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Ars Technica:
Google to sell video, take on Apple; announces Google Pack  —  Tomorrow Google will announce a new commercial video download service, according to multiple sources.  The service, which will be an addition to Google's Video Search, will allow users to buy video content for pre-determined prices …
Nathan Weinberg / InsideGoogle:
Amanda Cantrell / CNN:
Gates unveils his 'Urge'  —  In challenge to iTunes, Microsoft unveils music service and other entertainment plans.  —  LAS VEGAS ( - Bill Gates aims to take over your living room and late Wednesday he unveiled a new music service and new software to do it.
Discussion: BASEMENT.ORG, A VC and Download Squad
Alfred Hermida / BBC:
Microsoft acts on Xbox shortages  —  Technology editor, BBC News website in Las Vegas  —  Microsoft has addressed criticism about shortages of its Xbox 360 by announcing a third manufacturing partner.  —  The company faced the ire of frustrated gamers last month as limited supplies of the new console quickly sold out.
Discussion: TechSpot
Keynote Remarks by Bill Gates, Chairman and Chief Software Architect, Microsoft Corporation  —  2006 International Consumer Electronics Show  —  Las Vegas, Nevada  —  ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, Chairman and Chief Software Architect of the Microsoft Corporation, Mr. Bill Gates.  (Applause.)
Ina Fried / CNET
Gates shows off Vista in CES keynote
Discussion: Andre
Daisuke Wakabayashi / Reuters:   Gates sees IBM not Google as top Microsoft rival
Brier Dudley / Seattle Times:
Gates aims barbs at dueling formats
zonereyrie  —  06:29 pm - TiVo shows Series3 HDTV Cable Card unit at CES  —  Sorry for the delay, I got a later start today than I'd hoped, my bad.  I went straight to TiVo's booth and I've been here for a while now, looking around and taking photos.  I got a personal tour from TiVoPony …
Discussion: PVRblog, Engadget and Gizmodo
Behind the magic curtain  —  Next week Steve Jobs of Apple will grab media attention with another simple-looking stage show.  Mike Evangelist tells the insider secrets of his gruelling preparation  —  If the chief executive of Cadbury-Schweppes speaks at a conference …
Ian Johnston / Scotsman:
Welcome to Mars express: only a three hour trip  —  AN EXTRAORDINARY "hyperspace" engine that could make interstellar space travel a reality by flying into other dimensions is being investigated by the United States government.  —  The hypothetical device, which has been outlined in principle …
Todd Bishop / Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
CES 2006: Rhapsody replaces iTunes on HP's PCs  —  Winning a coveted piece of digital real estate, RealNetworks has struck a deal to make its Rhapsody software the default for playing and buying music on Hewlett-Packard's consumer PCs in the United States — replacing Apple's iTunes in that role.
Glenn Fleishman / Wi-Fi Networking News:
Municipalities Forced into Broadband Business  —  Robert McChesney and John Podesta explain the historical underpinnings of why towns and cities are being forced to build their own networks: The authors explode the myth of existing competitive services for broadband in the places where municipal wireless is taking hold.
Discussion: Techdirt
07:04 pm - More from TiVo - Desktop 2.3, TiVo Central Online goes AJAX, Viiv, and HME wormholes!  —  So, the Series3 box is the big news everyone has been waiting for, but it is hardly the only thing TiVo is showing at CES.  —  As I posted yesterday, TiVo put the sign-up for the 2.3 Desktop beta …
Mike / Techdirt:
Bubble Time: Tiny Company, Barely Any Revenue, Expects To IPO  —  from the where-have-we-seen-this-before... dept.  —  Remember back in the bubble years where startups that were barely a year old and had no revenue could go public at huge valuations?  Maybe they really are coming back.
Discussion: Moore's Lore
Andy Abramson / VoIP Watch:
How Not To Feed The Media and How To Short Change The Exhibitors  —  As a member of the press who has come to CES for many years, one of the benefits that helps us all file our stories is the availability of Internet access.  This year, with CES at it's all time largest in number of exhibitors and and crowd …
Discussion: Om Malik on Broadband

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