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Jesper / Jesper's Blog:
Conscientious Risk Management and WMF  —  This past week there have been a lot of questions about the WMF vulnerability, what Microsoft is doing, and what the community should do to protect against it.  For many reasons, Microsoft's response to the problem is best left to those who do this for a living.
Handler's Diary  —  WMF FAQ (NEW)  —  Last Updated: 2006-01-02 03:18:03 UTC by Johannes Ullrich (Version: 2(click to highlight changes))  —  [a few users offered translations of this FAQ into various languages.  Obviously, we can not check the translation for accuracy, so use at your own risk.
Lora / What Is New:
CES: You are invited to Tablet PC Gathering #4, plus Blogger Meetup  —  Where: Cheese Burger at the Oasis  —  From the convention center, take the CES Shuttle Bus #4.  (Mid-day service from LVCC to hotels is every 30 minutes.)  Get off at Paris and walk to the Aladdin's Desert Passage.
Discussion: Scobleizer and jkOnTheRun
Peter Howe / Boston Globe:
Sides chosen in Logan WiFi battle  —  Wireless and airport lobbies join dispute  —  Logan International Airport officials' ongoing quest to ban airline lounges from offering passengers free WiFi Internet services is angering a growing array of powerful Capitol Hill lobbying groups …
Ben Grossman / Broadcasting & Cable:
The New Deal  —  How TV executives will find digital dollars in the coming year  —  Last year, the TV industry discoverd a variety of new ways to deliver their shows - on iPods, on video phones, even online.  This year, they vow to figure out how to make money off of them.
USA Today:
Schools ask parents to pay up before kids log on  —  FULLERTON, Calif. — Heather Sutherland was excited to learn her public school system was using laptop computers to teach elementary students such as her daughter.  Until, that is, she found out parents were expected to pay the nearly $1,500 cost.
Discussion: Techdirt
RSS Feed (Really Simple Syndication)  —  Help?  —  What is RSS?  —  How can I use RSS?  —  How do I get a News Reader?  —  Can I use these feeds on my site?  —  Are there any feeds from other BBC websites?  —  What is RSS?  —  In a world heaving under the weight of billions of web pages …
Discussion: Scobleizer
Saul Hansell / New York Times:
Provider of TV Movie Channels Looks to Expand to PC's and Video Players  —  Starz Entertainment Group is introducing a $9.95-a-month subscription service that will allow people to download movies from the Internet and watch them on their computers, portable video players and television sets.
Discussion: Mac Rumors and
Wearable iPod Headset Displays Video  —  eMagin Corp, a company that makes video imaging technology for military and industrial uses, has adapted its expertise to create a first of its kind headset accessory for the 5G iPod which displays video in front of one eye.
May Wong / Associated Press:
Annual Gadget Show Is Biggest Ever  —  Do you want to catch "Saturday Night Live" on Sunday, or "Nightline" in the morning?  Would you like to watch the football game in a doctor's waiting room or 2,000 miles from home?  —  Or, what if you're suddenly in the mood for an old episode of "Dragnet" or one of last year's hit films?
Discussion: Om Malik on Broadband
Media Alert: Microsoft at 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show  —  Bill Gates to deliver keynote address at CES 2006.  —  REDMOND, Wash. — Jan. 2, 2006 — Microsoft Corp. has planned the following press activities for 2006 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), to be held in Las Vegas, Jan. 5-8.
Discussion: OpsanBlog
Jo Twist / BBC:
The year of the digital citizen  —  2005 was arguably the year citizens really started to do it for themselves.  Raising mobiles aloft, they did not just talk and text, they snapped, shared and reported the world around them.  —  Twelve months ago, it was clear the mass consumer …
David Newberger / David Newberger's Blog:
10 Questions with Christopher (Rageboy) Locke on Blogging  —  For the first 10 Questions Segment of the New Year I thought I would start it off with a bang.  Today I am pleased to share with you the interview I did with Christoper (Rageboy) Locke.  This interview is extremely insightful and is a must read for all.
Guy Kawasaki / Let the Good Times Roll:
Mantras Versus Missions  —  Who among us has not had the horrible experience of an corporate offsite to build teamwork and to craft a mission statement?  The offsite usually went like this:  —  Day 1: Teambuilding.  Selection of cross-functional teams so that, God help us, engineering has to work with sales.

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