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Peter Cohen / Macworld:
Macworld Expo Live Keynote Coverage  —  Please visit Macworld News or the Macworld Expo topic page for more details from the show.  —  Steve Jobs started his Tuesday presentation with a recap of some of Apple's highlights from the previous calendar quarter.
Discussion: JD on
PC Magazine:
MacWorld: Apple Unveils MacBook Notebook, Intel-Based iMac  —  The wait is over.  The debut of Intel notebooks at MacWorld arrived today during Apple CEO Steve Jobs' keynote speech.  —  The 15.4-inch MacBook Pro features the Intel Core Duo processor, a blazingly faster and more efficient processor than the previous G4 chip.
Discussion: Gearlog
Clint Ecker / Ars Technica:   MacWorld 2006 Live Coverage
Yuki Noguchi / Washington Post:
At Macworld, All Eyes Are on Steve Jobs
Discussion: CNN and IP Democracy
Mike / Techdirt:
We Sat Around Waiting For Google Video And All We Got Was This?  —  from the needs-a-bit-of-work-it-appears dept.  —  Remember the good old days when Google used to "wow" people with their new products?  AdSense.  Gmail.  Google Maps.  These were products that took what was apparently …
Brad Hill / The Unofficial Google Weblog:
Google Video Marketplace: It's Up  —  The mysterious delay has ended and Google Video Marketplace is a reality.  To someextent, Google has mashed together user-submitted content with video licensed by major providers such as CBS and theNBA.  So, the long-awaited promise to monetize amateur video content is finally realized.
Sanjay Raman / Official Google Blog:
A new year for Google Video
AOL buys video search company  —  NEW YORK (Reuters) - Online company AOL on Tuesday said it had closed a deal in December to purchase Truveo Inc., a video search company.  —  Financial terms of the deal were not provided.  —  The deal was the largest purchase by the Time Warner Inc. division …
John Markoff / New York Times:
U.S. Office Joins an Effort to Improve Software Patents  —  The United States Patent and Trademark Office plans to announce today that it will cooperate with open-source software developers on three initiatives that it says will improve the quality of software patents.
Martin LaMonica / CNET
IBM taps open source to improve patent quality
Discussion: Techdirt and GROKLAW
Shelleyp / Burningbird:
Debate on DRM  —  Doc Searls points to a weblog post by the Guardian Unlimited's Lloyd Shepherd on DRM and says it's one of the most depressing things he's read.  Shepherd wrote: … Doc points to others making arguments in refutation of Shepherd's thesis (Tom Coates and Julian Bond), and ends his post with:
Kevin Marks / Epeus' epigone:   DRM Groundhog Day  —  Talking to Tim Bray tonight …
Hugh Macleod / gapingvoid:
TOP TEN BLOGGER LIES  —  1. I don't consider myself an A-Lister.  —  No, but I turn up for speaking gigs at all the big conferences anyway.  Uh-huh.  —  2. I don't care about traffic.  —  Of course I don't.  Even though I'm a freelance consultant, and my blog is my primary way of marketing myself.
Julie Bosman / New York Times:
Apple to Sell S.N.L. Skits for iPod Use  —  "Saturday Night Live" fans looking to watch classic skits from the show may not have to depend on reruns and DVD compilations for long.  —  Apple is set to announce today that it will sell a limited number of archived "Saturday Night" …
Nat / O'Reilly Radar:
Digging The Madness of Crowds  —  Earlier today, O'Reilly found itself at the center of a controversy on the popular news site,  Steve Mallett, O'Reilly Network editor and blogger, was very publicly accused, via a Digg story, of stealing Digg's CSS pages.
The Conversations Network New Site is Up  —  We launched the new site for The Conversations Network on schedule today.  Not without bugs, mind you, but now 12 hours post-launch, I think we've swatted the worst of them.  Special thanks to David and Francis at Loomia, whose new recommendation engine …
Nancy Hass / New York Times:
In Your  —  AS far as Kyle Stoneman is concerned, the campus police were the ones who started the Facebook wars.  "We were just being, well, college students, and they used it against us," says Mr. Stoneman, a senior at George Washington University in Washington.
Discussion: Tech_Space and Visible Path
Don't Invent XML Languages  —  The X in XML stands for "Extensible"; one big selling point is that you can invent your own XML languages to help you solve your own problems.  But I've become convinced, over the last couple of years, that you shouldn't.  Unless you really have to.  This piece explains why.
Discussion: Raw and microformats
Michael Kanellos / CNET
A DVD combo?  Don't hold your breath  —  For consumers, a device that could play both HD DVDs and Blu-ray discs would take a lot of risk out of adopting the new video players—but one may not arrive for a while.  —  Legal agreements, intellectual property issues and technological pride …
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