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J. Botter / the j. botter weblog:
Yahoo Ain't Giving Up  —  For all this talk of Yahoo throwing in the towel and conceding the search market to Google, there sure is lots of talk going on that, if proven correct, could see Yahoo jump right back in the game.  They've already got Flickr, Upcoming and Delicious, and from what I hear …
Discussion: TailRank and InsideGoogle
Google founder defends China portal  —  Also: How the powerful make their way to Davos, and what they're doing instead of networking.  —  DAVOS, Switzerland (FORTUNE) - The World Economic Forum, a gathering of leaders from the business world, media, academics, and assorted hollywood stars and do-gooders, is taking place this week.
Discussion: Rough Type and Google Blogoscoped
Doc / Doc Searls' IT Garage:
Disrupting the VC Business and Exploring the Because Effect  —  I keep running into Rick Segal.  Doesn't matter how remote or large the event might be, there's Rick.  It happened last summer in Copenhagen, when Rick was the first guy I recognized in Denmark — sitting in a steetside cafe on the evening before Reboot started.
Rick Segal / The Post Money Value:
A VC Rant with an opportunity  —  Short story.  "Joe" has been working for 5 years to bring a software product to market while keeping the day job waiting & bussing tables.  He has a wife, two kids, a dog and they live in a small nothing apartment.  —  For years, Joe toils away while pounding …
EFF: Breaking News:
Nevada Court Rules Google Cache is Fair Use  —  Important Milestone for Digital Copyright Law  —  San Francisco - A federal district court in Nevada has ruled that Google does not violate copyright law when it copies websites, stores the copies, and transmits them to Internet users as part of its Google Cache feature.
Ryan Block / Engadget:
Nintendo announces DS Lite  —  Nintendo likes to be a littledifficult on us from time to time, but we're stoked that after they decided to redesign the DS, then reneged, that they reneged therenege and went through with it anyhow — though honestly, knowing Nintendo, it was an inevitability given their …
Kotaku, the Gamer's Guide:
DS Redesign Official
Discussion: Gizmodo, The Game Chair and Popgadget
Jay Greene / Business Week:
The Bug in Microsoft's Ear  —  The software giant is mulling its own digital device that adds gaming to music and video, in an effort to compete with Apple's iPod empire  —  After getting trounced for four years in the digital music business by Apple Computer (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT) finally seems poised to do something about it.
Discussion: Joystiq, IP Democracy and Kotaku
Tom Taulli / Forbes:
Tapping Into The Blogosphere  —  LOS ANGELES - Without bloggers, may not have survived.  —  To increase visibility for the beta version of his jobs-search engine, Paul Forster decided to contact influential bloggers, including John Battelle, the blogger behind Searchblog and author of The Search.
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
New Services Shown at SearchChamps  —  I am visiting Microsoft HQ in Redmond this week for their SearchChamps event.  Attendance requires the signing of an nondisclosure agreement, and most of what is discussed is non-bloggable.  However, the trade off is that we see stuff that is still …
101 dumbest moments in business: Tech  —  The year in shenanigans, skulduggery, and just plain stupidity in the world of technology.  —  13. The furor dies down, but only after Sony says that the real intent was to prevent the spread of the malicious Celine Dion virus.
Chris Taylor / CNN:
Imagining the Google Future  —  Top experts help us plot four scenarios that show where the company's geniuses may be leading it — and, perhaps, all of us.  —  SAN FRANCISCO (BUSINESS 2. MAGAZINE) - We all know that the company Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded a mere eight years ago …
Discussion: Publishing 2.0
Michael Kanellos / CNET
Intel shows test chips made on future processes  —  The 45-nanometer process is right on time, according to Intel.  —  The Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip giant has created test chips made on the 45-nanometer process and will likely begin shipping processors, flash, and other chips based …
Discussion: and Guardian Unlimited
Google Blogoscoped:
Google in China, in the Past  —  According to CNN, Google on its censorship in China said:  —  "While removing search results is inconsistent with Google's mission, providing no information (or a heavily degraded user experience that amounts to no information) is more inconsistent with our mission."
Phone Scoop:
US Upgrades GPS Signal  —  Yesterday, 3:12 PM source: RCR News  —  The federal government today announced an upgraded GPS signal that should benefit users of mobile phones and other portable devices.  The L2C signal increases power output and accuracy coming from the satellites.
Discussion: Engadget, Ubergizmo and All Points Blog
Google Blogoscoped:
Discontinuing AdSense in Protest  —  After today's news, already some blogs are cancelling their Google AdSense ads.  Blogger News Network writes:  —  "In response to the decision of Google to gain access to the Chinese market by censoring its search content, Blogger News Network has reached …
Cingular Patents the Emoticon :(  —  The USA based mobile operator, Cingular Wireless has managed to get a patent on the concept of using emoticon on mobile phones.  While the aim of the patent is to enable the displaying of MSN style graphics on handsets, they also managed to patent …

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