
Discussion: Daily Wireless and eHomeUpgrade
Dean Takahashi / Mercury News:
Google, EarthLink submit S.F. WiFi plan
Chicago Tribune:
Bloggy, we hardly knew ye  —  No sooner had Al Gore invented the Internet than early adopters discovered a liberating opportunity: Anybody with a modem and an ego could share his or her thoughts with the world.  —  Remember what happened next?  By the mid-1990s, a few self-publishers …
Peter Galli /
Microsoft Releases Enterprise Windows Vista CTP  —  Microsoft made the February CTP (Community Technology Preview) for Windows Vista available to testers on Feb. 22, saying this is an enterprise release that was also feature-complete for the first time.  —  The Redmond, Wash. software maker …
John Clyman / PC Magazine:
Inside Windows Vista, Build 5308
Nate Mook /
Vista 'Enterprise CTP' Feature Complete
Mike Musgrove / Washington Post:
An Industry Off Its Game  —  Product Delays and Prices Hurt the Business of Video Play  —  The video game industry ought to be riding high.  Public interest has never been greater, overall sales are up, and blockbuster movies such as "King Kong" and "Star Wars" routinely look to video games to extend their reach into popular culture.
Discussion: Cathode Tan and Kotaku
Mutantfrog / Mutant Frog Travelogue:
2nd hand electronics sales will NOT soon be illegal in Japan  —  Akihabara News, Engadget, and probably a number of other blogs have posted a completely misinformed and alarmist claim that Japanese law will soon make it illegal to sell used electronics.  First the alarmist claim …
Graeme Wearden / ZDNet:
IBM issues subpoenas for tech giants' SCO dealings … The long-running legal battle over claims that IBM's version of Linux violates SCO Group's intellectual property took another twist on Tuesday when IBM sent subpoenas to four other tech players.  —  Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard …
Katie Marsal / AppleInsider:
Analyst sees new Macs, Pro apps, full-length video at special event  —  Analysts for American Technology Research have started to weigh in with their product predictions for Apple's recently announced special media event, which is set to take place during the last day of February.
Discussion: eHomeUpgrade and MacSlash
Wired News:
Mac Attack a Load of Crap  —  Is the sky falling in on our smug little Mac universe?  —  On Tuesday, there was news of a security hole in Apple's Safari web browser that allows a system to be compromised by merely visiting a website.  And last week, the first worm to pose a serious threat to Mac OS X …
Yahoo! Search blog:
What's been going on with Yahoo! Answers?  —  It's hard for us on the core product team to believe that it's only been 2 months since we launched the beta of Yahoo! Answers.  Since then, we've added many features to the site in a steady stream of improvements.  So it seems like a good time to catch you up!
Dave Winer / Dave's Wordpress Blog:
How much has been invested in RSS?  —  In yesterday's piece I wrote of the RSS 2.0 roadmap: "There's a huge community that has invested billions of dollars around its assumptions."  —  Sounds good, but while I was riding on the BART yesterday for a lunch appointment in San Francisco I wondered if it's true …
Nick Wingfield / Wall Street Journal:
Major League Gaming Gains Edge  —  Host of Videogame Matches  —  Gets $10 Million in Funding  —  To Help Craft Sports League  —  A company seeking to elevate competitive videogame playing into a professional sport said it has raised $10 million in financing and appointed a former Time Warner Inc., executive as president.
Discussion: Techdirt and
Kevin Delaney / Wall Street Journal:
Google Names Head of Philanthropy  —  Physician Larry Brilliant,  —  A Former Tech Executive,  —  Will Lead Arm  —  Google Inc. named Larry Brilliant, a former high-tech executive and doctor specialized in global health issues, to head its philanthropic arm.
Declan McCullagh / CNET
Convicted data thief gets eight years  —  A bulk e-mailer who looted more than a billion records with personal information from a data warehouse has been sentenced to eight years in prison, federal prosecutors said Wednesday.  —  Scott Levine, 46, was sentenced by a federal judge in Little Rock …
Discussion: technology filter and Techdirt
Stephen Bryant /
Five Reasons Web 2.0 and Enterprises Don't Mix  —  Opinion: Enterprise-level Web 2.0 apps are coming.  But first large companies need to understand the value proposition (not the feel-good proposition) of Web 2.0.  —  My first job after college—after I came back from Tuscany where I killed pigs …
Larry Edmond /
Army testing unmanned Stryker convoys  —  FORT GORDON, Ga. (Army News Service, Feb. 21, 2006) — Engineers conducting show-and-tell with a 20-ton robot on the last day of two weeks of trials on Fort Gordon were cautiously optimistic.  —  Karl Murphy, a software engineer from Robotic Research …
Discussion: Engadget and THE RAW FEED
Electronic Frontier Foundation:
Perfect 10 v. Google: More Smooth Than Crunchy  —  While you wouldn't know it from the headlines, I think yesterday's preliminary injunction ruling [1.3mb PDF] against Google will be remembered as a little bad for Google, but a lot good for the Web.  (Full disclosure: EFF filed an amicus brief supporting Google in the case.)
Discussion: Techdirt, SearchViews and eLegal Canton
William Patry / The Patry Copyright Blog:
Google Nudes  —  On February 17th, Judge Howard Matz …
Discussion: Moore's Lore and Clickable Culture

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