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Danny Sullivan / Search Engine Watch Blog:
Bush Administration Demands Search Data; Google Says No, Others Comply  —  Via John Battelle and Google Morning Silicon Valley, Feds want Google search records from the San Jose Mercury News covers the Bush administration demanding last year that Google and other search engines turn …
John Battelle / John Battelle's Searchblog:
DON'T LOOK NOW, BUT IT'S HAPPENING  —  From my book, written a year or so ago:  —  As we move our data to the servers at,,  —, and, we are making an implicit bargain, one  —  that the public at large is either entirely content with, or, more likely,
John Paczkowski / Good Morning Silicon Valley:
What if we promise not to show the records to Karl Rove?  —  If you don't regularly anonymize your Google cookie and purge your personalized search history, now might be a good time to start (then again, in this day and age, why bother?).  The Department of Justice on Wednesday asked …
Discussion: Rough Type
Susan Mernit / Susan Mernit's Blog:
The battle over bundling: Top Ten Sources and more  —  Executive Director of Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society John Palfrey has a post today about whether the way his independent venture, Ten Top Sources, sources and then publishes content from blogger's RSS feeds is a) legal and b) appropriate.
Gary Gentile / Associated Press:
'Bubble' hits theaters, TV, DVD on same day  —  LOS ANGELES — If you live in New Jersey, Virginia or Nevada and want to see the new Steven Soderbergh film Bubble in a theater, pack your bags.  It won't be showing in those or more than a dozen other states.
Discussion: Techdirt and ben barren
Mark Cuban / Blog Maverick:   What Business are theaters in ?  —  With the release of Bubble …
Glenn Fleishman / New York Times:
Advocates of Wi-Fi in Cities Learn Art of Politics  —  SEATTLE, Jan. 18 - The idea of building citywide wireless networks from the community level was suspiciously simple back in 2000, although the plans sounded like the work of underground revolutionaries.  "All of us were very idealistic …
Rafat / To Launch Live, Weekly Online Show :, whose forays into digital media have been, well, sporadic (to put is nicely), is trying another thing: it will begin broadcasting a weekly online show featuring comedian Bill Maher and guests from the worlds of books, music and film.
Scott Karp / Publishing 2.0:
Web 2.0 Is Not Media 2.0  —  There may or may not be a Web 2.0 crash coming, as Steve Rubel has predicted, but there's certainly blood in the water, with Yahoo's earnings miss,'s bad reviews, the demise of SearchFox, and the gathering buzz about an impending crash.
Tony Long / Wired News:
How to Squelch Your Inner Jackass  —  Waiting in line recently at my local coffeehouse — an establishment as renowned for its leisurely service as for its place in San Francisco history — I was blown away by the absolute arrogance of a young woman standing two or three places ahead of me.
Kevin Newcomb / ClickZ:
Podcast Ad Networks Launch  —  Two new podcasting ad networks — Kiptronic and Podtrac — launched this week, leading what's expected to be a growing field of entrants into the space this year.  —  Podtrac developed its network with a focus on making advertising on podcasts easy and familiar …
Thought Epiphany / PLAYBOMB >
Buttonless DS and Nintendo Floorvision?  —  The Official Japanese Nintendo website is linking to a quite mysterious website known as  The site features pictures of a building with what seems to be interactive properties such as a virtual floor.
Discussion: DS Fanboy
Michelle Meyers / ZDNet:
Tech plays supporting role at Sundance festival … Filmmakers will play the starring roles at the 2006 annual Sundance Film Festival, a 10-day independent film showcase opening Thursday night in Park City, Utah.  —  And though not eligible for an Oscar, technology will play a supporting role …
Tom Taulli / Forbes:
One-Stop Search  —  LOS ANGELES - An entrepreneur always looks for problems to solve.  —  Take Craig Donato.  The former employee wanted to buy some items from online classified Web sites, but found them frustrating to use.  —  "Not only did I have to check a bunch of sources …
Percy / SnapStream Blog:
Godzilla PVR  —  Introduction:  —  With the third installment of our Monster PVR series, we here at SnapStream asked ourselves, "How can we beat the Medusa PVR, our 6 tuner beast, and our Hydra PVR, our 10 tuner monster?"  —  Why, by making an 11 tuner system with HDTV support, of course!
Discussion: eHomeUpgrade and PVRblog
Lee Gomes / Wall Street Journal:
Some Students Use Net To Hire Experts to Do Their School Work  —  That a student who freely admits to a fondness for night life is also behind in his studies won't come as a surprise.  And it certainly isn't news that students have been partying their way to bad grades since As and Fs were invented.

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