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Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
Google domains going after Outlook?  MSN did that months ago...  What's funny with this headline that I see over on Memeorandum is that MSN has been doing pretty much the exact same thing for months now (and has not one, but more than 20 colleges/universities signed up according to Adam Sohn, director of PR guy for MSN).
Nick / Rough Type:
Gmail attacks Outlook  —  Google opened a new front in its widening battle with Microsoft today when it quietly announced that it has begun operating, through its Gmail service, San Jose City College's email system - using SJCC's own domains.  Gmail's product manager, Stephanie Hannon …
Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed:
Gmail for Domains: Oh-Oh Outlook  —  It had been predicted by an intrepid Javascript code spelunker, but it's now official: … Beyond advertising, we are beginning to see how Google might monetize the great Gmail — and perhaps more importantly, cause huge heartache to Microsoft in the process.
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Preview of 3Bubbles  —  Silicon Valley based 3Bubbles, which launches next week, is going to be an awesome way for bloggers and other websites to extend the conversation on the things that they write about.  —  They have created a very easy to integrate Ajax based chat interface that can be added to every blog post automatically.
Discussion: Zoli's Blog
Stowe Boyd / Message:
First Glimpse: 3bubbles  —  It's great to able to finally say something about 3bubbles, a company I have been advising since October last year.  Starting next week they will be rolling out a limited beta of their technology: real-time chat for blogs.  You can sign up here for the open beta, some time in the near future..
Dave Winer / Dave's Wordpress Blog:
Scripting News for 2/11/2006  —  Check out the discussion of 3Bubbles over on TechCrunch.  —  Reminder, once again you can comment on Scripting News.  One big post for every day.  It's an experiment.  WordPress has some good comment moderation tools, so maybe we can keep out the paranoid and childish.
Discussion: Newsome.Org
Search site retires iconic Jeeves  —  Jeeves the valet who for a decade has overseen searches on the Ask website is about to be sacked.  —  By the end of February the iconic valet will disappear from the site he has graced since it debuted in 1996.  —  The decision to axe Jeeves was taken …
Discussion: Newsome.Org
Alec / Alec Saunders .LOG:
Guest Posting: The Voice Long Tail  —  My good friend Chris Wood and I have been discussing the long tail concept, as it applies to voice, for several months now.  Chris works for an unnamed traditional telco.  In this short essay he introduces the idea that there are markets for voice conversations everywhere, built around context.
When network blogs change history it cannot be a good thing  —  The big blog networks are businesses and as such it is in their best interest to spread google juice and link love among all the blogs on their network.  This means that when they have a chance to link to an item of interest seen …
One In Two PCs Won't Run Vista's 3D Interface  —  Roughly half of today's PCs won't be able to take advantage of the "Aero Glass" compositor found within Microsoft's upcoming Vista software, due at the end of this year.  —  The estimate was one of the conclusions cited in a report released late Thursday …
Kelly / gotomobile:
the mobile designer  —  Mobile designers are the bridge between the end user and the engineering community.  Unlike the web or mainstream design world, mobile designers cannot be simply visually or brand-oriented.  It is mandatory to keep up to date on the latest technologies and handsets …
Goodroi / Marketing and Technology Discussed:
Wikipedia Editor Treats Danny Sullivan Like a Spammer  —  Looks like Danny Sullivan headed over to Wikpedia and added some links including one to his site on their page discussing SEO which only had links to search engines.  This did not sit well with a wikipedia editor which removed the links …
Discussion: AMCP Tech Blog and The Blog Herald
Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life:
Been There, Done That, Now Watcing Google Catch Up  —  A couple of folks at work have been commenting on how the blogosphere has been raving about a couple of recent announcements from Google yet seemed to ignore similar functionality when it showed up in competing products.  Here are three examples from this week.
Gizmodo, The Gadget Blog:
HBO Wants No Recording of Shows—Ever  —  Looks like HBO is trying to use a broadcast flag to ban us from recording any of its programming on our DVRs.  The company has recently filed with the FCC, saying its shows—and all "Subscription Video On Demand" services—should be labeled as "Copy Never."
QumanaXP public beta launched  —  For the past few weeks, I've been trying out the closed beta versions of QumanaXP, an offline blog editing tool that is available in versions for Windows and Mac platforms.  —  While I've not been using it for every post I've been writing to my blogs …
Discussion: Mark Evans and Library Stuff
Thomas Hawk / Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection:
Getty Images Buys iStockphoto  —  Well Andy Goetze over at StockPhotoTalk was right: Getty Images, as he predicted, did aquire iStockphoto.  And with this aquistion one of the greats of stock photography has admitted that there is something to this whole microstock business thing.

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