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Rebecca Buckman / Wall Street Journal:
Blog Buzz on High-Tech Start-Ups Causes Some Static  —  When Spanish Internet start-up FON Technology SL tried to generate some buzz this past weekend about new funding it had snared from Google Inc. and eBay Inc.'s Skype Technologies, it pitched stories to traditional media outlets.
The Doc Searls Weblog:
Why should interests conflict only around money?  —  Blog Buzz on High-Tech Start-Ups Causes Some Static is a Wall Street Journal piece today by Rebecca Buckman.  It begins, … Later, she adds, … In the article, "allegiances" and "interests" (of, say, the sort that become "conflicted" …
David Weinberger / Joho the Blog:
WSJ on FON, disclosure, and my friends  —  [I'm posting this reluctantly.  Ultimately I decided I don't want the WSJ article to be googled without a response.]  —  The Wall Street Journal today ran an article by Rebecca Buckman that raises an interesting question but fails to generate an interesting answer.
Jeff Jarvis / BuzzMachine:
Buzz, blogs, and bucks
Discussion: The Doc Searls Weblog
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:   Bloggers "bought off" by Fon? Not me...
Nick / Rough Type:
FON's unsavory buzz
Discussion: Darwinian Web
Mathew /
The blogosphere is growing up  —  I've been expecting something …
Master Chief Dual-Wields His Way to Windows Vista  —  "Halo 2," the award-winning sequel to the instant classic "Halo: Combat Evolved" to make its PC debut on the Windows Vista platform  —  "Halo 2," the game that redefined first-person combat and multiplayer action for millions of gamers worldwide …
Mathew /
Edgeio could become like Craigslist 2.0  —  In addition to running the very influential Web 2.0 site, and writing a blog called, Mike Arrington has been working on a startup of his own called Edgeio (when does this man sleep?)  - which Rob Hof of BusinessWeek got a demo of recently.
Gary Price / Search Engine Watch Blog:
It's Time To Say So Long  —  The time has come for me to say goodbye to Danny, Chris, and the rest of the SEW team.  —  The good news is that I will not be going very far and what have become known to many of you as "Gary's other sites" (ResourceShelf and DocuTicker) will still be online and updated daily.
Ryan Katz / Think Secret:
True video iPod to sport 3.5-inch display, touch-screen click wheel  —  February 9, 2006 - Think Secret can confirm recent rumblings that Apple is nearing completion of a completely revamped video iPod that will shed the ubiquitous mechanical click wheel for a touch screen and will sport a 3.5-inch diagonal display.
Daniel Taylor / Mobile Enterprise Weblog:
BlackBerry Work-around: Too Little, Too Late For IT Departments  —  At 6:30AM on February 9, 2006, RIM issued a press release describing - in broad strokes - the work-around that the company has claimed to have for some months now.  I have no idea why RIM has waited several months to issue this press release.
Marguerite Reardon / CNET
RIM's workaround revealed
Sarah Lacy / Business Week:
Oracle's Open-Source Shopping Spree  —  The database giant is in talks to purchase at least three software companies that would help it shift customers to a subscriber-based model  —  The open-source community may be in for a jolt.  Oracle (ORCL) is plotting what could be the biggest endorsement yet …
Discussion: tecosystems
Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed:
Oracle's Open Source Roll-up?
Discussion: VoIP Blog
Chris Sherman / Search Engine Watch:
Google Desktop Gets New Features  —  Google has released Google Desktop 3.0 beta, which includes several new features.  Three of the new features Google considers "major" enhancements, but several other new features requested by users bolster the utility of the program.
Kenji Hall / Business Week:
This PlayStation May Play Too Much  —  Sony's new super-packed PS3 handles a lot more than games.  That, some say, could confuse buyers  —  Picture this: you plug your TV into a box the size of a phone book and go online to check headlines.  You get bored and click over to a Giants game.
Declan McCullagh / CNET
Bill would force Web sites to delete personal info  —  A bill just announced in Congress would require every Web site operator to delete information about visitors, including e-mail addresses, if the data is no longer required for a "legitimate" business purpose.
Marc Canter / Marc's Voice:
OH MY GOD - Microsoft Live is Hailstorm 2.0  —  ... ..but in a good way.  Assuming they allow us to mesh into it - and vice versa.  —  As I sat in the last night (near the Savoy Theater, off the Strand) - I was honored to listen to Sam Seshi rap out Microsoft's platform.
Rob Fahey /
Lionhead back in acquisition talks with key publishers  —  Ubisoft and Microsoft both linked to possible acquisition talks at UK developer  —  Sources close to British developer Lionhead Studios have revealed to that the company behind Fable and Black & White …
Pamela Parker / ClickZ:
Google Opens Bidding for Print Media  —  Google, the search giant and would-be multi-media advertising enabler, has opened up the bidding on its much-talked-about print venture.  AdWords advertisers can now bid for 1 page, 1/2 page and 1/4 page ads in nearly 30 different lifestyle and technology magazines.
Yahoo! Search blog:
My Web 2.0 Update  —  We wanted to give you a quick update on what we've been up to with My Web.  Not everything around here happens with thunderous fanfare, though we have been known to jump up and down when the occasion calls. :-)  —  So, here's a bunch of stuff we've been working on, with the help of our beta testers:

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