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Danny Sullivan / Search Engine Watch Blog:
Google Buys Radio Ad Firm; AdWords Headed To Radio Distribution  —  Wow.  Google is to acquire dMarc Broadcasting, a company that puts ads into radio stations, paying up to $1.1 billion for it.  Google apparently plans to distribute AdWords via radio this way.
Margaret Kane / CNET
Google to buy radio ad company  —  Google is acquiring a radio advertising company, broadening the reach of its ad business.  —  The search giant said Tuesday that it will pay $102 million in cash for DMarc Broadcasting, a Newport Beach, Calif., company that works with radio advertisers in the sales …
Mike / Silver Mac:
G5 vs. Intel iMac boot up time  —  We all saw that video where the guys are comparing start up times between two iMacs, one running Intel and the other running G5 processor.  If you are one of several people left on this planet who didn't see it here is the link.
Eric Bangeman / Ars Technica:
iMac 17" Core Duo  —  Introduction  —  Apple 17" iMac Core Duo  —  The Big Switch has been publicly underway for a mere seven months, and it has borne fruit in the form of a new iMac and laptop, the MacBook Pro.  The MacBook Pro is due to hit store shelves at some point in February.
Vauhini Vara / Wall Street Journal:
Digging Out the News  —  A Web Site Invites Readers to Be Editors,  —  But the Approach Presents Some Risks  —  What would happen if a Web site's readers — instead of editors — could decide which stories should be published?  —  Technology journalist Kevin Rose decided to find out.
Steve Rosenbush / Business Week:
Can Murdoch Win on the Web?  —  He may spend $1 billion to push DirecTV into high-speed broadband — a risky bet on a hotly contested market that just might pay off  —  Since the late 1990s, satellite TV has created a powerful rival to the cable TV industry.
Hugh Macleod / gapingvoid:
TOP TEN REASONS WHY NOBODY READS YOUR BLOG  —  TOP TEN REASONS WHY NOBODY READS YOUR BLOG:  —  1. You're not a good-looking female who likes posting naked pictures of herself.  —  Pretty damn obvious, if you ask me.  [Not safe for work.  You've been warned.]  —  2. There's nothing in it for them.
Susan Getgood / Marketing Roadmaps:
A-list bloggers  —  Okay, I admit, this A-list thing is like a scab …
Ina Fried / CNET
Microsoft aims to topple Lotus' Domino  —  Aiming to woo users of Lotus Notes, Microsoft is releasing software designed to help companies switch to its own line of collaboration tools.  —  The collection of free software provides tools to help move data over to Microsoft's platform from IBM's Lotus software.
Kevin Yank / SitePoint Blogs:
Apple "photocasting" Mac only, uses invalid RSS  —  (via Dave Winer) Apple's newly-released iPhoto 6 does an admirable job of making it easy for its users to publish feeds of their photos from their desktop.  When Steve Jobs announced the product, he cited its use of "industry standard" RSS technology to make this posssible.
Kevin Newcomb / ClickZ:
SEMs Welcome Shorter Yahoo! Ads  —  This week, Yahoo! Search Marketing will begin truncating its sponsored search text ads after the first 70 characters.  Many search marketers see the move as a positive one.  —  While some search marketers may miss Yahoo!'s longer text ads …
Mark Baard / Wired News:
New GPL Is Free at Last  —  CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts — Richard Stallman, author of the most radical and durable license for free-software developers, is updating the GNU Public License for the first time since 1991.  —  Stallman released a draft of GPL Version 3 at a conference at MIT here Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
John Markoff / New York Times:
Michael Dell Should Eat His Words, Apple Chief Suggests  —  SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 15 - It may not be the last laugh, but on Friday afternoon, after the close of the stock market, Steven P. Jobs, the chief executive of Apple Computer, shared an e-mail chuckle with his employees at the expense of Dell, a big rival.
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Yahoo Acquires SearchFox Assets  —  Reliable sources are reporting that SearchFox, which announced that it will be shutting down as of January 25, 2006, has sold its assets to Yahoo.  At least some of the employees have moved over to Yahoo as well.  —  There is no indication of price.

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