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Rebecca MacKinnon / RConversation:
Google in China: degrees of evil  —  So it has happened.  Google has caved in.  It has agreed to actively censor a new Chinese-language search service that will be housed on computer servers inside the PRC.  —  Obviously this contradicts its stated desire to make information freely available …
Robert / Blogger News Network:
Blogger News Network Discontinues Google Ads  —  In response to the decision of Google to gain access to the Chinese market by censoring its search content, Blogger News Network has reached the difficult decision to discontinue running Google's ads on our service.
Dan Sabbagh / Times of London:
No Tibet or Tiananmen on Google's Chinese site  —  GOOGLE will today cave in to pressure from the Chinese Government by launching a local website that strips out information not approved by the Communist authorities.  —  The company, whose motto is "Don't be evil", is launching a version …
Discussion: and TailRank
Peter Poffenberger / BizNicheMedia:
BizNicheMedia Link Baiting Competition: $1,000 Prize  —  Link baiting.  It's the new link building.  It's the single most important thing a blogger can do to get that large jolt of traffic (and links) to a new blog.  —  Scrivs is good at it.  Darren is great at it.  And we at BizNicheMedia SUCK at it.
Jim / Jim Boykin's Internet Marketing Blog:
Linkbait, Linkbait, Linkbait  —  Linkbait, Linkbait,'s all I've been hearing this past week.  —  In case your reading these words, and you don't know what linkbait is, do a search in Google (one word or two words) for Link Bait, There's pleanty of fresh papers on it.
Russ / Russell Beattie Notebook:
Blog Sensationalism  —  You know, I totally understand sensationalist blogging.  I mean, hey, I'm an old-skool blogger... I know how once in a while throwing a juicy post up on your server with some name calling, extreme opinions and a swear word or two can drive serious linkage and hits.
Michael Kanellos / CNET
Intel shows test chips made on future processes  —  The 45-nanometer process is right on time, according to Intel.  —  The Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip giant has created test chips made on the 45-nanometer process and will likely begin shipping processors, flash, and other chips based …
Discussion: technology filter and
Tip for beating Netflix throttle  —  I think I may have figured a way to beat Netflix's throttling (or smoothing as they supposedly call it) system.  —  I was getting tired of the longer and longer waits for new releases (which resulted in me getting a bunch of older movies that were farther …
Dave Zatz / Zatz Not Funny:
TiVo Readies Undelete Feature  —  Due in part to customer feedback, TiVo will be including an undelete feature with the upcoming Series 2 software update.  When you delete a television show, it will automatically be moved to the Recently Deleted folder at the bottom of your Now Playing list.
Matthew Boyle / CNN:
Let your fingers do the paying  —  Wal-Mart, Costco weigh merits of allowing customers to pay by scanning fingerprints: report  —  NEW YORK (FORTUNE) - Buying groceries with the touch of a finger could be closer than you think, if new research touting the benefits of biometric payment …
'Stanford On ITunes' Is For Everybody  —  NEW YORK - In an unprecedented move, Stanford University is collaborating with Apple Computer to allow public access a wide range of lectures, speeches, debates and other university content through iTunes.  No need to pay the $31,200 tuition.
The Head Lemur / raving lunacy:
Economic Censorship or Electronic Apartheid  —  Recently there have a number of statements by Telephone Conglomorates about selling both sides of the same electron.  Here is the opening paragraph from what is probably the most succinct article to date: Internet Freedom or Privilege by David Isenberg;
Discussion: broadband
Bruce Stewart / O'Reilly Emerging Telephony:
ETel Conference: iotum Demo  —  Alec Saunders showed me iotum, his company's "relevance engine" here at ETel, and I was pretty impressed.  An attempt to reverse the trend of growing complexity in our communications environments, iotum queries apps like your calendar and IM client to help determine …
Charles Cooper / CNET
Perspective: How long before Jobs is Disney's new boss?  —  Hollywood retread scripts often pass for original ideas, so how does this story line grab you? … In December 1996, Apple Computer bought Next Computer, a foundering company that Jobs formed after leaving Apple in 1988.
Discussion: Tom Foremski and
Mark Evans:
Blogbeat Comes Out of Beta  —  For the past couple months, I've been using Blogbeat - a new blog statistics/analytics service.  It has been interesting to see the company - led by Jeff Turner - evolve the service with a new look and feel.  Not surprisingly, there have been a few hiccups along …

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