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Susan / Susan Crawford blog:
The arguments on the other side — in favor of a prioritized internet  —  If you're going to argue for an open internet, you'd better be able to respond to the following:  —  1. It's strange to have as a default background assumption FCC regulation.  —  2. Your empirical assertions …
Paul Kapustka / Paul Kapustka's Blog:
Silicon Flatirons — Sunday PM, cont'd, with Bob Kahn's showstopper idea  —  If video over the Internet is truly the ultimate market battleground — as several discussants on Sunday afternoon's Video over IP panel proclaimed — then count Silicon Flatirons as at least one of the starting grounds for the rhetorical skirmish.
The Silicon Flatirons Telecommunications Program
Discussion: and Paul Kapustka's Blog
Ina Fried / CNET
Audible nabs popular podcast  —  The Ricky Gervais Show, one of the most popular podcasts on Apple Computer's iTunes Music Store, is moving to a paid-only format to be sold by audio book specialist Audible.  —  Audible plans to announce on Tuesday that it will start selling episodes …
Apple Safari Browser Automatically Executes Shell Scripts  —  Shortly after reports of the first virus for Mac OS X, a new security flaw has surfaced.  The culprit is the option "Open 'safe' files after downloading" in Apple's Safari web browser.  This feature is activated by default.
Philip P. Pan / Washington Post:
Bloggers Who Pursue Change Confront Fear And Mistrust  —  BEIJING — When Zhao Jing moved his blog to Microsoft's popular MSN Spaces site last summer, some users worried the Chinese government would block the entire service.  The censors had blacklisted the last site where the young journalist …
Discussion: IP Democracy
Jason D. O'Grady / The Apple Core:
Exclusive: MacBook Pro unboxing pics  —  I got my MacBook Pro today from a local reseller in Philadelphia.  He called me to say that they got five MacBook Pro 2.0GHz models in stock today and that four we're already spoken for.  "Do you want the last one?"  You know what my answer was.
Kim Tae-gyu / KoreaTimes:
US Film Makers Sue Samsung Over Glitches on DVD Players  —  Samsung Electronics, Asia's most valuable high-tech company, is scrambling after multiple U.S. movie studios reportedly took the Seoul-based firm to court, alleging glitches in its DVD players.  —  Over the weekend …
Tech pundits getting naked: a worrisome trend  —  Robert Scoble and Shel Israel bared it all at the Naked Conversations book launch.  But they're not the first tech pundits to strip down.  Lockergnome's Chris Pirillo runs a lovely little side business called "Rent My Chest," writing messages on his torso for $20 a pop.
Discussion: Connecting the Dots
Ben Drawbaugh / HD Beat:
How to: get tons of HD content playing on your PC  —  Now that wehave mastered OTA HD reception and connecting our PC's to our HDTVs it'stime to bring the two together.  HDTV content can come from many sources and those choices get broader and broadereveryday.
Discussion: technology filter and Engadget
Susan / Susan Crawford blog:
Powell on Choice  —  On the walls next to the stage in the Glenn Miller Ballroom at the University of Colorado are two enormous black and white pictures.  The one on the left is of Glenn Miller himself, horn-rimmed glasses, looking over his shoulder, trombone in his left hand, ready to play at any moment.
Google has no license for China service: newspaper  —  BEIJING (Reuters) - Internet search giant Google Inc.'s controversial expansion into China now faces possible trouble with regulators after a Beijing newspaper said its new Chinese-language platform does not have a license.
PR Newswire:
Sony High-Definition Video Recording Ready for Mainstream Consumers  —  Sony Introduces the World's Smallest and Lightest HDV 1080i Camcorder With Easy-to-Use Operation and Advanced Features  —  SAN DIEGO, Feb. 20 /PRNewswire/ — Changing the notion that high-definition video recording is for …
Discussion: Engadget and Lost Remote TV Blog
Fred / A VC:
YouTube, SNL, Bruce Springsteen, and Jason Calacanis  —  Jason Calacanis wrote earlier today that Youtube is not a real business.  —  He says, and I quote: … Let me break it down for you Jason.  Youtube is as much a business as MySpace or Digg which you cite as real businesses in your post.
David S. Joachim / New York Times:
Too Many New Gadgets, Too Much Information at Risk  —  It is the corporate version of keeping up with the Joneses: every day, it seems, someone arrives at the office with a shiny new gadget that combines a cellphone with all sorts of features you used to find only on your computer.
Discussion: jkOnTheRun
Techemaster / TechEBlog:
Top 10 Strangest MP3 Players  —  MP3 Players come in all shapes and sizes, that's why our editors decided to compile a list of the "Top 10 Strangest MP3 Players" for your enjoyment.  —  10. Teddy Bear MP3 Player  —  This makes our list's a teddy bear shaped MP3 player!
Discussion: Gizmodo
Mark Evans:
Let's Get Together in Toronto  —  Last month, a few of us (Michael Mcderment, Rob Hyndman and Mathew Ingram) got together to talk about blogging and all the cool things happening within the Web 2.0 world.  After awhile, someone brought up all the interesting conferences happening such as Northern Voice …

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