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Vonage Holdings Corp.  —  Common Stock  —  This is the initial public offering of shares of our common stock.  All of the shares of common stock are being sold by us.  —  Prior to this offering, there has been no public market for our common stock.
Andy Abramson / VoIP Watch:
Report—VONAGE FILES 250 Million IPO  —  According to a Dow Jones report, Vonage has filed their IPO and S-1.  —  Here's the filing via the SEC.  —  This is for a lot less than the money people were originally expecting VONAGE to raise, and given their last two rounds, one has to wonder what the valuation is for the entire company.
Discussion: VoIP Blog
Damon Darlin / New York Times:
2 Web Sites Push Further Into Services Real Estate Agents Offer  —  Two real estate Web sites are starting to offer services that could change the way real estate is bought and sold online.  —  One site,, which will be introduced today, will help consumers obtain …
Michael Bazeley / SiliconBeat:
Zillow newest addition to booming real estate space
John Cook / Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
Zillow unveils home values
Nathan Weinberg / InsideGoogle:
GOOGLE SHARES SLAMMED ON BILLION-DOLLAR DELL DEAL  —  Google shares slipped $17 on reports that Google was thinking of paying a billion dollars to Dell to bundle its software.  Under the plan, Dell would preinstall Google's Toolbar and Desktop suite on 100 million computers …
Discussion: Paul Mooney
Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
Google hires Amazon's search chief  —  Move deals setback to online rival's ambitions  —  In a blow to Inc.'s efforts to make a name for itself in search, the head of its online search effort is jumping ship to work for Google Inc.  —  Udi Manber, who has been chief executive …
Loren Baker / Search Engine Journal:
What's Wrong With Amazon A9 Search Engine  —  What's Wrong With Amazon A9 Search Engine  —  In recent events which may become the beginning of the fall of A9 or the commencement of its rebirth, Udi Manber has left Amazon's search company for greener pastures at Google.
Xeni Jardin / Boing Boing:
Songbird, the "open source iTunes killer," flies today  —  Xeni Jardin: Update: The Songbird site is overloaded right now, but here's a download mirror, and another.  Some discussion on this digg thread.  —  A team led by ex-Winamp-er Rob Lord today released a preview edition of Songbird …
Chris Coulter's Demo 2006 report  —  The bloggers at Demo 2006 are all guzzling the new-product Kool-Aid.  But un-blogger Chris Coulter has this habit of sending kick-ass, monomaniacal e-mails to just a handful of people.  Why he's not monetizing his own eyeballs or cross-platforming his paradigm shift …
Inside AdWords crew / Inside AdWords:
Going once, going twice — your ad in print!  —  Here at Google, we like to test things.  Some of these tests eventually become full products or features — in fact, we have a whole section of Google Labs dedicated to Labs graduates like Google Scholar and Personalized Search.
Russell Shaw / IP Telephony, VoIP, Broadband:
Prediction- Google-powered Star Office suite for Dell  —  CNBC reports that Google is in negotiation with Dell on a $1 billion deal that would let Google install some of its software on all new Dell computers.  —  Fellow blogger Rich Tehrani writes that for that amount of money, we should expect something "radically" new.
VoIP Blog:   Google and Dell Billion Dollar Deal
Kim Tae-gyu / KoreaTimes:
Korea Plans to Build `Mobile Paradise'  —  South Korea plans to construct a ``mobile paradise,'' a special district next year, where people will be able to enjoy a seamless service from the world's latest wireless technologies.  —  The Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) …
Discussion: Smart Mobs
Business Wire:
Alfresco Closes $8 Million Investment Round; Top-Tier Venture Capital Firms Mayfield Fund and Accel Invest in Series B Round  —  LONDON—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Feb. 8, 2006—Alfresco Software, Inc., the first provider of an open source enterprise content management solution, today announced the closing …
Discussion: Open Resource
Kim Tae-gyu / KoreaTimes:
Motorola Unveils Latest RAZR Slim Phone Z  —  Motorola, the world's second-largest cell phone vendor, Wednesday took the wraps off a slim slider phone, which it claims is the ultimate evolution of its hot seller RAZR.  —  The 14.8-millimeter-thick model, codenamed Z to show its concept _ …
Om Malik / Om Malik on Broadband:
Tablet PC Actually Works  —  All my Mac friends are going to have an heart attack, because I an about to say something even I did not expect myself to say: I like Tablet PC!  (Whew... that took some effort!)  I just received a Lenovo X41 ThinkPad and have been playing around with it for about two days.
Chris Garrett / Helping Bloggers Succeed:
Tracking Conversations  —  One of the frustrating things about blogs as "distributed conversation" is keeping track of places where you have commented.  People often reply but you never see their answers because you forget or lose where you have commented.  There are a couple of low-tech ways …
Discussion: BuzzMachine and NevOn
Stephen Shankland / CNET
Sun's next goal: A Linux ecosystem  —  Sun Microsystems' ambitions have grown another size larger.  —  The server and software company launched its servers based on its own UltraSparc T1 "Niagara" chips in December, a major part of a drive to restore its lost luster and financial strength.
Discussion: TechSpot
Apple's in the eye of flaw finders  —  Robert Lemos, SecurityFocus 2006-02-07  —  At the recent ShmooCon hacking conference, one security researcher found out the hard way that such venues can be hostile, when an unknown hacker took control of the researcher's computer, disabling the firewall and starting up a file server.

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