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Danny Sullivan / Search Engine Watch Blog:
Search Engines As Leeches, The Difference Between Paid & Free Listings & Keyword Price Rises  —  Jakob Nielsen's just posted a Search Engines as Leeches on the Web article that makes a good point, don't be too search engine dependent.  However, he muddles his point by confusing the issue …
Discussion: Venture Chronicles
Juan Carlos Perez / InfoWorld:
Google increases lead over Yahoo in search
Discussion: Traffick
Jason McCabe Calacanis / The Jason Calacanis Weblog:   The stupidest thing I've read in a long time...
Iancr / Yahoo! Music Blog:
Yahoo! Music Welcomes Webjay and Lucas Gonze  —  It's with great pleasure that I announce the addition of Lucas Gonze and Webjay to the Yahoo! Music family.  —  I met Lucas more than a year ago when searching for a suitable default playlist format for the Y! Music Engine and stumbling across his excellent survey of playlist formats.
The weblog:
Yahoo! acquires WebJay  —  A few minutes ago, I learned that Yahoo! acquired WebJay, a site that allows for categorization, editing, listening, and sharing of playlists online (In a way, it can easily be compared to for multimedia.)  WebJay was created in early 2004 as a way to create the internet equivalent of mix tapes.
CNN:   Rumors fly on upcoming Apple gadgets
John Boudreau /
It's a Macworld after all  —  Now that Google has signaled …
Discussion: SiliconBeat
Nat / O'Reilly Radar:
Digging The Madness of Crowds  —  Earlier today, O'Reilly found itself at the center of a controversy on the popular news site,  Steve Mallett, O'Reilly Network editor and blogger, was very publicly accused, via a Digg story, of stealing Digg's CSS pages.
USA Today:
Teens hang out at MySpace  —  Shanda Edstrom can't stop herself.  Every day — pretty much no matter where she is — she's just gotta go to MySpace.  —  Her friends are there.  Her former high school classmates hang out there.  Heck, these days it seems like every teen and twentysomething in the USA is there.
Duncan Riley / The Blog Herald:
MySpace now at [45.5 million users] 47.3 million users
Discussion: Read/WriteWeb and ben barren
Robert McMillan / InfoWorld:
Two new WMF bugs found  —  Security experts say latest vulerabilities less serious than the one Microsoft patched last week  —  Just days after Microsoft (Profile, Products, Articles) Corp. patched a critical vulnerability in the way the Windows operating system renders certain types of graphics files …
Joris Evers / CNET   Microsoft to hunt for new species of Windows bug
The Doc Searls Weblog:
Welcome to the Long Run  —  How Can DRM Be Good? is the most depressing thing I've read in some time: … That's by Lloyd Shepherd, Deputy Director of Digital Publishing at Guardian Unlimited, which has long been one of the most clueful, least locked-down and open of the newspapers that publish on the Web.
Peter Burrows / Business Week:
How Apple Could Mess Up, Again  —  The Innovator's Dilemma author Clayton Christensen outlines his case for why Apple's propietary strategy will soon fail, just as it did before … These days it's hard to find a pundit willing to question Apple Computer's (AAPL) long-term prospects or the calls of its famous CEO, Steve Jobs.
Discussion: Techdirt and Rough Type
Peter Rojas / Engadget:
The Engadget Interview: Bill Gates (again!)  —  CES wasn't only about crazy gadget news and booth tours - we also scored a second chance to sit down withour new best friend Bill Gates and ask him all about the big announcements he made during his keynote last Wednesday.Read on to find …
Munjal / Recognizing Deven:
Going to the Moon  —  At Riya we have a dream to completely change how people search photos.  One day, Riya will help you search and find every digital photo in the world.  That day is far off, but today we got the investment we need to get there.  —  I'm announcing first here on my blog …
Edward Jay Epstein / Slate:
Hollywood's New Zombie  —  The last days of Blockbuster.  —  In 1998, at the dawn of the age of the DVD, Blockbuster made a decision that would change the future of Hollywood.  Warren Lieberfarb, who then headed the home-video division of Warner Bros., offered Blockbuster CEO John Antioco …
Bruce Meyerson / Associated Press:
Verizon's Music Service Hampers MP3 Ability  —  NEW YORK - The first edition of a new music service from Verizon Wireless hampers a cell phone's ability to play MP3 songs acquired elsewhere, a handicap the company says is purely temporary and unrelated to larger battles over digital copyright restrictions.
Michael Arrington / TechCrunch:
Don't Blow Your Beta  —  I've seen hundreds of new products launch over the last six months, and I think I have some pretty good advice for companies that want to improve their beta release.  —  In addition to my personal experiences with companies, I recently wrote "What Annoys You Most About Betas? …
Discussion: ben barren and WeBreakStuff
Frank Völkel /
Strip Out The Fans, Add 8 Gallons of Cooking Oil  —  Dousing Your Athlon FX-55 With Eight Gallons Of Cooking Oil?  —  Common sense dictates that submerging your high-end PC in cooking oil is not a good idea.  But, of course, engineering feats and science breakthroughs were made possible …

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