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John Battelle / John Battelle's Searchblog:
THE REAL IRONY HERE... that Google is, for the first time, being a content editor.  I've written extensively about how Google, by its very DNA, does not like to be an editor of content.  But in China, it's doing exactly that.  (SEW)  —  Google's first big editing job?
Declan McCullagh / CNET
Google fixes China search bugs  —  A day after Google's buggy censorship of sites for Chinese-users was revealed, the search giant has responded by fixing its filters so topics such as beer and jokes are no longer deleted.  —  An investigation published Thursday by CNET showed …
Danny Sullivan / Search Engine Watch Blog:
How Google Censors Itself For China & Paid Exclusion As Being Evil  —  Declan McCullagh posts an update to his great earlier story looking at how Google is censoring results at China.  I talked with him a bit about this today and actually found myself even more upset over what Google's doing.
Discussion: Google Blogoscoped
Why Google in China makes sense
Joris Evers / CNET
Allchin: Buy Vista for the security  —  If new features won't get you to upgrade to Vista, security enhancements should, Windows chief Jim Allchin has urged.  —  Microsoft has already touted the bells and whistles it is putting into Windows Vista, the operating system successor to XP that's due out by the end of the year.
Mary Jo Foley /
Microsoft to Skip Vista Beta 2  —  Redmond is planning to rely more on Community Technology Previews for Windows input, and has two new Vista test builds planned for the next two calendar quarters.  —  Customers and partners who've been holding their breath waiting for Beta 2 of Windows Vista …
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch: Competitors Try Paying Users  —  At least two competitors, Simpy and RawSugar (profiles) have begun paying users to use and promote their services.  While the companies have different payment models, both pay based on traffic generated at a particular users page containing the user's bookmarks.
The Doc Searls Weblog:
Rex Hammock points to Richard Edelman's Me2 Revolution, and says I am requiring all of my employees to read it. … Credit where due: Richard is channeling reality.  He's listening to what Chris Locke called networked markets and he's calling for PR to participate in what David Weinberger began began calling …
Heather Green / Blogspotting:
Bubble V. Boom?  —  There is a lot of talk about how we should redefine what's going on right now with the Internet not as a bubble, but at a boom.  But I can't help but think that the third B word we should keep in the back of our minds is bust.  —  We're all very close to the last bubble …
Alex Bosworth / Alex Bosworth's Weblog:
Google's DoubleSpeak  —  Google does one thing that really bothers me: it keeps all information about itself absolutely secret and lies and misleads the public to maintain that secrecy.  For a company that sees itself as the stewards of the world's information, this is troubling behavior.
BAR CAMP DALLAS IN PROGRESS NOW READ THIS PART IT IS IMPORTANT : HOW TO GET IN  —  Update: you should sign up on the wiki, then come to loading dock "c" at the informart and tell the security guard you are with barcamp. they probably won't check the list, but if they do object …
I Pity The Fool  —  Normally I don't write blarticles related to the news.  However, I could not resist writing something about Oracle's dog and pony show last Wednesday at San Francisco's City Hall.  Oracle put on an event called "Half Way to Fusion".  It was meant to be sort of a round …
TDavid / Things That:
Post Search Champs v4 non-NDA thoughts  —  Search Champs, the event itself is now over and as readers might recall I was very excited about being invited.  I have many, many thoughts about the event, the interaction and what we saw, but of course to respect the NDA I must — and will — be careful about what is shared.
Shel Israel / Naked Conversations:
Rick Segal Wants to Reform the Venture Business  —  Canadian VC, and longterm acquaintance Rick Segal is going around talking to some of the blogosphere's smartest people lRobert Scoble, Chris Pirillo, Hugh Macleod, and Doc Searls, to name a few.  He's asking them how to make the venture capital business better.
Discussion: Ensight and Scripting News
Thomas Hawk / Thomas Hawk's Digital Connection:
My Dinner With Microsoft Exec Jim Allchin  —  Microsoft co-president of Platforms, Products and Services Division, Jim Allchin  —  Last Night Jim Allchin, co-president of Microsoft's Platforms, Products and Services Division met with a small group of bloggers and technologists here in San Francisco for dinner.
Declan McCullagh / ZDNet:
Court date set for Google lawsuit … Google's attempt to fend off the government's request for millions of search terms will move to a federal court in San Jose, Calif., on Feb. 27.  —  U.S. District Judge James Ware on Thursday set the date for the highly anticipated hearing …
Cory Doctorow / Boing Boing:
Senators figure out the Broadcast Flag, curse it as an abomination!  —  The Senate Commerce Committee's hearings on the "Broadcast Flag" and "Audio Flag" proposals have been derailed because senators on the committee now use technologies that would be threatened by the flags.
Pdberger / Englishman in New York:
Blogarithms: Rocketboom  —  My Blogarithms story for Metro this week is about the New York videoblog Rocketboom.  And it comes with a little EiNY exclusive.  —  Over the past few months there's been some speculation about the value of an advertising slot at the end of a Rocketboom segment.
Discussion: Adrants and Blogspotting
New ANZ Launch Dates for Xbox 360  —  January 27, 2006 - Xbox today announced a new launch date in Australia and New Zealand for the Xbox 360™.  The new launch date is 12:01am on March 23 2006.  —  The new launch date has been set due to unprecedented global consumer demand …
Discussion: Pocket PC Thoughts and Joystiq
Yahoo! Search blog:
Questions for Andrei Broder re emerging search technology?  —  You may have heard some buzz about Andrei Broder joining Yahoo! as a research fellow and vice president of emerging search technology.  Longtime search industry folks will know that Broder is a noted expert on design, analysis …
Discussion: SEO by the SEA and Social Patterns
Fred / A VC:
Singing for Dinner  —  Dave Winer gave Yahoo! execs three ideas at a Yahoo! offsite and then blogged them.  —  1 - Open up Yahoo! search  —  2 - embrace BitTorrent  —  3 - P2P Webcasting  —  Go read the whole thing here.  —  I have been reading Dave's stuff since the early 90s …

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