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Scott M. Fulton, III /
Analysis: Just how different are Intel-Macs from Intel PCs?  —  San Francisco (CA) - The very first Apple computers, distributed nationwide in 1977, had a hood you could pry off to reveal the CPU, the memory, and the motherboard.  But almost three decades later, the company that pioneered …
Robert X. Cringely /
Win Some, Lose Some  —  Bob's Prediction Average Was Down for 2005, but 2006 Is Looking Better Thanks to Apple and Burst  —  It is time for my list of predictions for high-tech in the year ahead.  Two thousand and six will look completely different whether you are a home or business computer user.
Discussion: Jeffrey McManus
Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
A virtual catalog  —  The focus of the company is Delicious Library, which lets Mac users create visual on-screen representations of their personal collections of books, CDs, movies and video games.  It taps into's system to display images of the items on virtual shelves …
New MacBooks- can they dual boot or not?
Discussion: Incremental Blogger
Stepto / the Microsoft Security Response Center Blog:
Looking at the WMF issue, how did it get there?  —  Hi everyone, Stephen Toulouse here.  Now that the monthly release has passed and people are deploying the updates I wanted to take a moment to discuss some things related to questions we've been receiving on the recent WMF issue.
John Mark Walker /
There Is No Open Source Community  —  Conventional wisdom says that powerful individuals drive open source by working against the grain to institute a methodology of sharing that would balance the power between software vendors and users.  —  While this makes for an entertaining narrative …
Discussion: 0xDECAFBAD
Nick / Rough Type:
The amorality of open source
Discussion: Open Resource
John Cook / Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
Microsoft hopes to cash in with click-on ads  —  Advertisers pay top dollar to place products in popular television shows and movies.  —  Now, Microsoft is hoping to expand on the concept with a new technology that allows viewers to click on cars, clothing or other products that appear in online movies or TV shows.
Charlene Li / Charlene Li's Blog:
Another Forrester take on Google Personalized Home for Mobile  —  My colleague, Charlie Golvin, covers the consumer wireless space and participated in the Google Personalzied Home for mobile briefing with me today.  He offers the following thoughts on the service and asks for your thoughts as well:.
Discussion: This is Mobility
Charlene Li / Charlene Li's Blog:
Google enables personalized content, RSS on mobile phones
Alorie Gilbert / CNET
Anti-spyware guidelines get final version  —  A coalition of software companies have agreed on standard methods for identifying and combating spyware, those unwelcome downloads that have plagued Internet users with pop-up ads and other annoyances.  —  The Anti-Spyware Coalition …
Discussion: broadband
Digital DJs 'unaware of copy law'  —  Many DJs are still unwittingly breaking the law by playing unlicensed digital copies of tracks months after a new permit scheme began, the BBC has found.  —  The annual licences, costing £200 plus VAT, were introduced by royalty collection agency PPL in September.
Stephen Baker / Blogspotting:
My secret life: keeping the math cover story out of the blog  —  I've been leading a secret life on this blog.  For months and months I worked on this math cover story.  I was talking to mathematicians and people who use math, and it was dominating my thinking.
Discussion: The Blackfriars Blog
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Three New Classifieds Companies  —  I've been watching three new web 2.0 classifieds sites - BlockRocker, rbloc and theadcloud.  And for those of you who say I focus on silicon valley companies, I have a surprise for you - all three of these companies are located outside of the U.S. BlockRocker …
Susan Kuchinskas /
PodZinger Launches Audio Search Service  —  Now consumers can use the same technology used by the CIA to find podcasts.  —  PodZinger officially launched its audio search service on Wednesday, based on speech recognition software that parent company BBN Technologies sells to government agencies.
MikeG / Mike Grehan says:
[Warning: This post may contain traces of strong language.  It also contains large chunks of my personal life.  People who suffer queasy allergy at the slightest hint of sentimentality should remain within reach of a plastic bucket.  It's a very long post.  Side effects may include feelings …
David Chartier / The Unofficial Apple Weblog:
Video of MacBook Pro in action  —  While our own Scott McNulty got his hands on a MacBook Pro atMacworld, this is what I've been waiting to see: honest to goodness video of a MacBook Pro in action.  TUAW readers Kevin and Peter fromtheory.isthereason have a video of an Apple …
Discussion: theory.isthereason
David / David Jensenius Music:
Capturing the Wumpus  —  Performance notes, audio, and video from November 2005 performance.  —  The Flux Quartet must capture the Wumpus (Anne Rhodes) As each performer navigates through the space they sense a breeze warning of a pit, or a stench warning of a Wumpus.
Discussion: we make money not art

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