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Bob Tedeschi / New York Times:
It's Like Lending to a Friend, Except You'll Get Interest  —  THE Internet has become a great place to track down friends — or friends of friends — for advice or for a date.  Now you can ask them for money, too., a start-up company based in San Francisco, started operations last week …
Microsoft Acquires Mobile Search Technology Provider MotionBridge  —  Deal enhances Windows Live services with innovative search solutions for mobile operators and their customers spanning work and play.  —  BARCELONA, Spain — Feb. 13, 2006 — Today, at the 3GSM World Congress 2006 …
Discussion: Scobleizer and B2Day
USA Today:
Bill would keep servers out of China  —  SAN FRANCISCO — Free-speech advocates have blasted Google and other Internet companies for bowing to China's demands that they censor or fork over information the communist government deemed objectionable.  —  Now, Congress is stepping …
Discussion: Rational rants, B2Day and VoIP Blog
Forbes:   Yahoo! seeks help to fight China censors - report
John Paczkowski / Good Morning Silicon Valley:
Barron's on Google: Not "bullish" but a lot of the same letters  —  Barron's gave Google investors a kick in the Grape Nuts this morning, suggesting the search sovereign's share price could be cut in half over the next year as it grapples with growing competition from Microsoft and Yahoo …
Rick Weiss / Washington Post:
New Grant System Excludes Mac Users  —  Electronic Forms Compatible Only With Microsoft  —  What if the federal government were about to give away more than $400 billion in grants, but only people whose computers ran on Microsoft software could apply?  —  That is the predicament that many scientists …
MySQL AB Secures $18.5 Million in Series C Funding  —  IVP Leads Intel Capital, Red Hat, SAP Ventures & Presidio STX in an Investment Round to Provide for Continued Enterprise Growth for the World's Most Popular Open Source Database  —  CUPERTINO, Calif. — February 13, 2006 — MySQL AB …
Gizmodo, The Gadget Blog:
XBox 360 Hacked - Full HD/Memory Card Read-Write  —  Another day, another compromised closed-source project.  The XBox 360 filesystem has been cracked wide open and you can now move saved games to and from your 360 using a piece of software called xplorer360, a SATA cable, and/or a hacked USB cable.
Associated Press:
MS Venture Nips at Blackberry  —  BARCELONA, Spain — Microsoft has won backing from major cellular networks for a new generation of phones designed to transform mobile e-mail from executive accessory to standard issue for the corporate rank-and-file.  —  The partnerships …
Alan /
The Great HDCP Fiasco  —  You want to know a secret?  None of the current ATI or NVIDIA graphics cards will support the full capabilities of Windows Vista.  —  But let's start from the beginning.  This story starts with my upcoming LCD Monitor Round-Up.  As you know, a good monitor …
Discussion: Engadget, HD Beat and Boing Boing
Paula Berinstein /
Ad-Supported Free Books Arrive  —  February 13, 2006 — Perhaps information really does want to be free.  Citing the desire to create new revenue streams for authors, mega-publisher HarperCollins ( has announced the first free Web-based, ad-supported, full-text business book.
Lia Miller / New York Times:
So Many Models in Bikinis, So Many Ways to See Them  —  This year, fans of Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit issue will have an abundance of choice when it comes to formats for viewing the bikini-clad supermodels.  In addition to the magazine, which appears on newsstands tomorrow …
Discussion: SON-OF-A-PITCH
Mark Evans:
Web 2.0: The So What Factor  —  I had to laugh when reading Mathew Ingram's dismissal of, which is offering a real-time beta chat service.  Mathew think it's cool but doesn't see why anyone should get excited about it.  Truth be told, you could say the same thing about a vast majority …
Tom Coates / a weblog:
My 'Future of Web Apps' slides...  Right then.  My slides.  I've been trying to work out the best way to put these up in public and it's been more confusing than I thought it would be.  Basically, the slides are so Keynote-dependent and full of transitions and weird fonts that it would translate …
Gizmodo, The Gadget Blog:
Apple Touchscreen Patent Documentation  —  On Thursday we reported on the new iPod that might have a 3.5-inch touchscreen.  Some documentation that claims to be from Apple's patent applications has popped up around the web.  One of the interesting illustrations shows a larger format screen using …
Discussion: Gadgetophile
Stuart Elliott / New York Times:
How to Value Ratings With DVR Delay?  —  WOULD the opening greeting on "Saturday Night Live" sound as compelling if it began "Live plus 24 hours from New York" or "Live plus seven days from New York?"  —  That is the multibillion-dollar question being asked on Madison Avenue as agencies …
Jeremy Parish /
Redefining Success  —  Who's really winning the console war?  —  Something about videogames seems to foster a severe all-or-nothing mentality in gamers.  A competitive streak is no bad thing, but to hear most videogame fanatics tell it, anyone who doesn't come in first place might as well not even have tried.
Discussion: Kotaku
Scott Karp / Publishing 2.0:
Blogging and the Elusive Mass Audience  —  Here's a confession — before I started blogging, I never read blogs.  These days, it seems I read little else, but it took becoming a blogger to make me a blog reader.  Is it possible that bloggers are the only people who read blogs?
Discussion: Newsome.Org, clock and IP Democracy

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