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Mark Evans:
A New VC Model?  —  Web 2.0 may not be a bubble yet but there are intriguing, if not troubling, signs that the inmates want to take over the prison.  Dave Winer's call to remove VCs from the formula has some merit but it assumes investors in a publicly-traded venture company will have faith …
Jeff Jarvis / BuzzMachine:
Exploding the conference business  —  Too many conferences suck.  They're too expensive.  They are filled with boring panels.  They are all about speeches and not about conversation and argument and learning and meeting.  They don't capture the expertise of the crowd.
Dave Winer / Dave's Wordpress Blog:
How to reform the VC industry  —  There's a wisp of a discussion materializing in the tech blogosphere about reforming the VC industry.  I have been thinking about this for many many years.  It's an exciting time because I think it might actually happen now.
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
The "ventures" we need...  I just read Dave Winer's essay on the future of the venture capital industry.  —  Ditto.  Great insight.  One thing before I start thinking, I always thought it was bizarre that entrepreneurs couldn't get funded when they needed it (when the economy sucked …
Discussion: Smalltalk Tidbits …
Mathew /
Venture capital didn't create the bubble  —  Dave Winer is a smart guy, and when it comes to Web 2.0 he's been smart a lot longer than I have — but when it comes to investing and the stock market and venture capital, I think he might be a little out of his depth.
Discussion: Scripting News
Rick Segal / The Post Money Value:
VC 2.0 part 2  —  First rule: Don't write blog entries so late at night as they end up being cryptic.  Sorry 'bout that, Mark.  —  Here's some additional information on this whole VC disruption thing from my perspective.  —  I've been doing the VC thing for about 5 years which makes me a complete novice/nobody.
Discussion: Scobleizer
Mike / CrunchNotes:   On Venture Capital  —  Dave Winer wrote a post today called …
Jeremy Wright / Ensight:
Disrupting Venture Capital?
Discussion: Squash and The Doc Searls Weblog
Fred / A VC:
Don't Be An ATM  —  Fraser Kelton has an excellent post …
Discussion: gapingvoid
John Roberts / clock:   Ideas are not the hard part
Mark Evans:
Boom vs. Bubble
Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed:   CMGI 2.0  —  How wonderfully loony.  Now that we have Web 2.0 …
Bob Tedeschi / New York Times:
There's a Popular New Code for Deals: RSS  —  FOR many people, e-mail newsletters are fast becoming the Internet equivalent of the Sunday paper: compendiums of useful information, often left unread in lieu of life's other tasks.  E-mail alerts on travel deals, in particular …
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Nine Startups at E27 Summit  —  I attended the E27 Technology Conference today at Stanford University.  Startups founded by entrepreneurs who are less than 27 years old were eligible to present.  With a couple of exceptions these companies were all new to me, and a few have the potential to be real winners.
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
Small ideas, big companies  —  Turns out in the past hour I've met strategists from eBay, Yahoo, Amazon.  They are here to see the small ideas.  Some of them are pretty cool.  —  Here's my favorites of what I saw at the Entrepreneur 27 event that just concluded at Stanford University.  —  Flagr.
Richard Siklos / New York Times:
When Terry Met Jerry, Yahoo!  —  WHEN Yahoo Inc. announced nearly five years ago that Terry S. Semel, then a former leader of the Warner Brothers motion picture studio, would become its chairman and chief executive, the reaction both outside and within Yahoo was not exactly one of wild encouragement.
Discussion: A VC, IP Democracy and David Card
Dear Google  —  I'm disappointed in what you did.  You, of all companies, should have set the example of 'how to be independent and neutral'.  I never thought you would give in to the claims of governments to hide information.  What is there left now to be trusted if even search is being manipulated?
Mash Pit Dallas  —  What  —  Mash Pit is an informal all-day hackfest for collaborating on solving human problems with open APIs, open source and web-based technology.  —  Where  —  INFOMART 1950 Stemmons Freeway, Suite 2013 (for directions or information call 214.764.1437 or 214.914.9791).
Tom Zeller Jr / New York Times:
How to Outwit the World's Internet Censors  —  When Google announced last week that it would censor its new search service in China, the company became, to many, the latest component in that country's sophisticated system of information control.  —  With strategies ranging …
MediaPost Publications:
The Interface Is The Message: Inside The Mind of Media Designer Dale Herigstad  —  FOR PEOPLE WHO DON'T DWELL in its world, design can sometimes be an esoteric concept.  As consumers and businesspeople, we all understand when a media design works for us, or even more noticeably when it doesn't.
Discussion: MIT Advertising Lab
Seth Schiesel / New York Times:
Kill the Big, Bad Dragon (Teamwork Required)  —  Jeff Kaplan knows what it's like to try to please all of the people all of the time.  Don't envy him.  —  As a lead game designer at Blizzard Entertainment for World of Warcraft, the ridiculously successful online PC game …
Discussion: michael parekh on IT and Kotaku
Miss Rogue / HorsePigCow:
Dinner with Jim Allchin  —  [photo taken by: Thomas Hawk of Jim Allchin]  —  Somehow, I got added to this very intimate list of people to go for dinner with Jim Allchin and see a demo of MS Vista yesterday evening.  I didn't know who the other attendees would be, either, so the entire evening was shrouded in a sort of mystery.
Jtokash / John Tokash:
Dinner with Jim Allchin

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