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Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
The flattening of the press world  —  A dirty little secret about PR: they give certain press "exclusives" to try to get the story out better.  This still goes on all the time.  Why does Walt Mossberg or Steven Levy write about something before everyone else does?
Lockergnome / Chris Pirillo:
THE SCOOP NO LONGER EXISTS  —  The blogosphere used to be about twenty people.  You knew who was saying what, and when they were saying it.  Some of us have been around THAT long to remember what it was like before... today.  Over the past couple of days, I've heard more than one of my friends complain …
Discussion: the j. botter weblog
Jenstar / JenSense:
ContentAds the name of MSN contextual ad program with a 2006 launch date  —  You may have noticed I will be speaking at Mix06 next month (I list upcoming conferences I am speaking at on the right side of my blog), and I was taking some time to check out the speakers of the other sessions …
Ed Sim / BeyondVC:
Why we invested in Sipphone, developers of Gizmo Project  —  Dawntreader Ventures has just led a $6mm round of financing in Sipphone, its first outside round of capital.  We look forward to working with Michael Robertson and Jason Droege to fuel continued growth in the Sipphone …
Om Malik / Om Malik on Broadband:
SIPphone Gets VC Cash
Discussion: VoIP Watch
Stephen Shankland / CNET
Oracle tried to buy open-source MySQL  —  SAN FRANCISCO—Oracle tried to acquire open-source database maker MySQL, an indication of the profound changes the software giant is willing to make as it adapts to the increasingly significant collaborative programming philosophy.
Motley Fool:
Blockbuster Follows Netflix, Again  —  By Rick Aristotle Munarriz (TMFBreakerRick)  —  Earlier this week, I looked at the throttling going on at Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX).  Now that the popular DVD-by-mail company is handicapping hyperactive accounts with slower delivery times and poorer …
Discussion: Geek News Central …
Yuki Noguchi / Washington Post:
Internet Firms to Defend Policies  —  Yahoo Inc., Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. will go on Capitol Hill today to defend corporate policies for dealing with China that they say balance business interests with human-rights concerns.  —  In testimony before the House subcommittee on Africa …
Discussion: RConversation and ResourceShelf
Associated Press:
U.S. Moves to Fight Internet Censorship
Discussion: Business Week and Boing Boing
Financial Times:
Bill Gates interview transcript  —  The FT's Richard Waters talks to Bill Gates at the RSA Security Conference 2006 in San Jose about Microsoft strategies on computer security, as well as the issue of censorship in China during the RSA Security Conference 2006 in San Jose.
Colin Campbell /
Exclusive: PS3 HUB; September Launch  —  Next Generation can reveal that Sony is planning to launch an online games service, largely modelled on Xbox Live, currently called PlayStation HUB.  We also understand Sony is aiming for a September launch for PlayStation 3 in Japan and North America.
Microsoft Launches Beta Program for Microsoft Office Live Services  —  Internet-based services include free Web site, domain name and e-mail accounts.  —  REDMOND, Wash. — Feb. 15, 2006 — Microsoft Corp. today announced the beta availability of Microsoft® Office Live (http …
Feld Thoughts:
Why Most VC's Don't Sign NDAs  —  The following question appeared in my inbox the other day. … For starters, I'll restate the assertion.  Most VC's don't sign non-disclosure agreements.  Guy Kawasaki had a good comment on it in his Venture Capitalist Wishlist post. … That basically says it all.
Discussion: ben barren
Loren Baker / Search Engine Journal:
TextLinkAds Interview : Monetize Your Site or Blog  —  TextLinkAds Interview : Monetize Your Site or Blog  —  I had the chance to talk with Patrick Gavin yesterday of TextLinkAds.  If you have not heard of TextLinkAds, you better get used to hearing about them as they have made a marketing push …
Discussion: Make Money Online …
Ars Technica:
HD DVD and Blu-ray delayed again, as AACS is pushed back  —  Remember all of the positioning about which next-generation optical format would hit the market first?  Forget about it.  It now appears that both formats will hit the market at the same time, because delays in the security specification …
Discussion: Gizmodo, eHomeUpgrade, Engadget and HD Beat
Stowe Boyd / Message:
Scoble on Tips For Joining The A-List  —  Robert's advice to the bloglorn is a bit superficial, focusing on eBay-ish features like adding a picture to your Technorati profile, or catchy headlines.  Some of the tips are useful, like using lots of descriptive tags (as that will help search engines index your posts better).
Electronic Frontier Foundation:
RIAA Says Ripping CDs to Your iPod is NOT Fair Use  —  It is no secret that the entertainment oligopolists are not happy about space-shifting and format-shifting.  But surely ripping your own CDs to your own iPod passes muster, right?  In fact, didn't they admit as much in front …
Discussion: Techdirt and Smalltalk Tidbits …

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