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John C. Dvorak / PC Magazine:
Will Apple Adopt Windows?  —  This would be the most phenomenal turnabout in the history of desktop computing.  There's just one fly in the ointment.  —  Total posts: 15  —  The idea that Apple would ditch its own OS for Microsoft Windows came to me from Yakov Epstein …
May Wong / Associated Press:
Apple Hackers Encounter a Poetic Warning  —  SAN JOSE, Calif. - Apple Computer Inc. has resorted to a poetic broadside in the inevitable cat-and-mouse game between hackers and high-tech companies.  —  The maker of Macintosh computers had anticipated that hackers would try to crack …
Discussion: Gizmodo
Leander / The Cult of Mac Blog:
First Mac OS X Worm a Wake-Up Call  —  UPDATE: There's a lot of debate about whether this is a real worm, or merely an elaborate, executable script that the user is tricked into running.  It appears to be a worm — it's self-containing code that replicates itself over the Net (def.).
David Chartier / The Unofficial Apple Weblog:
Dvorak off his meds: claims Apple switching to Windows
Discussion: Andre
Various / MacSlash:
Apple To Drop Mac OS X In Favour Of Windows
Discussion: Squash
John Leyden / The Register:
'First' Mac OS X Trojan sighted
Om Malik / Om Malik on Broadband:
Introducing, The Daily Om  —  Back in the day when I worked for a weekly newspaper in New York, the dismal newsroom taught me something: not everything merits a front page 24 point headline treatment.  There are some stories which are short, sweet, touching or simply quirky.
The Age:
'Spam man' wins gold  —  According to the International Olympic Committee's website, Australia's gold medallist Dale Begg-Smith, runs an internet pop-up advertising company that he describes as the third largest of its type.  —  But that's about as much detail as you'll …
Discussion: Techdirt
Brian / Spam Kings Blog:
Asterisk on pop-up mogul's gold
Jeremy Zawodny / Jeremy Zawodny's blog:
Tom's Future of Web Apps, Translated for Product Managers  —  I've had a tab open in my browser pointing at Tom's Native to a Web of Data slide for a few days now.  It's been nagging me.  I needed to do something with the ideas encapsulated in that one slide, and tonight it struck me while I was doing something completely unrelated.
Discussion: clock, Dave Beckett and
Declan McCullagh / CNET
Congressman quizzes Net companies on shame  —  When the U.S. House of Representatives convened a hearing on Wednesday to talk about China and the Internet, it quickly devolved into an exercise in political speechmaking.  —  Not until nearly halfway through the event did any of the technology …
Yuki Noguchi / Washington Post:
Internet Firms Address China Practices
Christopher Grant / Joystiq:
DirecTV blade coming to 360 Dashboard?  —  During CES in January, Microsoft andDirecTV announced a"long-term agreement to expand the reach of digital content throughout the home and on the go."  Part of thatagreement involved extending "the DirecTV experience to the Xbox 360 system."
Discussion: LiveSide and Xbox 360 Fanboy
James Orry /
The Outfit demo readies for action on March 3
Discussion: Kotaku and Joystiq
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Naked Conversations TechCrunch Party Tomorrow  —  I'm pretty excited about the Naked Conversations TechCrunch Party tomorrow night starting at 7 pm.  —  We've been working hard for weeks to get the event together and, thanks to our sponsors, this should be the best one so far.
Discussion: Scobleizer
Wall Street Journal:
News Corp. Goal: Make MySpace Safer for Teens  —  When News Corp. bought the social-networking Web site last July, the media company got two surprises, one good and one bad.  —  The good part: The site, where teens and twenty-somethings post pages about themselves and communicate with friends …
Jonathan Berr /
Google Warms to Wall Street  —  Google (GOOG:Nasdaq - news - research - Cramer's Take) is extending an olive branch.  —  The search engine giant's shares are down 18% this year, following a Jan. 31 earnings setback that cratered the once-invincible stock.  So Google, after long sitting …
Discussion: Internet Outsider
Will Sturgeon /
Proof: Employees don't care about security  —  Like we didn't already know...  An experiment carried out within London's square mile has revealed that employees in some of the City's best known financial services companies don't care about basic security policy.
Discussion: Techdirt
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
AllPeers is Coming; Exclusive Screenshots  —  Prague based Allpeers cofounder Matthew Gertner came by my house today to install the product and let me try it out.  —  Allpeers is a Firefox extension that creates a simple, persistent buddy list in the browser.
Discussion: Peer Pressure and Nik Cubrilovic
Chris Pratley / Chris Pratley's OneNote Blog:
OneNote 2007 Drawing Tools  —  Awhile back I promised to write about drawing tools in OneNote 2007.  I'm pleased to say that thanks to the valiant efforts of one of our interns (hiya Bill!), we've got 'em!  —  Obviously a big part of capturing information quickly is capturing diagrams.
Inside TiVo...with Amir  —  Welcome to the first "Inside TiVo" blog post.  I spoke with Amir in Product Marketing and asked him if he would answer a few questions about the new online services that are currently rolling out.  Here's what he had to say:  —  Nova: What do you do here (read: what's your elevator pitch)?
Bonnie Ruberg / Wired News:
Sex Games Get Down to Business  —  Sexy mods squeezed into video games may still cause controversy, but racy titles are becoming so popular the industry is planning a convention so developers can chart a path to success.  —  Evergreen Events will host the first-ever Sex in Video Games Conference this June.

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