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Mathew /
Shall we Gather at the (funding) river  —  It's always nice to see startups — particularly those in the social-media, Web 2.0-type landscape — get some funding, so I don't want to dump on, which has not only received $6-million in financing from Lotus founder Jim Manzi and VC group Allen & Co. …
Kent / Newsome.Org:
Will Bloggers Gather for Gather?  —  The Boston Globe has an article today about a newish web site called Gather that says it wants to be the eBay for online writers.  The idea seems to be that Gather will host your blog for free, sell ads to the presumably thousands of advertisers …
Andrew / Changing Way:
I Don't Get Gather  —  I read about Gather in the Boston Globe online today (no link to the article, because I can't be sure that links to Globe articles will remain fresh and subscription-free).  It is Boston-based.  —  I signed up for the beta.  The main result of signing up for yet another beta …
Bob Tedeschi / New York Times:
Google's Shadow Payroll Is Not Such a Secret Anymore  —  Shawn Hogan, the founder of Digital Point Solutions, said his company received about $10,000 a month from Google for ads placed on its online forum.  It shares the revenue with users.  —  FEELING depressed because you missed out on Google's stock bonanza?
Om Malik / Om Malik on Broadband:
Google, You Tube & Dark Side Online Video  —  Online video is hot, and you can judge that from the break neck growth of You Tube.  The San Mateo, California company was founded in February 2005, and a year later it is serving more than 3 million video views a day, receiving about 8,000 video uploads …
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Ela Dutt /
Is Google infringing Bollywood copyrights?  —  Ken Naz, CEO of Erosentertainment, North America division, spoke to IANS regarding the Google video site offering Hindi movies.  —  "It's illegal, it is not allowed.  It is totally illegal.  There are laws, which we'll be going after.... I think there should be more write-ups about it."
Barbara Whitaker / New York Times:
More Jobs Being Found Online, but That Doesn't Mean It's Easy  —  One of the first things Brooke Christiansen did as college graduation neared last spring was post her résumé on three of the largest Internet job boards: Monster, CareerBuilder and HotJobs.
Discussion: Techdirt and Internet Recruiting
Brian / brianstorms weblog:
Lessig is Wrong  —  There's a lawsuit under way with the Authors Guild and the American Association of Publishers suing Google Inc for massive copyright infringement.  —  Oh, the echoes of the RIAA v lawsuit (full disclosure: I worked at during that time period …
Compact Nokia 6125 offers excellent performance in stylish folding design  —  Espoo, Finland - Nokia today expanded its porfolio of highly popular mid-range mobile phones with the stylish Nokia 6125 fold phone.  Sleek and compact outside, the Nokia 6125 offers excellent performance …
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Katie Marsal / AppleInsider:
Microsoft working with Apple on future of Virtual PC  —  Just days after renewing its commitment to develop Office for the Mac, Microsoft revealed that it is also working with Apple to bring Virtual PC to its new Intel-architecture.  —  According to MacNN, Microsoft said any new version …
Mark Cuban / Blog Maverick:
Hey Baby Bells & Cable, We need multiple tiers of service  —  it always amazes me when people talk about content delivery on the internet.  They discuss it as if there is unlimited bandwidth available.  Well guess what.  There is not.  —  Sure, new bandwidth is being added on networks every day.
Discussion: larry borsato
Om Malik / Om Malik on Broadband:
So Long Apple Nay Sayers  —  Nicholas Carr reminds us that on October 6, 1997, Michael Dell proposed that Apple be shut down and the money given back to its shareholders.  On Friday the 13th, Dell was lapped by Apple.  Oops!  Dell has a market cap of about $71.97 billion while Apple's market capitalization is about $72.13 billion.
Microsoft, Yahoo, others sued by Softvault over DRM  —  Lke Dell, Napster, Gateway, Samsung, Creative, Toshiba, Palm, Audiovox, Sandisk, Iriver, Thomson  —  SEPARATE CASES were filed against Microsoft, Yahoo and a spate of other tech firms in the US last week, alleging patents covering …
Stephen Baker / Blogspotting:
Technorati: Yahoo or Microsoft?  —  Speculation is percolating that Yahoo will snap up Technorati.  Michael Arrington points to Yahoo's purchases of Flickr and … A month ago, I speculated that Microsoft would buy Technorati.  My thinking: With Yahoo moving ahead in the community …

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