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Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Thank You For Coming to TechCrunch 5  —  The Naked Conversations TechCrunch Party is now officially over (except for Stowe Boyd and Jason Roberts who are passed out on my couches).  The pictures are here and here (tag: "techcrunch5″).  —  Thank you to everyone who came.
Jeremiah Owyang / Web Strategy by Jeremiah:
PhotoBlog: Naked Convo Party at TechCrunch House  —  Went to the techcrunch party for Naked Convos book launch.  — Atherton is very dark at night.  — Met up with Alexa from Omidyar, she had questions about business blogging, so I bought her a book.  — Saw James from feedster, he introduced me to some of his colleagues.
Scott Beale / Laughing Squid:
Naked Conversations TechCrunch Party Photos
Ryan Block / Engadget:
PlayStation 3 costs $800, sez Merrill Lynch mob  —  If there are some people out there rightnow who are in the know when it comes to what the hell is going on — we mean really going on — with Sony,it's those investment firms.  But even barring their research analysts getting all kinds …
Discussion: Joystiq and Smalltalk Tidbits …
Daniel Terdiman / CNET
PlayStation 3 to be delayed?  —  The North American launch of Sony's much-anticipated PlayStation 3 could be delayed until next year, according to a research report issued by Merrill Lynch.  —  In the report (Click here for PDF), the analyst firm proposed the idea that high costs …
Dave Winer / Dave's Wordpress Blog:
Blogging is part of life  —  I agree with the author of the Slate piece that's getting so much play in the blogosphere, up to a point.  The things that called themselves blogs that came from Denton and Calacanis are professional publications written by paid journalists that use blogging software for content management.
Hugh Macleod / gapingvoid:
JUST DON'T BE SURPRISED WHEN YOU GET LEFT BEHIND  —  As I am doing nothing but make money via blogs, courtesy of English Cut, Stormhoek and some other projects, I find this Slate article, "Twilight of the Blogs- Are they over as a business?" rather humorous, for all the wrong reasons:
Senators for Community Wireless!  2 Bills Introduced on Friday in the US Senate.  —  Major reform is afoot!  —  Two bills were introduced on Friday that would radically improve unlicensed wireless access.  Both bills would greatly improve the general public's access to the public airwaves.
Discussion: IP Democracy and Weblogsky
RSS Means Never Being Board  —  John Palfrey: … Dave Winer: … As a member of the RSS Advisory Board for the past 21 months and the current chair, I am surprised to learn that the organization doesn't exist.  —  I joined the board at Winer's invitation in May 2004, not long before he resigned.
Jeff Jarvis / BuzzMachine:
Time to blow up blogs  —  Blogs have already become prisoners of their format.  Time to light some dynamite.  —  The problem isn't the tools, it's the templates.  Blogging tools are merely content management systems without the million-dollar consultants and bills; that's …
Discussion: ben barren
Associated Press:
Apple's ode to hackers  —  Developers embed poetic warning deep in OS X software  —  SAN JOSE, California (AP) — Apple Computer Inc. has resorted to a poetic broadside in the inevitable cat-and-mouse game between hackers and high-tech companies.  —  The maker of Macintosh computers …
Brian Krebs / Security Fix:
A Interview with 180Solutions' CEO  —  What follows below is some of the material that ultimately got cut from my magazine piece on botnets and spyware for space considerations.  Here's what I wrote about my visit to 180solutions and subsequent interviews with several company executives:
Mike / Techdirt:
NBC Lawyers Cut Off SNL's Best Promotional Vehicle In Years  —  from the brilliant-business-strategy dept.  —  For years, we've tried to remind people that lawyers understand the law, not business, and why management needs to learn that just because you can do something legally, it doesn't mean you should.
Steve Rubel / Micro Persuasion:
Breememe, aka The Battle of the Memetrackers  —  OK, I am totally hooked on two memetrackers, memeorandum and TailRank.  I can't decide which one is better.  There are three qualities I look for in a good memetracker: diversity of sources, speed and design.
Daniel Terdiman / CNET
Software pioneer Bricklin tackles wikis  —  update If ever someone was going to merge two technologies as disparate as wikis and spreadsheets, VisiCalc creator Dan Bricklin might well be the person for the job.  —  In 1979, Bricklin released VisiCalc, the first spreadsheet for personal computers.
Mathew /
Nick Carr is a smart guy - but he's wrong  —  Nicholas Carr is a former editor at the Harvard Business Review.  He's written books, he's written for the New York Times, he's spoken at MIT and he's won awards (see Nick's comment below for clarification).  I have done none of these things (okay, I won an award once in Grade 6).
Wired News:
Here Comes a Google for Coders  —  For most people, open source is a synonym for free software.  But for programmers, open source is about sharing code, building on the work of others and not having to reinvent the wheel — at least, that's the ideal.  In practice, code reuse remains very low …
Pragmatics  —  Someone recently asked me about how to handle an internal product debate around REST vs. SOAP.  —  In hopes I never have to address this debate again, here's a record of what I told them.  —  The following design decisions are orthogonal, even though people often conflate two or more of them:

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