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Paul Boutin / Engadget:
Live coverage of Bill Gates CES keynote  —  6:25pm We'rekicking back in the Engadget VIP balcony at the Hilton.  Paul is on the keys, Ryan on camera.  We've justgotten the warning that things are about to start.  —  6:34 Still waiting!  —  6:36 The thumpy music isgetting louder …
Scobleizer / Microsoft Geek Blogger:
Bill Gates keynote at CES (that playtable rocks)  —  You can watch along.  I'm sitting in the Bellagio with a bunch of geeks watching on a video feed.  Updates to come.  Oh, Engadget did a point-by-point of the keynote too (with pictures!)  But, Memeorandum is the best place to go to see all the reaction from around the world.
Gates Outlines Vision for the Digital Lifestyle and Showcases New Products and Technologies From Microsoft  —  CES keynote address features first broad demonstration of Windows Vista; new Xbox 360 peripherals, mobile devices and Windows Live services.  —  LAS VEGAS — Jan. 4, 2006 …
Microsoft and MTV Networks Unveil New Windows Media Player 11 and Preview URGE, a New Digital Music Service  —  Seamless integration of Windows Media Player 11 and URGE delivers complete music experience and redefines music discovery for fans.  —  LAS VEGAS — Jan. 4, 2006 …
Discussion: Lost Remote TV Blog
Microsoft Showcases Windows Innovations to Help Customers Navigate Through the Digital "World of More"  —  Bill Gates demonstrates consumer benefits of Windows Vista and highlights new enhancements for Windows XP Media Center Edition.  —  LAS VEGAS — Jan. 4, 2006 — Microsoft Corp. Chairman …
Discussion: Microsoft Watch
Lockergnome / Chris Pirillo:
BILL GATES CES KEYNOTE  —  Highlighting key consumer products such as Xbox 360 and offering the first broad demonstration of the consumer features of Windows Vista, Microsoft Corp. Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates showed how the company is delivering on its vision …
Discussion: Smalltalk Tidbits …
Om Malik / Om Malik on Broadband:   In Digital Music, Its Gates Vs Jobs
Reuters:   Gates to exhibit Vista Windows upgrade at CES
Matt Cutts:
SEO advice: url canonicalization  —  (I got my power back!)  —  Before I start collecting feedback on the Bigdaddy data center, I want to talk a little bit about canonicalization, www vs. non-www, redirects, duplicate urls, 302 "hijacking," etc. so that we're all on the same page.
Matt Cutts:   SEO advice: discussing 302 redirects
Matt Cutts:   SEO advice: interpreting inurl
Google Blogoscoped:
Ex-Googlers Blog Facing Legal Issues?  —  So, it seems Google's legal team finally took notice of Xooglers, the blog where Ex-Googlers speak relatively freely about their experiences inside the Googleplex.  The blog has been rather silent lately.  And not just because of the holidays …
RON / Xooglers:   We are experiencing technical difficulties
PR Newswire:
Rich Content Ranging From Sci-Fi Classic The Fifth Element to Comedy Hit Hitch to Visually Stunning House of Flying Daggers  —  BD Java Games, Ridley Scott's Black Hawk Down and David Lean's Oscar-winning The Bridge on the River Kwai, both on 50 GB Dual Layer Discs, Also Set for Release
Discussion: InterActive Home blog and Gizmodo
Four studios unveil Blu-ray hi-def lineups
Gizmodo, The Gadget Blog:
Live From CES: The Sony Reader  —  Who needs Blu-ray?  This is the Sony reader that uses the display technology from E-Ink I've been hearing so much about.  To give you an idea of just how good this display looks... I walked up to the counter, looked at the text on the screen and asked …
Discussion: TeleRead
Leslie Walker / Washington Post:
Marketing Mayhem at the Consumer Electronics Show  —  LAS VEGAS, Jan. 4 The Big Pitch assaults me here like some rock opera: See me, feel me, touch me .  —  It started months ago, in a trickle of e-mails offering advance briefings; followed by a drumbeat of phone calls …
Don Dodge / Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing:
The Next Big Thing in 2006  —  It is all about communication.  I started thinking about the highlights of 2005 and what might be big in 2006.  As I synthesized the list, the common thread was communication and connection.  Blogs were big in 2005 and will continue to explode in 2006.
Discussion: NevOn and Dr. Chadblog
Danny Sullivan / Search Engine Watch Blog:
Being A Big Voice In SEO  —  How do you get to be a big voice in SEO?  There's a series of posts out there now offering such advice, which I'll recap below, along with some thoughts on generations in SEO.  —  5 Tips to Make it in the SEO Community from Andy Hagans at Search Engine Journal puts …
Stephen C. Miller / New York Times:
If Your CD's Double as Coasters, Here's One That Can Take It  —  Like the LP's of old, recordable compact discs have surfaces that are easily scratched.  Most people are not careful and toss discs on the table next to the computer or stereo while swapping them.
Discussion: Techdirt
Paul Thurrott /
Inside Office 12, Part 1  —  At the September 2005 Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in Los Angeles, Office 12 was the surprise hit of the show.  This is doubly impressive when you consider that the attendees had come largely to find out about Windows Vista, Microsoft's long-awaited operating system …
Discussion: Office 12 Watch
Om Malik / Om Malik on Broadband:
Enough Of These Damn VoIP Silos  —  If you are a consumer going shopping for VoIP-related product/service, welcome to land of confusion.  And if you are looking at CES for help, well you are out-of-luck pardner!  —  You can walk into Radio Shack and look hard for the much vaunted Skype kit …
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