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Cory Doctorow / Boing Boing:
Cory quit his day-job  —  For the first time in my life, I am a full-time writer.  Effective today, I'm no longer an employee — effective today, I'm a full-time, freelance word-maker.  It's something I've dreamt of since I was 12 years old, and now it's a reality.  Whew.  Scary.
Bijal P. Trivedi / Wired News:
The Rembrandt Code … In a photography studio nestled in the high attic of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art, mathematician Dan Rockmore stands in front of Flora, rocking back and forth on his heels like a shy schoolboy.  He leans close to the figure on the canvas to peer at her face.
Wired News:
Is This Rembrandt Real?  —  1) Digitize  —  Rockmore starts with a photograph taken with a Sinar 54 camera that spits out 20-megapixel images - about four times the resolution of a regular digital camera file.  —  2) Analyze  —  Software converts the picture to grayscale and divides it into squares.
Google Blogoscoped:
10 Web Trends That Should Die in 2006  —  Here's a new years resolution for the web at large: stop doing silly things to users.  Following are top trends that I just hope will not see 2007.  —  1. "Our article is too long, let's split it up into many pages."
The Digg Crew / Digg Blog:
Growth, SPAM and Fraud  —  We here at Digg are blown away at how fast the site has grown, and we're thrilled to have all of your support.  It is a testament to how the collective wisdom of the masses can really make a difference in the quality and accessibility of content to all of us.
Sheila Lennon /
Times Square live etc.; 'Blog trip around the world for New Year's Eve'  —  It's snowing.  —  New Year's Eve TV programming.  WaPo.  —  Times Square.  —  More links to where it's already 2006.  —  EarthCam's New Year's Eve Webcast.  More live NYC.  —  10:58 p.m. Friday
Discussion: Medianetwork
Andrew / Changing Way:
Naked Conversations  —  I've read most parts of this book twice, and some parts more than that.  So this post is not based on a skimming, or a hasty reading, or even a single reading.  I recommend Naked Conversations very highly.  (I'll refer to it as NC from this point on.)
Karen Wickre / Official Google Blog:
A year of Google blogging  —  This is the 201st post to be published on the Google Blog in 2005.  In closing out the first full year of our company-wide effort to share news and views, we thought you might be interested in a few factoids.  Since we've had Google Analytics running on this blog since June …
Discussion: Squash and LexBlog Blog
Mikko / F-Secure:
Ilfak to the rescue!  —  Here's an alternative way to fix the WMF vulnerability.  —  Ilfak Guilfanov has published a temporary fix which does not remove any functionality from the system (all pictures and thumbnails continue to work normally).  —  The fix works by injecting itself to all processes loading USER32.DLL.
Chitika Blog:
Chitika Reporting System and Monthly Audits Update  —  We are working on upgrading our back-end filtering and fraud detection systems to dynamically detect and prevent fraud, improve the quality of the overall network and help minimize the difference between the daily raw click reports …
Discussion: The Blog Herald
Bad, bad Coldplay  —  Virgin Records deserves a spanking.  I'll do what I want with the content I pay for, thank you very much.  When will they realize that if it's in bits and bytes, nothing's ever secure?  —  Un.  F**king.  Believable.  This is India, Virgin.  INDIA.  Piracy started here, dammit.

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