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Mathew /
Shall we Gather at the (funding) river  —  It's always nice to see startups — particularly those in the social-media, Web 2.0-type landscape — get some funding, so I don't want to dump on, which has not only received $6-million in financing from Lotus founder Jim Manzi and VC group Allen & Co. …
Kent / Newsome.Org:
Will Bloggers Gather for Gather?  —  The Boston Globe has an article today about a newish web site called Gather that says it wants to be the eBay for online writers.  The idea seems to be that Gather will host your blog for free, sell ads to the presumably thousands of advertisers …
Mark Evans:
VC's Web 2.0 Madness  —  Mathew Ingram is puzzled by's ability to raise $6-million in venture equity from a group of investors that includes Lotus founder Jim Manzi.  Mathew points out there is little to distinguish from the growing number of Web start-ups attempting …
Discussion: The Post Money Value
Andrew / Changing Way:
I Don't Get Gather  —  I read about Gather in the Boston Globe online today (no link to the article, because I can't be sure that links to Globe articles will remain fresh and subscription-free).  It is Boston-based.  —  I signed up for the beta.  The main result of signing up for yet another beta …
Robert Weisman / Boston Globe:
One-stop site for blogs offered  —  A new Boston website aims to bring order to the tens of millions of weblogs proliferating online and provide one-stop shopping for overwhelmed Internet surfers.  In the process, it could put some cash in the pockets of Internet scribes pecking away in obscurity.
Steve Rubel / Micro Persuasion:
Gather Aims to Build a Blog Content Marketplace  —  Gather has been getting fair amount of media attention over the last several weeks.  The site is a marketplace for blog content and they are actively recruiting bloggers by offering them a share of their ad revenue.
Jason McCabe Calacanis / The Jason Calacanis Weblog:
Boston Globe finds out you might—someday …
Discussion: Scobleizer
Brian / brianstorms weblog:
Lessig is Wrong  —  There's a lawsuit under way with the Authors Guild and the American Association of Publishers suing Google Inc for massive copyright infringement.  —  Oh, the echoes of the RIAA v lawsuit (full disclosure: I worked at during that time period …
Brian Krebs / Security Fix:
Windows Wireless Flaw a Danger to Laptops  —  At the ShmooCon gathering in Washington, D.C., today, old-school hacker and mischief maker Mark "Simple Nomad" Loveless released information on a staggeringly simple but very dangerous wireless security problem with a feature built …
Matt Marshall / Mercury News:
Web 2.0: `a read and write mechanism'  —  Michael Arrington, founder and writer of TechCrunch, has become a go-to person for many of the new Silicon Valley Internet companies hoping to strike it big.  —  Foremost for the companies is to get featured in TechCrunch ( …
Katie Marsal / AppleInsider:
Microsoft working with Apple on future of Virtual PC  —  Just days after renewing its commitment to develop Office for the Mac, Microsoft revealed that it is also working with Apple to bring Virtual PC to its new Intel-architecture.  —  According to MacNN, Microsoft said any new version …
Mark Cuban / Blog Maverick:
Hey Baby Bells & Cable, We need multiple tiers of service  —  it always amazes me when people talk about content delivery on the internet.  They discuss it as if there is unlimited bandwidth available.  Well guess what.  There is not.  —  Sure, new bandwidth is being added on networks every day.
Discussion: larry borsato
Wolfgang Gruener /
Intel drops "Pentium" brand  —  Chicago (IL) - Intel has made a final decision to get rid of one of its oldest and most valuable brands, sources told TG Daily: "Pentium," unveiled in 1993 for its P5 processor generation, will begin to quietly disappear in the current CPU generation …
Adam Tow /
WWNC 2006  —  The big news coming out of the 2006 Worldwide Newton Conference is that the NewtonOS runs on Linux PDA's!  You read that right, we're one step closer to having a Newton running on non-Apple hardware.  —  At the 2004 WWNC, Paul demoed Einstein, an emulator running …
Stephen Baker / Blogspotting:
Technorati: Yahoo or Microsoft?  —  Speculation is percolating that Yahoo will snap up Technorati.  Michael Arrington points to Yahoo's purchases of Flickr and … A month ago, I speculated that Microsoft would buy Technorati.  My thinking: With Yahoo moving ahead in the community …

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