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Burtonator / Kevin Burton's Feed Blog:
Yahoo Will Buy Digg - Announcement Early Next Week  —  I've now heard from two sources close to Yahoo which tell me that Yahoo is going to be buying Digg for nearly $30M.  I haven't yet heard from anyone working for Yahoo that this is 100% (they obviously had 'no comment') …
J. Botter / the j. botter weblog:
Yahoo Ain't Giving Up  —  For all this talk of Yahoo throwing in the towel and conceding the search market to Google, there sure is lots of talk going on that, if proven correct, could see Yahoo jump right back in the game.  They've already got Flickr, Upcoming and Delicious, and from what I hear …
Discussion: TailRank and InsideGoogle
Russ / Russell Beattie Notebook:
Blog Sensationalism  —  You know, I totally understand sensationalist blogging.  I mean, hey, I'm an old-skool blogger... I know how once in a while throwing a juicy post up on your server with some name calling, extreme opinions and a swear word or two can drive serious linkage and hits.
Discussion: Lloyd@work and
Om Malik / Om Malik on Broadband:
Yahoo Buying Digg Or Not
Discussion: the j. botter weblog
Chris Taylor / CNN:
Imagining the Google Future  —  Top experts help us plot four scenarios that show where the company's geniuses may be leading it — and, perhaps, all of us.  —  SAN FRANCISCO (BUSINESS 2. MAGAZINE) - We all know that the company Sergey Brin and Larry Page founded a mere eight years ago …
Rebecca MacKinnon / RConversation:
Google in China: degrees of evil  —  So it has happened.  Google has caved in.  It has agreed to actively censor a new Chinese-language search service that will be housed on computer servers inside the PRC.  —  Obviously this contradicts its stated desire to make information freely available …
Robert / Blogger News Network:
Blogger News Network Discontinues Google Ads  —  In response to the decision of Google to gain access to the Chinese market by censoring its search content, Blogger News Network has reached the difficult decision to discontinue running Google's ads on our service.
Dan Sabbagh / Times of London:
No Tibet or Tiananmen on Google's Chinese site  —  GOOGLE will today cave in to pressure from the Chinese Government by launching a local website that strips out information not approved by the Communist authorities.  —  The company, whose motto is "Don't be evil", is launching a version …
USA Today:
Xbox likely to stay scarce into spring  —  Two months after its introduction, Microsoft's Xbox 360 is still an elusive prey for shoppers in the USA and might well remain so until spring.  —  The Xbox 360 is the first of three new video game systems due in the space of a year and has been hailed …
Jim / Jim Boykin's Internet Marketing Blog:
Linkbait, Linkbait, Linkbait  —  Linkbait, Linkbait,'s all I've been hearing this past week.  —  In case your reading these words, and you don't know what linkbait is, do a search in Google (one word or two words) for Link Bait, There's pleanty of fresh papers on it.
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
New Services Shown at SearchChamps  —  I am visiting Microsoft HQ in Redmond this week for their SearchChamps event.  Attendance requires the signing of an nondisclosure agreement, and most of what is discussed is non-bloggable.  However, the trade off is that we see stuff that is still …
Discussion: Read/WriteWeb and LiveSide
Denise / Bag and Baggage:
I, Sandwich Dominatrix  —  (Alternate titles: "Pain In The Low Back" and "Better Than A Stick In The Eye-Dialect.")  —  I had a passing thought this morning about Geoffrey Nunberg, whose takes on the word "blog" I've enjoyed in the past (e.g., I have seen the future, and it blogs; Prefixed Out).
Discussion: Language Log
Vladimir Cole / Engadget:
Nintendo announces DS Lite [Update 3]  —  Nintendo just emailed us the following announcement of the redesign of the Nintendo DS (dual screen) handheld. … Additional details can be found on Nintendo's Japanesesite.  —  Japanese release date: March 2, 2006  —  Weight: 218g (compare to 275g for the current Nintendo DS)
Discussion: Kotaku, The Game Chair and I4U News
Chris Playo /
Yarnton: No DS Redesign At E3
Discussion: DS Fanboy
Michael Kanellos / CNET
Intel shows test chips made on future processes  —  The 45-nanometer process is right on time, according to Intel.  —  The Santa Clara, Calif.-based chip giant has created test chips made on the 45-nanometer process and will likely begin shipping processors, flash, and other chips based …
EFF: Breaking News:
Nevada Court Rules Google Cache is Fair Use  —  Important Milestone for Digital Copyright Law  —  San Francisco - A federal district court in Nevada has ruled that Google does not violate copyright law when it copies websites, stores the copies, and transmits them to Internet users as part of its Google Cache feature.
Google Blogoscoped:
Google in China, in the Past  —  According to CNN, Google on its censorship in China said:  —  "While removing search results is inconsistent with Google's mission, providing no information (or a heavily degraded user experience that amounts to no information) is more inconsistent with our mission."
Tip for beating Netflix throttle  —  I think I may have figured a way to beat Netflix's throttling (or smoothing as they supposedly call it) system.  —  I was getting tired of the longer and longer waits for new releases (which resulted in me getting a bunch of older movies that were farther …
Marc Perton / Engadget:
Red Hat to bring Linux to Intel Macs  —  Efforts to boot Windows on Intel-based Macshave so far proven fruitless, but that doesn't mean the new boxes won't be able to run multiple OSes.  And if the folksat Red Hat have their way, Linux may be running on your iMac and MacBook Pro long before Vista ever does.
Bob Sullivan / MSNBC:
ID theft again tops list of FTC complaints  —  Auction fraud down; wire transfer fraud, child ID theft on the rise  —  Bob Sullivan  —  For the sixth year in a row, identity theft tops the annual list of consumer complaints collected by Federal Trade Commission.
Discussion: IT Facts
Danny Sullivan / Search Engine Watch Blog:
Yahoo Does Want To Be The Leading Search Engine  —  Are you kidding?! at the Yahoo Search Blog has Yahoo giving the official word that they do want to be the leader in search: … The post goes on to talk about the technology Yahoo's acquired and built, the smart group of people they have behind that …
Tom Taulli / Forbes:
Tapping Into The Blogosphere  —  LOS ANGELES - Without bloggers, may not have survived.  —  To increase visibility for the beta version of his jobs-search engine, Paul Forster decided to contact influential bloggers, including John Battelle, the blogger behind Searchblog and author of The Search.
Discussion: B.L. Ochman's weblog

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