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Google shares may fall another 50 pct-Barron's  —  Feb 12, 2006 — SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Shares of Web search leader Google Inc. <GOOG.O> — off 24 percent from highs set last month — could face a further 50 percent decline, Barron's said in the financial weekly's February 13 edition.
Jacqueline Doherty / Barron's Online:
In the Drink  —  INVESTORS HAVE BEEN FIXATED on Google the past few weeks, as its shares have tumbled nearly 25% from a peak of $475 — and the fact is, there could be a lot more tumbling ahead.  The share price could well be cut in half over the next year as the Internet giant grapples …
Barry Schwartz / Search Engine Watch Blog:
Google Shares to Drop an Additional Fifty-Percent  —  ABC News reports that Barron's said we can see an additional 50% decline in Google's stock value.  As I write this, GOOG is down almost 10 points, from $362 to $353.  Barron's says the stock can go as low as "$188, versus its recent $360."
Shelleyp / Burningbird:
Some of my best friends are z-listers  —  Adam Green has a suggestion for Doc Searls and his quandry about being a gatekeeper: … Doc is one of the most loyal webloggers I know.  As such, he will rarely, if ever, criticize one of his friends.  I don't necessarily agree with this, but I can admire his consistency in his support.
Phil Sim / Squash:
The Piss-ant blogosphere  —  Jessica just posted an alarming comment: … Squash has clearly spent too long repeatedly clicking on his Wordpress blog stats.  But wait - we think there's some good can actually come of this.  You'll just have to excuse us, while we go out and run into a brick wall again.
Shelleyp / Burningbird:
No, I own the New Gatekeepers  —  While I work on both the Johnson Shut-Ins post, in addition to trying to wrap my head around ExpressionEngine modules, there have been some writings too good to miss.  —  Seth Finkelstein writes New Gatekeepers are still Gatekeepers:
Phil Sim / Squash:
The Next Gatekeepers  —  Doc Searls post in response to a discussion about The New Gatekeeper's almost made me cry.  Poor Doc.  I'm only half taking the piss, here, too.  It actually was a very touching post and the Doc does come across as very genuine with his Internet as the Great Equaliser ideologies.
Stuart Elliott / New York Times:
How to Value Ratings With DVR Delay?  —  WOULD the opening greeting on "Saturday Night Live" sound as compelling if it began "Live plus 24 hours from New York" or "Live plus seven days from New York?"  —  That is the multibillion-dollar question being asked on Madison Avenue as agencies …
Mathew /
3bubbles is cool — but so what?  —  I hate to be a curmudgeon, but I just don't see the point of something like, which Mike Arrington at TechCrunch profiled recently.  I mean, my first response as a geek was hey, this is cool.  Click on a link and see a little window pop up where you can chat in real time?
Discussion: Mark Evans, J. LeRoy and Zoli's Blog
Matt Marshall / Mercury News:
VCs backing `magic' of youth  —  AFTER POST-BUST LULL, TWENTYSOMETHINGS BACK IN DEMAND  —  When Jim Breyer, venture capitalist at Accel Partners, courted Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg last year to make an investment in his start-up, he couldn't buy Zuckerberg a drink because he hadn't turned 21.
Discussion: Techdirt and SiliconBeat
Alexbarn / Alex Barnett blog:
READING LISTS (OPML) PODCAST: DANNY AYERS AND ADAM GREEN  —  Last year Dave Winer started to push the idea of Reading Lists for RSS.  More recently, the idea of Dynamic Reading Lists and Feed Grazing (or Grazing Lists / Glists) has been kicking around.  —  Its likely that Reading Lists support …
Pete Cashmore / Mashable*:
CoComment is The Best Web 2.0 Service Launched This Year  —  I love, love, LOVE CoComment!  The idea is a good one: bring together your widely scattered blog comments and help you track the replies from around the...err...commentosphere.  But not only is the idea good - the execution is excellent.
Discussion: Solution Watch and AccMan Pro
Pete Cashmore / Mashable*:
Edgeio - Mike's Little eBay Killer  —  I gotta say that I love Edgeio.  Mike Arrington called me today and gave me a demo of the new classifieds service he has worked on with Keith Teare.  I really can't fault it.  It ties in with so much of the stuff that I've been thinking about recently …
Microsoft Announces Global Partner Support for its Mobile Messaging Solutions  —  Device and server offerings designed to help lower costs for businesses.  —  BARCELONA, Spain — Feb. 13, 2006 — Today at 3GSM World Congress 2006, Microsoft Corp. and its mobile operator and device-maker partners announced …
Why the net should stay neutral  —  Is it time to let internet companies provide premium access to paying websites and services?  No, says technology commentator Bill Thompson.  —  One of those loud and angry debates that seems to have nothing to do with the rest of the world is currently playing out in the US.
Discussion: Smart Mobs
Timothy L. O'Brien / New York Times:
Madison Avenue's 30-Second Spot Remover  —  FOR sci-fi movie fans, the opening titles of "Alien," Ridley Scott's 1979 voyage through interstellar dread, perfectly evoke the film's ensuing themes.  As a series of white rectangles gradually align to form the movie's title …

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