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Om Malik / Om Malik on Broadband:
Net Neutrality Not An Optional Feature of Internet  —  The Senate Commerce Committee is currently holding hearings on Net Neutrality.  Webcast .  The Bells are not be directly represented, cable companies views will be shared by Kyle McSlarrow, NCTA President and CEO.
Discussion: Mark Evans, raving lunacy and Techdirt
Arshad Mohammed / Washington Post:
Verizon Executive Calls for End to Google's 'Free Lunch'  —  A Verizon Communications Inc. executive yesterday accused Google Inc. of freeloading for gaining access to people's homes using a network of lines and cables the phone company spent billions of dollars to build.
Marguerite Reardon / CNET   Without 'Net neutrality' will consumers pay twice?
Stowe Boyd / Message:
Gmail Chat: A Step Toward Nerdvana  —  So Google is hastening the inevitable collapse of the Berlin Wall between real-time communication (chat) and slow-time communication (email).  They have announced plans to integrate Gtalk IM functionality into Gmail, according to Laurie Flynn of the New York Times.
Stuart Elliott / New York Times:
Can You TiVo to See Just the Ads?  —  SCIENTISTS work hard to determine the radioactive half-life of elements.  Now, Madison Avenue is busy figuring out the Web-active afterlife of the more than 50 commercials that appeared during Super Bowl XL on Sunday.  —  In the past, Super Bowl spots …
Marco Iacoboni /
The Story of an Instant-Science Experiment  —  Science has generally a very slow pace.  It typically takes months — if not years — to complete an experiment.  Today, at the UCLA Brain Mapping Center, my associates Jonas Kaplan, Eric Mooshagian, and Stephen Wilson performed under my supervision …
Harry McCracken / PC World's Techlog:
Riya's Amazing Face-Recognition Photo Search  —  DEMO is less than half over, so it's too early to talk about my own unofficial Best of Show award...but so far, I haven't seen anything that impressed me more than Riya.  This photo sharing/search site does something quite remarkable …
Thomas Hawk / Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection:
Microsoft Alums Create Flickr Competitor in the Photo Sharing Space  —  The Seattle Times: Business & Technology: Microsoft alums picture photo sharing made easy The Seattle Business Times is reporting that a group of former high-ranking Microsoft executives have emerged from retirement to build an online photo sharing site.
Brier Dudley / Seattle Times:
Microsoft alums picture photo sharing made easy
Discussion: Michael Gartenberg and I4U News
Nate Anderson / Ars Technica:
CableCARD: a primer  —  Introduction  —  We know that you'd like nothing better than to get rid of that set-top box sitting on your DVD player.  It's ugly, it's clunky, and it has its own remote.  Extra cables snake about the back of your entertainment center, providing ideal conditions …
Discussion: eHomeUpgrade
Mathew /
Is a blog without comments still a blog?  —  Blogger and Yahoo employee Russell Beattie has been taking a fair bit of flack for removing comments from his blog - and seems more than a little defensive about it, from what I can see.  Fair enough.  As he points out, it's his blog and he can run it however he wants to.
Erick Schonfeld / B2Day:
Slurping Up the Buzz at Demo  —  B2.0's Michael Copeland files the following report from Demo:  —  The bad skits, the technical flubs, the cool products and services, it's all here again at Demo 2006.  For those who aren't familiar with the twice a year conference, Demo is sort …
Seth Godin / Seth's Blog:
Making your numbers  —  See the woman on your right?  She's cheating.  —  When you use a Stairmaster, you can score higher numbers by using your arms for support.  This technique allows you to work out at a higher number.  —  Ridiculous.  —  Ridiculous because the number has nothing to do with her fitness.
Discussion: A VC and Geek News Central …
So, what if Oracle does buy JBoss?  —  I can comment on these rumors, because that's all they are to me: rumors.  I have no inside knowledge on this.  But there has been a growing cacophony of noise that JBoss is going to be acquired.  What started out as an HP rumor, turned into a Novell rumor …
Discussion: B2Day
Harold /
STOP THE WIFI TAX RUMOR  —  Freaking trade press should know better, or at least learn to read more carefully.  There is a steady drum beat of reports, starting I think with this one at RCR Wireless News that the President wants a "wifi tax."  This is, bluntly, a misreading of the plain language of the President's budget proposal.
Cisco Cheng / PC Magazine:
Toshiba Announces New Line of Business Notebooks  —  Toshiba is set to tackle the mobile workforce by launching a set of new business notebooks.  They will feature the highly anticipated Intel Core Duo and Core Solo processors, along with all the technology that goes with the Intel 945GM chipset.
Discussion: Gearlog and Engadget
Bush makes new push for Patent Office to keep fees  —  By Sarah Lai Stirland, National Journal's Technology Daily  —  The Patent and Trademark Office would receive $1.8 billion under the Bush administration's fiscal 2007 budget, an increase over the $1.7 billion that the administration requested and lawmakers approved in fiscal 2006.
TDavid / Things That:
Feedster new paint smell, but missing second gear  —  Feedster is like that long lost cousin showing up at the party.  Today, cousin Feedster showed up with a new paint job.  Unfortunately the car seems to be missing the hubcaps, a bumper, a rearview mirror and an all important second gear.
Discussion: Blogebrity
Chris / LiveSide:
MSN becomes the MSN Media Network  —  Several sources have indicated to us that MSN plans to relaunch itself as the MSN Media Network, whilst at the same time expanding its range of interactive and content rich services.  As well as continuing to deliver content through and MSN Music …
Elinor Mills / CNET
Would Thomas Jefferson have Googled?  —  Google's Book Library Project would be applauded by at least one of America's founding fathers, the University of Michigan's president said Monday during her keynote at a national publishers meeting.  —  "Thomas Jefferson would have loved Google Book Search.
Discussion: SearchViews and Techdirt

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