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New York Times:
Google Resists U.S. Subpoena of Search Data  —  SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 19 - The Justice Department has asked a federal judge to compel Google, the Internet search giant, to turn over records on millions of its users' search queries as part of the government's effort to uphold an online pornography law.
Ryan Singel / Wired News:
How to Foil Search Engine Snoops  —  On Thursday, The Mercury News reported that the Justice Department has subpoenaed search-engine records in its defense of the Child Online Protection Act, or COPA.  Google, whose corporate credo famously includes the admonishment "Don't Be Evil," …
Google sparks privacy fight  —  BUT YAHOO, MICROSOFT, AOL TURNED OVER RECORDS FEDS SOUGHT  —  Yahoo, Microsoft and America Online turned over records to the government that Google is refusing to relinquish, raising divisions within the nation's biggest search engines over what information should be private.
Discussion: Silicon Valley Sleuth
Xeni Jardin / Boing Boing:
DoJ search requests: Google said no; Yahoo, AOL, MSN yes.  —  Update: Earlier today, I asked a Justice Department spokesperson which search engines other than Google received requests to provide search records.  The answer: Yahoo, AOL, and MSN were also asked to supply search records information, and all complied.
Arshad Mohammed / Washington Post:   Google Refuses Demand for Search Information
Jim Brady /
Comments Turned Off  —  As of 4:15 p.m. ET today, we have shut off comments on this blog indefinitely.  —  At its inception, the purpose of this blog was to open a dialogue about this site, the events of the day, the journalism of The Washington Post Company and other related issues.
Scott Karp / Publishing 2.0:
Who Are the New Media Gatekeepers?  —  Who decides what's worthy of your attention — a Web 2.0 application, a newspaper columnist, a talk show host, an editorial staff, an influential blogger, a community of thousands, a community of millions?  —  I've been thinking about this question …
Justin Fox / CNN:   Out with old media; in with... what?
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Ning - R.I.P.?  —  What happened to Ning?  —  It was the perfect service at the perfect time.  —  Mashups are hot right now.  Really hot.  David Berlind oversold his MashUp Camp in a week and now has an impressive waiting list forming.  And John Musser's list of mashups continues to grow (see Richard MacManus' post on this too).
Discussion: TechBeat and Susan Mernit's Blog
Brian /
Rumor - GSM Version of Motorola Q Cancelled  —  According to French website Mobinaute, Motorola has confirmed that the Motorola Q has been cancelled in Europe and the only model that will see the light of day is the CDMA version to be released in the US on the Verizon network.
Discussion: Gizmodo and Gearlog
Om Malik / Om Malik on Broadband:
Angel Funded In A Loo  —  Po Bronson, a writer, before he found commercial success used to chronicle the geek lives and the social fabric of Silicon Valley.  The late night trips through Fry's, soccer games in Marina and The Nudist On The Late Shift.  Sadly, his bitter sweet tales are not part of our modern Silicon Valley life.
Discussion: FuzzyBlog
Dylan Tweney / Wired News:
Screening the Latest Bestseller  —  Electronic books have traditionally gone straight from the manufacturer to the remainders bin — but the market has never gone away entirely, despite years of tepid sales and failed predictions.  —  Now a new device from Sony is generating buzz worthy of a Stephen King novel.
Discussion: TeleRead
Greg Reinacker / Greg Reinacker's Weblog:
Image aggregator prototype  —  The other night, on the way home, an idea came to I pulled up my development environment and decided to write some code.  I think my terrified development team is probably locking me out of the source control systems as we speak... ;-)  —  My thought was this.
Umair / Bubblegeneration Strategy Lab:
Yahoo 06  —  Before reading too much into Yahoo's earnings, you should:  —  1) Read the conference call.  —  2) Understand why we've been predicting that Yahoo's dominated for a very long time now; because it doesn't have any edge competencies.  —  3) Note that one quarter …
Mark LaPedus /
U.S. to open WiMAX spectrum  —  SAN JOSE, Calif. — Looking to stay ahead of Asian and European rivals in broadband deployment, the U.S. is making an aggressive bid to open up spectrum for emerging WiMAX technology, according to a Bush administration official.
Daniel Terdiman / CNET
Newsmaker: Nintendo's New Year's resolutions  —  Sometime later this year, both Sony and Nintendo will release their next-generation video game consoles, the PlayStation 3 and the Revolution, respectively.  —  The new machines offer the promise of state-of-the-art graphics and could leave …
David Kiley / Business Week:
Google's Search for the Advertising Edge  —  Click-throughs are a hit, so now the search giant is chasing radio, print, and even TV.  And marketers are paying attention  —  For those buying advertising these days, the first stop for many is Google (GOOG).
Washington Post:
Will Pixar Move In With the Mouse?  —  Jobs's Animation Shop In Talks With Disney  —  He created a hip alternative to the once-mighty IBM desktop.  He launched a pocket digital music phenomenon.  He set the standard for computer-generated animated films.
Web sites judged in a blink  —  TORONTO, Ontario (Reuters) — Internet users can give Web sites a thumbs up or thumbs down in less than the blink of an eye, according to a study by Canadian researchers.  —  In just a brief one-twentieth of a second — less than half the time it takes to blink …

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