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Elinor Mills / CNET
Yahoo to offer incentives for using search engine?  —  Yahoo confirmed on Wednesday that it's polling some Yahoo Mail users about what they would want in exchange for making Yahoo their primary search engine.  The survey was sent to a random sampling representing about 5 percent of its Yahoo Mail users, a Yahoo representative said.
Mike / Techdirt:
Now Yahoo's Trying A Search Engine [Bribery] Loyalty Program  —  A couple months ago, Bill Gates got all sorts of attention for randomly musing that maybe Microsoft would start paying people to use its search engine.  It was pretty clear that it wasn't an actual program in place, but just a thought.
Discussion: Mashable* and Valleywag
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:   Why do search engines lie?
Inside Google Desktop:
Desktop Reloaded  —  Today we're very pleased to announce the launch of Google Desktop 3 Beta.  The new version comes loaded with features that make finding and sharing information even easier and more fun than before.  —  As a Sidebar user, you can now customize and view personalized information anywhere …
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Google Desktop 3.0: Privacy is Dead(er)  —  Google is launching a new version (3.0) of their Desktop Search product, possibly tonight.  —  The biggest change is the option to store your hard drive index on Google's servers instead of locally on your own computer.
Rebecca Buckman / Wall Street Journal:
Blog Buzz on High-Tech Start-Ups Causes Some Static  —  When Spanish Internet start-up FON Technology SL tried to generate some buzz this past weekend about new funding it had snared from Google Inc. and eBay Inc.'s Skype Technologies, it pitched stories to traditional media outlets.
Discussion: Darwinian Web
Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed:  —  Tonight the Wall Street Journal has an explosive (free) story on an issue that has been non-stop whispers in some blogging circles for weeks.  And that is?  The allegation that some high-profile bloggers who simultaneously advise startups and promote them on their blogs have undeclared conflicts of interest.
Rob Hof / Business Week:
Edgeio Edges Toward Launch—and a Clash with E-Commerce Giants?  —  Edgeio, the much-anticipated, secretive startup by onetime RealNames founder Keith Teare and TechCrunch blogger Mike Arrington, suddenly isn't so secret anymore.  Although its "official" launch is weeks away, possibly Feb. 27 …
Garett Rogers / Googling Google:
GMail code hints at coming domain feature  —  Google's GMail has been firing on all cylinders, but it could be on the verge of getting even more horsepower.  Based on information found buried deep within the javascript source, we can start to see the bigger picture for GMail — what else could they possibly add to this mail client?
Russell Shaw / IP Telephony, VoIP, Broadband:
BlackBerry releases full service interruption workaround software details  —  After many expressions of concern from its corporate customers, individual users and carriers BlackBerry this morning has revealed details about special software they say they will distribute and enable as a …
Eric / Burning Questions:
Attention Developers: FeedFlare Open API  —  We have been talking about our plugin for web services for a couple months now.  We call it FeedFlare, and we've already released a small default catalog of FeedFlare units that publishers can include in their feeds and on their sites.
Marshall Kirkpatrick / The Social Software Weblog:
Possible RSS features now nearly endless
Discussion: Lloyd@work
Ryan Katz / Think Secret:
True video iPod to sport 3.5-inch display, touch-screen click wheel  —  February 9, 2006 - Think Secret can confirm recent rumblings that Apple is nearing completion of a completely revamped video iPod that will shed the ubiquitous mechanical click wheel for a touch screen and will sport a 3.5-inch diagonal display.
Discussion: Engadget and Gizmodo
Songbird Preview Released  —  Earlier today the guys at songbird released 0.1 alpha preview of songbird, the firsthint at what is hopefully gonig to be a great new music player.  Its more of a proof of concept model rather than a full program, just to prove to the many doubters that songbird does exist.
Google Blogoscoped:
Google Print Ads  —  You can now create Google AdWords in print publications like Information Week or Motor Trend.  Click on the magazine that picks your interest, enter your AdWords login & Customer ID (found in the upper right corner of your AdWords account), and select the ad space.
Nathan Weinberg / InsideGoogle:
Nate Anderson / Ars Technica:
Senate looks at network neutrality and likes it  —  Meetings of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation are not usually the stuff of which fireworks are made, but yesterday's hearing on network neutrality brought both sides of the debate to the table and allowed them to pitch …
Russell Shaw / IP Telephony, VoIP, Broadband:
Fee-happy broadband cable shows its true "net neutrality" colors
Discussion: IP Democracy and B2Day
John Battelle / John Battelle's Searchblog:
VIGNETTE: GOOGLE'S SALES CALL AND THE (NEW?)  FIFTY PERCENT RULE  —  For the second time in one year, I got an email from Google's outbound sales force, on account of being the band manager for Boing Boing, which is a pretty high traffic site.  Clearly, Google's cold calling sales force …
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Yahoo Photos Overview, Exclusive Screenshots  —  It isn't entirely fair to compare the new Yahoo Photos with all of the early stage companies showing their stuff at Demo.  But its a very impressive product and it's good that they came here to demo it.  The new Yahoo Photos will be launching this spring.
Soapbox: As Time Goes By -  —  MMORPG Dynamic Lifestyle Adjustment  —  My level 37 Blaster, Vanille Ice, is languishing on the City of Heroes Triumph server.  I imagine him sitting on his frozen couch, twiddling his frosty thumbs and wondering where his crime-fighting days went.
Discussion: Joystiq

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