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Ben King / The Register:
Google at work on desktop Linux  —  Search engine giant preps own version of Ubuntu  —  Google is preparing its own distribution of Linux for the desktop, in a possible bid to take on Microsoft in its core business - desktop software.  —  A version of the increasingly popular Ubuntu desktop …
Rhys Blakely / Times of London:
Google plays down Napster bid talk  —  Google today played down speculation it is poised to battle Apple's dominance in the online music market, amid reports that the internet company is considering buying Napster, the one-time illegal music website.  —  However, despite Google's firm denial …
Eric Auchard / Reuters:   Google denies it is considering a bid for Napster
Napster in talks with Google-NY Post
Michael Liedtke / Associated Press:
Google Earnings Disappoint; Shares Plunge  —  Google Fourth-Quarter Profit Fails to Meet Analysts' Expectations; Shares Plummet 15.5 Percent  —  SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google Inc.'s rapid financial growth decelerated in the fourth quarter as the online search leader's profit fell below analyst expectation …
Discussion: B2Day
Associated Press:
Google earnings jump but miss lofty expectations  —  SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google's (GOOG) fourth-quarter profit nearly doubled, but fell well below the high expectations for the online search engine leader.  —  The Mountain View, Calif-based company said Tuesday that it earned $372.2 million …
Discussion: InsideGoogle
Jack Loftus /
OSBC director: Can Microsoft become one of the OSS guys?  —  As part of what has become a tradition at, Open Source Business Conference director Matt Asay sat down for an update on what to expect in open source.  —  In this interview, Asay contends that Microsoft …
Discussion: Open Resource
Dave Rosenberg / Open Resource:
Banking on Open Source in Europe  —  Our man in Europe, Matthew Langham (aka Silent Penguin) contributes this piece on the state of open source in Germany.  —  Banking on Open Source  —  Last week, I attended the "Open Source meets business" conference in Nuremberg, Germany.
IE7 Beta 2 Preview Available  —  If you're a developer, an IT Pro, or just plain interested, please visit ie7/ to try the IE7 Beta 2 Preview.  —  What's a beta preview?  It's a release for everyone involved in making the Internet work.
Cory Doctorow / Boing Boing:
StarForce threatens to sue me for criticizing its products  —  A company that was criticized on Boing Boing has threatened to sue me, and claims to have sworn out a complaint against me with the FBI.  —  Yesterday, I posted about StarForce, a harmful technology used by game companies to restrict their customers' freedom.
Dave Winer / Dave's Wordpress Blog:
Microsoft ships RSS platform  —  This morning Microsoft has released a public beta of version 7 of their Internet Explorer web browser, aimed at developers, although I'm sure a lot of tech-savvy and adventurous users will download and install it as well.  —  This release is significant …
Matthew Levine /
In Search of the Holy Grail  —  I'm sorry.  Really.  I didn't name it.  I don't mean to overstate its importance or trivialize the other and rather weightier Holy Grails.  —  But the name's out there, and we all know what it means.  —  Three columns.  One fixed-width sidebar for your navigation …
Akessler / Andy Kessler:
WSJ:  —  Americans have a long history of selling out - think Warren Beatty and "Ishtar" or politicians and Indian casinos.  The public is trusting until proven otherwise, then turns on icons like rats on garbage.  Never more so with culture: Being "cool," "tight" or …
Discussion: Techdirt and OpsanBlog
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
Searching for emails...  Is search done yet?  Quick, find a list of 100 bloggers.  Now, quick, tell me what their email addresses are.  —  You can find mine pretty easily.  Just go to Google or MSN or Yahoo and type:  —  Scoble email  —  And you'll find it within the first few links.  Why?
Ian Brown / Blogzilla:
DRM-a-go-go  —  I had a fun old time this morning speaking at a Digital Rights Management conference in London.  My own attempt to introduce some reality on the security limits of DRM was generally well-received, aside from a couple of myopic content industry representatives.
Discussion: eHomeUpgrade and
Harry McCracken / PC World's Techlog:
Hands On With Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 Beta  —  At first, Microsoft seemed to think that Windows XP users didn't need a better Internet Explorer, despite IE 6's security holes and lack of browsing ameneties—and despite the growing popularity of Firefox.
Matt Haughey / PVRblog:
Cisco buying TiVo rumor?  —  Thomas Hawk sent me a pointer to Cnet publishing a rumor that TiVo might be bought by Cisco.  Both parties involved aren't talking, which doesn't say much, but this looks somewhat plausable after Cisco's acquisition of Linksys a couple years back and Scientific Atlanta more recently.
Katharine Q. Seelye / New York Times:
Time Inc. to Cut 100 More Jobs as It Focuses on Web Business  —  Time Inc., after eliminating 105 management jobs just before Christmas, is moving to cut about 100 more, including up to 10 at its flagship, Time magazine.  —  Both editorial and business-side employees are being cut at several of the company's domestic magazines.

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