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Dave Winer / Dave's Wordpress Blog:
How RSS can bust through  —  Fred Wilson says "RSS has to become brain-dead simple to use."  —  I'm pretty sure we can do it, but it would require the companies to give up hope of locking users into their software, into their extensions, their mistakes.  —  How RSS can bust through
Fred / A VC:
Email vs. RSS (continued)  —  I first posted on this topic in October 2003 as I was starting to blog.  —  I posted again in the middle of last year.  —  And once more in the fall of last year.  —  I can save you the trouble on clicking on all those links.
Steve Gillmor / Steve Gillmor's InfoRouter:
Who do you trust?  —  RSS got another big boost today when portals-in-the-headlights AOL and Yahoo? decided they wanted to scrape some vig off of the email stream.  Notice that this idea, first championed by Bill Gates several years ago in his famous "I will fix this problem in 2 years" …
Discussion: Gillmor Gang
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
Dave Winer: how RSS can break through
Stowe Boyd / Message:
The Conversational Index: Thoughts After The Deluge  —  Wow.  What I thought was a modest post with a neat and helpful small idea — The Conversational Index — took off in a big way yesterday, getting picked up, and picked on, by a long list of smart people.
Phil Sim / Squash:
I've had better conversations with corpses
Martin Varsavsky:
A DREAM COME TRUE  —  As you know, FON is a global community of people who share WiFi connections.  We call these people "Foneros", as a tribute to our heritage as a Spanish company.  In order to become a Fonero, you go to FON, to download software that you install in your router …
Chris Beasley /
Amazon-Sense?  —  Amazon is apparently looking into the feasibility of starting their own ad network like Adsense.  They've been contacting select members of their associates programs, including myself, asking if we'd like to be beta testers.  The way they want the beta test to work is to give …
Brian Benzinger / Solution Watch:
Comment Tracking with coComment  —  (Update: Look at the end of the review for a Greasemonkey script for coComment)  —  Tracking comments that you make at a blog has always been a hassle.  The way I usually do it is by making a comment and then bookmark the article with a tag of "comment."
Steve Rubel / Micro Persuasion:
Bye Bye Email Marketing, Hello RSS  —  Saul Hansell at the New York Times reports that America Online and Yahoo are about to start using a system that gives preferential treatment to messages from companies that pay from 1/4 of a cent to a penny each to have them delivered.
Connie Guglielmo / Austin American-Statesman:
Dell drops hard-drive MP3 line  —  Dell Inc. stopped selling its most expensive digital music players after failing to take market share from Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod.  —  Dell, the world's largest personal computer maker, discontinued three Digital Jukebox players that sell for $200 …
Matt Cutts:
Ramping up on international webspam  —  Remember my previous post noting that Google would be paying more attention to webspam in other countries and languages this year?  This week our webspam team continued ramping up our anti-spam efforts by removing from our index, and will be removed soon for similar reasons.
Dori Smith / Backup Brain:
No Payola Here  —  Over at the new Valleywag, there's a post titled Microsoft Search Champs: Payola or just a good conference?: … As mentioned here previously, yes, I was invited to and attended Search Champs.  While it was pretty darn cool, it certainly wasn't what I would think of as …
Seo Book / Aaron Wall's SEO
HOW DO I GET BLOGGERS ATTENTION?  —  Your mention of blogs got me thinking.  Do you know of a reliable "paid to post" service that will not spam blogs but will find related/relevant blogs to post notices about the site I'm launching simultaneous with the launch?  —  Continue reading "How do I Get Bloggers Attention?"
Discussion: Coolz0r and Web Publishing Blog
Dave Winer / Scripting News:
This idea originally ran on 4/12/04.  Still a good idea, still waiting for one of the search engine companies to do it.  —  A search engine views the Web as a set of pages.  Before Google, they were unrelated pages, but Google started a practice where pages were considered more relevant …
Will Knight /
Software-defined radio could unify wireless world  —  A device capable of skipping between incompatible wireless standards by tweaking its underlying code has been given world's first go-ahead for outdoor trials in Ireland.  —  Ireland's communications regulator Comreg has issued the licence …

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