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Dan Farber / Between the Lines:
Around the MashupCamp fire  —  MashupCamp is getting underway this morning at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View.  About 300 mashers have gathered to geek out on the latest innovations in Web- based applications.  As my colleague and MashupCamp head counselor David Berlind said …
Dion Hinchcliffe / Enterprise Web 2.0:
Some predictions for the coming 'mashosphere'  —  As MashupCamp gets into full swing today, I thought I'd try my hand at projecting current trends forward and seeing how the mashup world might look in the near future.  The fact is that the services and data available all over the Web …
Discussion: and JD on EP
Nik Cubrilovic / TechCrunch:
Flyspy Brings The New Web To Airline Ticketing
Discussion: Vacuum and Adam Green explores …
Jason Calacanis / The Jason Calacanis Weblog:
YouTube is not a real business  —  YouTube is not a real business  —  Wow, this is kind of scary.  I wrote how YouTube was a business based on copyright infringement and used all the SNL skits on their service as an example.  Now SNL has come down hard on them.
PR Newswire:
Sony High-Definition Video Recording Ready for Mainstream Consumers  —  Sony Introduces the World's Smallest and Lightest HDV 1080i Camcorder With Easy-to-Use Operation and Advanced Features  —  SAN DIEGO, Feb. 20 /PRNewswire/ — Changing the notion that high-definition video recording is for …
Discussion: Engadget and Lost Remote TV Blog
USA Today:
AOL promises video search, phone calls  —  STERLING, Va. — America Online plans to roll out major new services over the next few months to help it compete in key Internet battlegrounds — taking on teen-networking site MySpace, voice powerhouse Skype and others, CEO Jonathan Miller said in an exclusive interview.
Kathy Sierra / Creating Passionate Users:
The Clueless Manifesto  —  Here's to the clueless ones. … Cluelessness is underrated.  It's the newbie who does something he didn't know was supposed to be impossible.  It's the naive guy asking the one dumb question any clued-in person would diss.  And it's that question that leads to the answer no expert would have found.
Discussion: Scobleizer
On PHP  —  I should really buckle down and try writing a PHP app because, at the moment, I have an attitude problem.  I know that IBM now officially loves it, and Tim O'Reilly's been charting the upcurve in PHP book sales, and everyone's saying that Oracle's going to buy Zend.
New York Times:
Tollbooths on the Internet Highway  —  When you use the Internet today, your browser glides from one Web site to another, accessing all destinations with equal ease.  That could change dramatically, however, if Internet service providers are allowed to tilt the playing field …
Nintendo Gal:
Revolution Box Mock Ups  —  Here are some mock ups a Livejournal user has created of the Revolution box art:  —  More inside!  —  I'm liking #2 though a mix of #1 and #2 would be great!  —  Source -  —  This entry was posted by Nintendo Gal on Monday, February 20.
Discussion: Kotaku and Joystiq
Tris Hussey / A View from the Isle:
BlogBurst the MSM's best answer to blogs?  —  Late last week BlogBurst came on the scene.  Brought to us by Pluck, this service (?) takes blog content and republishes it on MSM newspapers.  Don't fret this isn't Pluck scraping our content, you have to apply to get in.
Kim Tae-gyu / KoreaTimes:
US Film Makers Sue Samsung Over Glitches on DVD Players  —  Samsung Electronics, Asia's most valuable high-tech company, is scrambling after multiple U.S. movie studios reportedly took the Seoul-based firm to court, alleging glitches in its DVD players.  —  Over the weekend …
Discussion: Engadget and TechSpot
Tom Espiner / CNET
Google admits Desktop security risk  —  Businesses have been warned by research company Gartner that the latest Google Desktop Beta has an "unacceptable security risk," and Google agrees.  —  On Feb. 9, Google unveiled Google Desktop 3, a free, downloadable program that includes an option …
Discussion: TechSpot and Office Evolution
Tim Lee / The Technology Liberation Front:
Is DRM a Legal Barrier or a Physical One?  —  A couple of weeks ago, in comments, I got a tongue-lashing from Solveig Singleton for my suggestion that DRM was a legal, rather than a purely private, enforcement mechanism: … But it appears that her colleague, James DeLong, disagrees with her:
Discussion: Techdirt and IPcentral Weblog
Guild Wars: Factions Environment Preview - The New Continent of Cantha  —  Take a tour of some of the prettiest (and most dangerous) places that you'll explore in the upcoming stand-alone chapter of Guild Wars.  —  Guild Wars was one of the best-selling PC games of 2005 …
Discussion: Joystiq
Jerry Paffendorf / Second Life Future Salon:
The Other Here: Pictures from The Happening  —  Here are some pics from this weekend's The Happening.  See all 90+ pics on Flickr (thehappening tag).  I'll be updating this post later today and tomorrow with a description of what went down, how it felt, things learned, and ideas for new mixed-reality events.
Discussion: MAKE: Blog and billsdue
Peter Rojas / Engadget:
The Engadget Interview: Reggie Fils-Aime, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Nintendo  —  I hardly ever agree to do phone interviews- there's something about actually being able to sit face-to-face with someone that makes a conversation flow- but when Reggie Fils-Aime …
Discussion: Go Nintendo and Joystiq
Steve Gillmor / Steve Gillmor's InfoRouter:
Office Still Dead  —  Watching That's So Raven with my 5 yr old Ella.  It's slowly dawning on me that there are only 5 shows in the can.  I've seen this one so many times I've taken to watching the passers-by extras' feet when the front door opens to see if they are using one guy over and over (nope, two guys.)
Discussion: Scobleizer

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