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Arik Hesseldahl / Business Week:
The Media's Crush on Apple  —  Jobs & Co. spark something bordering on a lovefest among the press.  But as the good times roll, are reporters asking the hard questions?  —  The historical record will show that the era of Apple (AAPL) computers bearing microprocessors from Intel (INTC) …
Todd Bishop / Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
Sorry, no Apple for you: Microsoft's bid fruitless  —  SAN FRANCISCO — It's not every day that Microsoft Corp. asks to put a competitor's logo on one of its own products.  And the kicker is, the answer was "No."  —  In a first for Microsoft's hardware group, the company is developing a keyboard designed just for the Mac.
Microsoft Commits to New Versions of Office for Mac
Rob Griffiths / Macworld:
Eyeing the iTunes MiniStore  —  (Update, 1/11/06, 10:30 ET: After this story was posted, an Apple official told Macworld that the iTunes MiniStore feature does not collect any information from users.  This story has been updated to make that clear, while still covering larger privacy and transparency concerns.
Kirk McElhearn / Kirkville:
iTunes: Apple's New Spyware and Adware Application?  —  Yesterday's update to iTunes 6.0.2 comes with a surprise: it's spyware and adware.  —  Since Apple launched the iTunes Music Store, iTunes has been a compromise: both a music management program and sales portal, it clearly separated the two …
Om Malik / Om Malik on Broadband:
Yahoo Exec Exits For Automattic CEO Gig  —  Exclusive: Start-ups are once again cool, enough for senior executives to leave the safe confines of large companies to take a flier on tiny tots.  A couple of days I had reported that Jeff Graham, former CEO of Peribit and a senior executive …
Toni Schneider / Toni Schneider's Blog:
Moving On From Yahoo -> Automattic  —  I wasn't going to write about this until my last day at Yahoo, but then Om Malik (the best informed man in Silicon Valley?) found out about 10 seconds after I started telling people at Yahoo, so here it goes:  —  After a great time at Yahoo working …
Pamela Parker / ClickZ:
Google Tests Local Ads on Maps  —  Google is experimenting with plotting local advertisers' locations on its Maps product, giving marketers a visual and spatial accompaniment to their locally targeted ads.  —  A search on "hotels" in New York City returns an organic list of local hotels …
Kevin Newcomb / ClickZ:
Google Looks to Patent Mobile Click-to-call Ads  —  Google appears to be setting its sights on the mobile advertising market, given its latest patent application.  The company is seeking protection for a kind of ad that would trigger a phone call instead of rendering a new page when clicked.
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
When Will Yahoo Acquire Technorati?  —  Yahoo's recent acquisition binge is the topic of a Red Herring print article this week called "Hungry Hungry Yahoo".  Liz Gannes, who wrote the article, discusses Yahoo's recent acquisitions and speculates on a few likely candidates for future Yahoo shopping sprees.
Discussion: Squash and Newsome.Org
Ryan Naraine /
Symantec Caught in Norton 'Rootkit' Flap  —  Symantec Corp. has fessed up to using a rootkit-type feature in Norton SystemWorks that could provide the perfect hiding place for attackers to place malicious files on computers.  —  The anti-virus vendor acknowledged that it was deliberately hiding …
Don Oldenburg / Washington Post:
A Million to One  —  Chances Are Imitators Can't Match This Student's By-the-Pixel Web Sales Success  —  Look what Alex Tew did, and you get one of those "Why didn't I think of that?" flashes.  It's so simple, so cheap, so mind-bogglingly lucrative that it took the 21-year-old student …
Marc Perton / Engadget:
No XP on Intel Macs, but Vista is good to go  —  If you've been counting on being able to run Windows on those new Intel-based Macs, Apple's not about tomake it easy for you — at least not if you're attached to Windows XP.  According to Apple SVP Phil Schiller, the newMacs announced yesterday …
Om Malik / Om Malik on Broadband:
Silos Are For Grain, Not VoIP  —  Wall Street Journal has a long piece about new VoIP phones, but misses the point about lack of interoperability between various issues.  I wrote about this last week, here and also for CNN Money.  Its appropriate that we address the issue one more time …
Discussion: VoIP Watch and VoIP, IM and Video
Yuki Noguchi / Washington Post:
CBS to Make a Soap For the Smaller Screen  —  TV Drama Designed for Cell Phone Audience  —  CBS Broadcasting Inc. is developing a made-for-mobile-phone soap opera — known as a mobisoap — that is scheduled to be released in the next several months.  —  The serial show, tentatively titled …
Discussion: IP Democracy

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