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Brian Krebs / Security Fix:
Windows Wireless Flaw a Danger to Laptops  —  At the ShmooCon gathering in Washington, D.C., today, old-school hacker and mischief maker Mark "Simple Nomad" Loveless released information on a staggeringly simple but very dangerous wireless security problem with a feature built …
Robert Weisman / Boston Globe:
One-stop site for blogs offered  —  A new Boston website aims to bring order to the tens of millions of weblogs proliferating online and provide one-stop shopping for overwhelmed Internet surfers.  In the process, it could put some cash in the pockets of Internet scribes pecking away in obscurity.
Randall Stross / New York Times:
Hey, Baby Bells: Information Still Wants to Be Free  —  AT the top of my wish list for next year's Consumer Electronics Show is this: the introduction of broadband service across the country that is as up to date as that 103-inch flat-screen monitor just introduced by Panasonic.
Discussion: IP Democracy and
Tom Foremski / IMHO:
Could Yahoo Music become Apple iPod's Achilles's heel?  —  I hate my CDs.  I hate them because they take up several large boxes and they follow me from apartment to apartment.  —  I ripped some of them onto my hard drive-but my jukebox is scattered across several laptops from different eras of my life.
Andy Oram / O'Reilly Network:
The Problem with Webcasting  —  A cast that can be imprisoning  —  There's a new restriction on content waiting in the wings—a "webcaster's right" that allows websites to control the dissemination of content they put up.  With this new privilege, they'll be able to prevent retransmission …
Discussion: Weblogsky
The Doc Searls Weblog:
A Tylenol testimonial  —  I've been sick.  My head began getting stuffy on my plane flights from Oakland to Santa Barbara the day before yesterday.  Then yesterday a fever came.  By evening it was a just under 103 degrees and I became useless and miserable (the former bothering me more than the latter).
Mike / Techdirt:
How Jealousy Could Destroy The Internet  —  from the irrational-decision-making dept.  —  Jealousy is a very powerful emotion.  It can make for some great stories in books or movies, but it has no place in the board room — yet, that's where it is these days.
Discussion: @rgumente
Scott Karp / Publishing 2.0:
Bloggers Are So Wrong About Media  —  There is so much wrong with the blogger view that the monoliths of old media will be brought down and consumers will bask in the glory of infinite media choice — discussing, creating, tagging, rating (meta-ing) each other's content in one big solipsistic frenzy.
Nick / Rough Type:
Who'd a thunk?  —  A perceptive Slashdotter notes that we just witnessed a remarkable turn of events in the computer business.  Consider:  —  October 6, 1997: "When it comes to the state of Apple Computer, everyone has an opinion.  And at the Gartner Symposium and ITxpo97 here today …
Michael Coates / OpsanBlog:
MyHeritage Face Recognition  —  At first, I thought it was that "monkey" spoof of a few years ago; where a site told you your monitor could serve as a camera and all you had to do was start at it and click a bogus "capture" button.  When it rendered your picture, it was of something simian.  Ha ha.

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